Hi everyone! Merry Merry Christmas! I am loving this week since I could take a nap anytime I want! I could also sleep longer than usual. And I could do whatever I want without that guilt feeling! There were times I would think of things like, its better to stay home for the rest of my life, just be a full time house wife to jp, and create my own business. wohooo! Perfect! But then my inner practical side just says "no, challenge yourself to become better to the things that God blessed you to do". Holidays, always gives me that inner peace, that sometimes I confused to freedom to stay that way anytime I want! But life isn't about how easy you can turn things the way you desire it. It's how you push your self to exceed what you have achieved already. 2013, have had a lot of pushing through limits that I needed to take on. And I am glad that it's ending and here I am still thriving for what life throws at me. I am thinking of a lot of things that I can somehow do differently. Do more mature roles in the life of many, and do something that will gain me a productive life. What I'm saying is too broad, but I think as long as we are not stepping our foot on the 1st day of 2014, it will be too hard to give specifics. I'd rather surprise myself, than list down things that I and people will expect me to do and then disappoint everybody for not having it happened. But I have one real goal for me and jp for the coming year :) It's best that I keep that goal to myself and make myself proud for achieving it! I have one whole year to make it happen. This will challenge me more to better my work, be more industrious, be more motivated and let's see if that fruit of labor will fall into me :)

I had a blast with my family in our very simple celebration of Christmas! We've cooked a few yum foodies for noche buena, took pictures for mementos and fb and instagram purposes haha, and Jp championed the prayer when twelve mid night took place. There was no extra ordinary, but that just gave me so many things to look back and that gave me reason to praise our God.

Some of my planned things to do this holiday was not successfully happened, but it okay since I get to spent more time to some of my friends here in green ridge and especially to my husband. We decided to keep every expenditures this holiday in minimum because we don't want to leave our pocket bankrupt when we meet 2014! And hey before I forget! JP's birthday will be on January 1, 2013! So While I am shouting a happy new year to everyone, I will also be shouting a happy happy birthday to my dearest asawa!! I love you honey :) I think that age of yours is really asking for an offspring haha. Let's talk about that later. We know that God will always provide for what our heart desires. Just keep the faith it will come.

Again, a merry merry christmas to all!!!



I've been feeling grumpy these past few days even though, I think I 'd already make it up to sleep yesterday. Oh well, one whole night wouldn't really compensate with the so many sleepless nights I've had when december came in. I've become so restless, physically and psychologically and that even if my body is so exhausted, I couldn't just force myself to drift off sleep. It's been so hard for me, especially that there's so many things in my mind. It's all about the expenses which really quite draining literally and figuratively! December is actually the best month of the year, because people have all the means to excuse themselves to spend so much than necessary! Well it's quite foolish to do so, but what all can we do if we are getting older and having so much god children, nieces, and nephews and their monster mother and father who, since september, were asking you to don't forget their kid's christmas presents!!! haha! I can not blame them though, christmas is for all, but most especially for kiddies right? Time like this are the moment you wish you were still a child and can sing a christmas carol around your neighborhood and ask for aginaldo on 25th of christmas :) I started doing all these when I was what? maybe since I was born right? haha, well I remembered starting when I was 6 years old and continues until I found out it's quite shameful already because I had been on my second job. haha see how long before I even realized that I had to stop and give chance to others whose younger than me???? totally young and selfish my peg wehehehe! Well to be honest, it was not all about money that I have made it a career for what? 17 years! It was more of a tradition and a bonding with my girl friends in the village where I lived the longest of my life before I moved into my own corner with my loving hubby (p.s. we are not in good terms today,I left him at home earlier for work while he was taking a shower, i was that pissed at him!haha). It had been the best years of my life. I had been a lucky or more to say,a  blessed gal to experience such childhood fun life with my so long, childhood friends, that even today I keep in touch with. I also remember our family and relatives' christmas reunion and the excitement I had when they would call out all of us chikitings and asked to fall in line for the gift giving in cash or in kind, or sometimes they would give us both (of course that's the best part haha).  I could also remember the times wherein you began decorating your house of garlands, parol,and different shades of christmas lights for more christmasy feeling :). This part were done by my mom, but since she's now working abroad, my papa, sister and I were the ones to tasked this job! Nevermind king, because our youngest brother is always out of somewhere we dont know lol.

Every year, we rather celebrate our christmas all the same, or we have it all different for another year. Well as for me, I will celebrate it differently since, it will be my first ever christmas with Jp as husband and wife. We dont have plans yet on how are we going to spend our time together, but we already reserved 24th and 25th day for our family, and maybe the 26th will be our time to date each other out somewhere nice, simple and sweet (hmm saan kaya yun? haha) 27th and onwards will be for the christmas and new year invitation parties of good ol' friends from different groups of my so called friendly life (LOL) and relatives reunion party :).These coming weeks will probably be very hectic! oh I almost forgot, 20th to 22nd will be my bonding day with my best friend myloves :) if anyone of you remember my goodie pretty myloves, she's actually a cousin of my past guy relationship. It's a total blessing that we remain super close and keep loving each other despite the ironic circumstances. And hey! We are all happy of how our lives turned out now, so maybe that helped a lot to still have this kind of relationship, added that I have a very supportive, understanding, and very secured husband with me :) How can I be so blessed!

Sure my everyday on the coming weeks will be busy, but  im sure going to allot time to rest and sleep longer to wake up in 2014 fresh and beautiful! :D I'm going to start putting on my daily planner for next year yay! what is guna be look like??? hihi

I wish everybody a fruitful holiday and new year!! Let's count our blessings and spend this holiday, the way we have planned it, don't hold back just to please people who don't bring you good, instead, focus yourself towards people who wish you all the goodness in life :) the ones who supports you no matter what.

And more importantly, thank our God almighty for  he gave us so much blessing in 2013. He's been so good, although there were rough moments, crashing tragedies (e.g typhoon yolanda, the PDAF scam and accidents), and heart breaking personal experiences in our lives. I believe that it will only toughen us Filipino to thrive harder and to lift up our worries, fears and concerns that hold us back and just be thankful because it will leave us so many lessons in which we can use to be a proactive individual this coming 2014!



I am reliving this blog thing here momma! haha! Hi yah guys, how are you today? Been doing my work errands here at the office earlier, until I had nothing else to do, because everything is done already. here i am, thinking of a good things to share. I have been thinking of the approaching Christmas holiday. I am really excited, at the same time a bit worried since I really have to make sure, I have my fair share of gifts to all my grandchildren, nieces and, nephew! I wish Jp and I can save a little cent for the two of us. Christmas is really a time for giving, but I think, as we dragged ourselves for almost a year to work and work and just work, we also deserve spoiling ourselves this holiday. Sure, I am pretty excited with the family, relatives, and friends gathering, but, I am also looking forward to an intimate, solo time to spend with my husband. Its going to be our first Christmas as mag asawa, don't we just deserve it??!! haha. One more week to go, and jp and I is going to be free from work already yay! Time for shopping spree, grocery shopping, and the most awaited event... ... habol habulan at tagu taguan with the inaanaks na makukulit wahahahahahaha!

Anyway, do you guys have your wish list that you want your santa to grant this Christmas? Don't deny it, I know there's a long list hidden there under your pillow my friend, don't be ashamed, I hear you haha! And Jp know every single things (materials and life stuff) that I am wishing and praying to have, and I know that even if not all of my wish was granted this year, he will always be there to support me, encourage me, and to give me hope no matter what. :) And for me, he is the best gift and the most special wish granted by our Lord God this year for me! ayiieee!



Hi pips! It's been a while since the last time I checked and blogged! This event was unexpected, because I had been looking forward to blog for more this year and that vow was just broken. That really makes me sad, even though, I am still planning to keep this blog as I am going to put it on my resolution list this new year :). It's not something that I follow superstitiously, its just, well a tradition to boost more the spirit of the coming christmas and new year. So here I have so much to be thankful for this year :), first and foremost was my simple wedding that took place last july,next is my getting better career, jp's surprising patience to his super wicked wife, my sibling's generosity, my family, and the latest... Jp's new career opportunity! I know its bad to boast about something, but please let me take this moment to do just that because I am so proud of my husband, since he was highly recommended  in the position of the executive manager of one of the renowned hospital here in the philippines. He's been a very hard working person I know! Stress at his work place then stress at his home (kasi nga he have a wicked wife diba?) yet, he managed to pull it all off and the fruit of his labor is coming on his way already. And 'Im just what?? so blessed :)

Although of course, blessings doesn't just come out of the good, and material things the we receive in our every day lives. Sometimes, or most of the times if I may say, this blessings could be felt in times of adversity in our personal lives, and I am one to witnessed that. I've encountered a lot of trials in my personal life that I choose to keep mum on the details, because I just want to reflect on God's purposes why it had to happen in my life. And behind every tears that I have cried for this year enlightened me to just believe in him our Lord because it will cost me lots of realization that would later on, turn into a great blessing spiritually rather than emotionally. It took me a lot of courage to stay strong and keep going with my daily lives as it was happening. And I could say, I have been too strong a  woman to face such things and be able to stand still,chin up and smile despite the bad things that almost overshadowed me and my pretty, tiny bubble of hope for a joyful and peaceful life.

As we are getting closer to the end of 2013 and preparing for the 2014, let us not forget to be grateful for another year that has passed, and for another one that is yet to come. Always put God above all else as we celebrate the day that jesus christ the king was born and look forward and jump as we are hitting face to face the new, fresh, and fierce year!

Have a very blessed day everyone! I'm off from work na haha!



I'm really bored! I can't wait for another hour sitting here on my office corner! I just want to go home and prep up for our family get away in Laguna. I also want to get my reserved tank top online that was reserved only for me for almost a week! If not because of the rain fall last night and Jp's so lazy mood to go out at the late evening, I would have got and fit it by now! Hmp! Well we'll be getting it before we even find our trip going laguna yipee! If you are confused if I was really working, yes, indeed! It's just that, when you are on a marketing field, as long as there is no marketing strategies, or activities to be implemented, and if there's no meeting and reportorial to send and present to the Mancom, then our work is very light we can really do some of our extra activities to kill the time. I was thinking to request for under time today so I can rest for a while, take a shower before I prepare my things. But since I have heard that our salary will be given in advance today, of course I will let another 6 hours to suffer from butt ache haha! My mother and sister are going with us too! We will be meeting our relatives and they will treat us to a swimming and foodies since the american husband of my cousin is having a vacation here in pinas to spend time with his wife and two beautiful daughters! 

I was actually eye-ing a hot spring with my cousin and sister but learning about how heat can irritate your skin just gives me no reason to try it anymore. Might as well get a massage to have a natural heat from the palm of therapist produce the warmth my body needs to melt down the stress and pressure in my cold blooded bodey! If time would permit, I am also eye-ing enchanted kingdom hehe! I also want to walk around at sta.rosa nuvali, because there's a good place there for shopping lovers and food and park lovers. Sadly, we only have one whole saturday and a half day on sunday to make it all through! Well it's fine with me because I am more after my cutie nieces! I'm so excited to see keira, sam, and lucas! They are my heart and soul! They are my angels ;) And of course, I can't even wait to see my lola celia, tita risa, tito patrick and ate mabel and of course the vacationist.... the PAKS!!! I'm readying myself for another nose bleed (maybe internal bleeding) for the rest of this weekend. They might leave me again to talk to paks for like,,forever??!!! Aww the perks of feeling good and smart in english lol. 2 days will be very challenging for my barok and wrong grammar communication skills wihihi! Oh well it's still and will be a fun experience especially if spend well with the family, agree?

The face of excited gal hehe!



Hello there mob people!!! How are days passing by? Mine is a manic one. Like there's a lot of highs and lows. Sort of the usual life balance in which we encounter everyday. My weeks were much overwhelming as there was a lot to think with. Jp and I encountered a news that really weakened us. Of course we don't have much choice but to embrace that, reality bites, and that it could happen to anyone. But came the sad news was my good news, I'm sensing good thing at my work and I could not thank God enough for entrusting me to a very kind and respective company. As we are still wounded by the sad news, we are now receiving a, how can I say this, blessings? (a blessing of an opportunity to emphasized what I meant) and we are now on the verge of deciding, what is really good and will be better for us? I now realized how hard it is to my parents to be the decision maker to make sure everything would be okay. That you must have foresight of the future, and that you must be doing all things possible as early as now, as young as you are to prepare yourself of the unforeseen trials and experiences future may throw at you. I am known by my super aggressive guts-follower-attitude. That even my parents can't force me back. This is who I am, this is what I have made.

Today morning, I have received a very important message from Urbantimes, I had read, had seen and had heard about this known magazine and word press globally. And now, they wanted me to write an article for them! It's something I didn't expect! I was dreaming and was planning to study and pursue journalism to be a professional writer of my times. And now without a word, I am getting it! How great my Lord is to have felt and have seen what's in my heart and give it into days I least expect it. Despite chaos in my surroundings and situations, my God made sure I have one sure straight to lean on.

                     ---------then here goes the writer's block---------



Hi as promised I will be blogging about my beauty regimen that I did last weekend. My apologies for long waiting as I was having an issue with regard to my husband's laptop. Its kind of frustrating because I didn't know my usb and phone got I virus from my stupid computer at the office :(. Jp had to fix and repair it for me first before I was able to use it. Unfortunately, it was so slow (turtle could have been faster) it would take forever to upload photos and videos! Thankfully, android phone nowadays is very accessible into anything! So my beloved folks, yeah im blogging on my android phone at this very moment and it's so amazing! It's faster and very much cool to type and use for my itchy fingers. You know my love for writings right :)

On the way side, this blog post is really for my DIY beauty routine using my own available resources at home :). It's best to make your own beauty remedy than just buy products that you weren't sure enough of safety or harmful chemicals it has. Atleast this home made skin care routine is 100% safe and safer! Since you will be able to know and choose your own recipes. How great is that?!

So to start off, here is what you will need:

a. Rice flour
b. Cetaphil moisturizing cleanser/or any oil of your choice will do (olive oil is a better alternative though).
 c. Grean tea leaves
d. Green tea extract
 e. Spoonful of tap water
f. Your night time moisturizer of choice

How to:

First, mix the rice flour and the oil of your choice in a mixture. Next, pour in the green tea extract then mix. Once mixed, you would notice thickness, that's when you need to pour the spoonful of water. If the viscosity is still felt, add more oil( cetaphil is my much preferred option because it's known for hypoallergenic content).

 This is how it looks like:

This was how it looked like. It felt very cool on my skin. The scrubbing content (which is the green tea leaves) are so gentle you wouldn't think of any pain. The cetaphil makes it easy to ladder on. And the right viscosity of rice flour was making a feel of tightness on your pores. I swear it was such an amazing way to pamper!!

My choice of night time moisturizer

 Make sure that you clean your face first before doing this beauty routine. After scrubbing your face,wash it with cool water and pat it dry. Put on your night time moisturizer and tadah! You're done! Sounds easy?  Heaven yeah! What do you think of this? Please share your thoughts and recommendations, I would love to hear your side! Be always lovely in and out ladies!!!



I was thinking what could be the best thing I can post that will steal not just the interest of my readers, but also of myself. I personally want to make this blog be as informative as it can be to be able to give the time of those who read a little worth. As I browsed the net and as I contemplated on my personal needs, I've come across this site that offers a lot of blog writers that posts mostly of DIY (do-it-yourself) workshop at their home, using their household resources, it's been spreading to most of blog beauties now here and abroad and thought to myself "why not give it a try"?? I will also make my own recipes that is and will suits my skin's need. Are you a person with a naturally oil skin (or face) and is scared of putting on moisturizer on a daily basis because it might produce more oil and makes you look a thousand times oilier than you already are? Oh my G me too!!!!!! So last weekend I've tried my limited resources at my almost empty kitchen pantry and decided to make something out my own creation :). It was so easy you will be able to follow it with ease and maybe you will come up with a better version of yours that is also worth sharing. I am open to any suggestions and recommendations :). I love learning new trivia's in science that specifically explains about all the healing and goodness of physical body. Obviously it attracts me if there's a scientific facts before I go with the new information about physical health and well being, I am nurse remember?? hehe

So there, since I am at the office now and have forgotten my usb connector, I won't be able to post the I photos I have taken to make you see and believe that I absolutely and personally tried it on myself before I braved sharing my DIY beauty remedy at home. Just stay tuned for more hulabira of my beauty health and remedies that need not to be expensive yet, will give you the luxury to pamper yourself without spending out too much from your payday!!! Relaxing doesn't have to cost much yeah?? I hear you!!!!

This course of beauty remedies is only to have yourself pampered. It still best to cleanse our mind, heart, and spirit of holiness and gracefulness that comes only from our mighty God. Remember: it's best to keep the beauty that comes from within :)

Weeeeh! I'm excited :D Aren't you?



What happened on my days of Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday?? Here let me narrate my simple story.

Photocredit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com

My left side of brain (I want to use the term "brain" so don't mention lol) ached really bad through out the day!  It started when I woke up and I felt the discomfort over my eye socket. Blame my stubborn behavior to read at a very dark room for the past days and using only the reflection of open television and phone to light the magazines I got from our canteen cook last week so I can read them ! I was born hating the over lighted places. I don't want my room to be too bright, I preferred it to be dark instead, hence my reading for so many nights only to suffer on my weeks off of head ache! Gladly, I have my beau to take good care of me, hence my opportunity to stay at bed for the whole day. 

Photocredit: http://www.bubblews.com

My sunday was just about the same. The minor difference was, it's my right side of the head that is painful! The same scenario had happened although when I woke up, I could feel that the ache is gone and I was feeling relieved! Came my opportunistic behavior, I read again my magazines because I just have too many I can't wait to read them all at the same time! Then came we were in church, we were asked to approach our cell group wherein they had to distribute a manual and discuss about it, its a manual in which could help us practice our faith and living our daily lives devoting to God. Of course I had to read it, and boom! There it was, I felt for the second time the discomfort on my eye socket, but now it's on the right side. When we were about to go home I knew that it would get worst, and came after lunch, it really worsened. It was very destructive since I couldn't do anything important for my weekend! And how painful it became is beyond me. Came late midnight it was getting worst than I could ever imagined! Jp was noticeably worried and anxious because I was already crying in pain. I took two advil capsules already, but its of no effect. Jp were insisting that we go to nearby hospital to have a check up. He wanted to buy me a new brand of mefenamic acid to ease the pain, but I refused because as a nurse, I know that the cause of  low effectiveness of my two taken meds was my stomach's inability to digest it. I could feel the discomfort as well in my stomach, I know that I was also suffering from hyper-acidity and it causing GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disorder) that lead me to having the urge to puke the meds at any moment. Jp held his helping hand to give me comfort by massaging my head and back so the pain would be somehow lessened. And he had read aloud a chapter in a bible like he was telling a tale of story to a young kid. Such a sweet husband of mine. And eventually, I fell asleep and I woke up monday feeling all so well :), like nothing happened. I know I was healed because when everything is made and we had no one and had nothing to turn into anymore, we turned to God almighty and asked for his powerful healing to come into us. And then I was healed :) Such a powerful love of our father up there!

Photocredit: http://ccdumaguete.com

Yesterday, my head did not ache so don't worry haha! Its actually an ordinary, plain, usual slow paced day at the office, cramming out to finish all the reports that needs to present to our mancom. Grateful that we have tackled everything in order. My issue yesterday had more to do with the weather, surely I love rainy days than the super scorching hot sunny days! But when it hassles you out getting home or getting somewhere you were supposed to be and be trapped inside the car tip toeing if it's best to brave the flood blocking our way out,or let yourself wet and shaking inside the air conditioned vehicle and wait. Added that my phone was dangerously on 1% power battery! Outside the roblou market was a total chaos. People were cramming, giant vehicles were trapping more the ways. Motorcycle driver were having issues braving the flood since it's almost a waist deep in level. My shoes were totally damp and I needed to remove my feet out and let it dry. I forgot to bring an umbrella with me since I was complacent that day because the sun was shining so bright early morning you wouldn't thought of the storm. Well, that's the part where I felt really stupid, because in a world like this, I must have expect the unexpected. We're living in a world where global warming and climate change all over the countries were happening. It's unpredictable so I must have been ready, prepared, and always alert, therefore I would have avoided getting soaked from head to toe and had contacted right away my husband who was so blessed to sheltered himself in new life church (where we attend church service every sunday) for a while that's luckily open that night since the key to our apartment was with me and he had no way of getting in there! See??? I'm completely wreckless! I wasn't anymore aware of the time I went home, all I knew was I'm home and with Jp and that we're both safe. And I was so blessed to have had my office mates that turned the almost bad day into a fun moments. When things goes out of control, just inject a little bit of fun and your perspective in your situation will suddenly change into a positive and sometimes euphoric ones :) Just like what my colleagues and I did!

And there you have it. My three challenging days! Well, for me that was already challenging. You, do you have any challenging moments like soaking in the rain, being physically ill, being trapped somewhere because of  storm and flood or anything that makes you thank God you were completely safe and kicking???? Share it to me and let's talk about it :)



Hi Everyone! I have been on a hibernate mode for a couple of days now. I can't really find time for it because of work demand. And now, since I'm done with my task and were only waiting to head in Laguna at late lunch to meet with our agents there, I am getting a chance to sneak around and type my whereabouts. My work don''t really demand too much time, even my sleep isn't so deprived since I could sleep 7-8 hours depending on my ability to fall asleep easily at night. But my time physiologically and emotionally does not permit me to do so. If you know how it is to feel deprived of so many things that it drained your energy to be able to move and do another things aside from important errands in a day. Anyway, in spite me experiencing this anxiety of the unknown, I still need to move with the flow and let my physical energy do all the talking! I would wake up in the morning, pray before I get up, take a shower, primp up office attire, wait for my husband and head to work. When at work, since I usually don't eat breakfast at home, I would reserved from our canteen and eat while working. At the end of doing all my tasks for the day, I then take a break and read articles I like. I would navigate the net and look for something that would steal my interest. And then I would sneak around to view my smart phone and automatically visit my facebook page to see faces and posts of people who doesn't have anything important to do in their lives  that they just have to be whole day online! I swear to heaven I could almost memorize names of many from my fb acquaintances who work full time in facebook lol. Though, I don't have anything against them, it just of course making me snide a little for hey, here I am busy bee and does not have social life, and you people is socializing full time!!!! That's unfair you know. (lol) Well back to my rants, after checking my phone for any magic of people who would remember to hit me up and ask how I am and to catch up with me, I would then put my phone down and back to business at the office. Will then make myself busy and productive because I am waiting for my regularization. I wish I will get that. Maybe it is one of the many reasons that I get anxious about. Add that its my last month of contract. Although they let me get a uniform of my own and hearing I have already a rice subsidy, I wish I could still hear and see it from a new contract that I really am have a job for as long as I want and for as long as I will perform their expected standards of work. One more thing that puts me unease was this saving I was trying to stick with. Jp and I needs to save for upcoming weekend trip this third week of September in Laguna (again) with my relatives, and also to provide important things we badly need to stuff our home so it will be more convenient and comfortable for us to stay in our apartment. We also have to save in advance our payment for the apartment. So as you can see I'm moderately anxious of all the billings on hand! Maybe because I've been only doing this for two months and it's really overwhelming! Life is not the same anymore, and life is not like bread and butter for real. And I need to stand and don't hold back because I know it will spruce up my ability to fight all the trials the life has to throw me :). I will smile this predicaments off and just savor every experiences God has blessed me. I know he have prepared the perfect feast for me and he will reward those who wait patiently and love him abundantly even without God almighty answering yet any of my hearts desire. I strongly believe that my concerns today won't take long, it will reach its end and I will have my happy bubble back. I am not sad, I'm just really weary and anxious of the unknown. So that, I have 2 hours to sit back and relax before I grind in Laguna later! Oh gosh what time will I be home tonight?? I wish traffic in Manila won't hit us on our way home. So this, my post, are consist of my complaints. I know you wouldn't consider reading a writings that's full of rants like these, but this is how I feel guys, I think I need your friendly lullaby at this very moment. Thanks for listening though.. I hope you are feeling very well my friend! Let's think happy thoughts shall we?? God bless us all!

I've been eyeing this book since my eyes lay upon its title from my site in 20sb.net. I knew I just have to have it and I have to read it! Will be waiting for my early bird santa clause to hide it under our little Christmas tree (although we don't have one yet, maybe I need to buy now so Mr.santa won't have excuses not to deliver my gift!)



Hello. This afternoon was really bored and dull. Trying to figure out what I can do, I am irritated, easily annoyed and everything that concerns negativity, I feel that. I've been thinking of good things to do while I have my last day of weekend so I can have fun without spending out even a cent of money because I'm trying to save. One thing that really puts me to this shortcomings now is that, our means if living seem to gone off right quick even without buying anything. I think its because of my too much expenses for the food?? That seem to be the only thing I tend to spend my money out so far. So anyway, there, reasons that despite me super bored, I just need to resist this temptation! I know I can do this, I could just hear someone whispering on my left that going to mall now would be the best thing to flash away my down moments like now. I've been counting my blessings so to really help me refuse any excuses to ask for more. Why am I sharing this? To make everyone realize that they are not alone, although sometimes having no one to share my predicaments makes me feel the only one on the situation and I would feel...Abnormal (lol I kid!) So to ease this dead bull day, might as well fight it off and just make my free style :)

Life full of surprises, life full of dullness
Life that boasts all the promises, consider it the gun
Life that attacks you with pain, consider it a bullet

Sin can be deceitful yet drowning you with satisfaction
Sin is love, love that turned ocean to fire, rocks to dust
Sin is a spirit of conscience, until broken, then its a crime

Blowing the senses in the wind away away please, take me away.... (oh well im a bad bad free styler haha feeling lang sorry!)



Hi my fellas! Most of you know how I'm trying to be healthy even just on the beverages I am drinking hehe. I have tried this one from London since I fell in love with the packaging, also because it had a very attractive name which is "Jasmine Green Tea" it sounded beautiful, sweet, romantic, and windy all at once! It costs more than lipton tea in which I used to buy. Remember? I vowed trying another brand of teas and will make reviews of it so you will be able to find the perfect taste that you think will suits you.


Green tea lightly scented with jasmine flowers for a refreshing tea with an alluring aroma

How & when to serve

Use water just after it has boiled and steep the teabag for 1-2 minutes. If the teabag is left for too long it can detract from the smooth and refreshing flavour.

Info credit by: http://www.twinings.com/

"Benefits of drinking Green Tea - the British Journal of Nutrition has revealed that drinking more than three cups of green tea a day was found to protect against cell deterioration as we age. DNA tests showed the equivalent of five extra years on the tea drinkers' lives."

As for my personal view, same benefits that found on other green tea is what it provides. The downside is, its by far expensive, and the taste and smell makes me dizzy (like I was drinking a liquor). These are the facts about this tea, I hated that I failed choosing the good tea from twinings because it got my bad impression. There are various kinds of teas in this brand, maybe I could eventually try their "pure green tea" instead of this 'jasmine green tea" that really upsets me. I tried to drink two sachets and I just can't continue anymore! It tasted awful!!! And yeah I was about to read this book for five times but since I felt dizzy from the tea, I stopped for a while and slept.

I thought my book and this tea would blend well, sadly I think I wasted money for something I'm just going to throw in a trash bin. Might as well pour some milk on it next time!



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I'm computing and budgeting again! I usually do this every first week or last week of the month. It motivates me to make use of my time at work be productive. When idle-ness were there trying to steal the best of me, I just do  this planning to get me back on track. Just like now hehe, I am here in my little corner at the office and was really bored waiting for the report to be done that would be coming from our accounting department, and from marketing department (where I'm currently into). It will send after lunch so I really have this long idle time I need to fight back! On my paper I wrote down the title of my top list motivator, and on top of that says "of course it will all start from our almighty God"! And under it were the list of my "go-getter-attitude" for the rest of the month! I won't list it down here, because I feel embarrassed on some material things I put in there lol. I'm just trying to be real and honest to myself and my hubby, because he knows all my material desires and yet, he don't judge me, as long as I don't cross the line limit of which it will already affect our most important expenses. Even though I have this online blog as my diary, I still prefer buying a good journal so I can hand written some of my thoughts whether I am far from computer, phones, and if there is no net/wifi connection available. I most certainly need journal when given a chance to travel. Most of the time, I do make an outline for all that I want to write, and from there, I would start to make a good reflection of it, and make that journey a memorable one. That's my habit. It's a no secret how much I am looking forward to make my dream as a writer come true. And since I just got married and our means of living is enough only for our primary needs, the possibility of making it this year were very thin. But I'm not closing the door. I just need a reality check so as not to disappoint myself in the long run :)

If you are a reader of my blog since 2010, you would have noticed improvements from where I started. I was not a good writer, I didn't know how to express my emotions well. I was having a hard time narrating what had happened on my day. I was using the same expressions, the same words over and over again, that who ever were reading it, they just get bored! I was a non-pro and even now, I still am  but I can proudly say, I have improved a little and it helps me gain more people to like my share of writings that revolves more specifically on me. I am getting a lot of compliments that helps me keep writing. And of course there are bashers that'd put me down. I think this also helped me found my strength and bravery, because I didn't stop there. Although I am not paid like the Professional PR and blogger out there, I am happy sharing my little life stories :) They say that finding career is not seen by how much money you earn but on how much you make yourself happy doing it with no condition or whatsoever to do it. You just do it out of love. Out of passion. And there's where I get my inspiration to thrive continuously.

I attended a service in our church at taytay rizal. I was invited to join my new cell group which was named "for young couples". We discussed about the previous topic that involves searching for your biggest event in life to date from the three given God's word of wisdom. First: Courage to dream big dreams, Second: Courage to your commitments, Third: Courage to shell out from your comfort zone. These three were meaningful to all and shared each events they've had and I was really touched. One of the group cried while telling her big event in life and I was moved. It does not mirrored any of my adversary in my own life. I felt that I am one of those very blessed to have simple adversities and predicaments to managed. The shadows of my past that I kept on dwelling pales my christian groups share of dark past. And from there, I asked God for pure forgiveness because I was very weak to have seen my encounters in life the hardest! I strongly believe that there was a great purpose why I was directed on that group. They will be my God's given angels disguised by their human attributions and they will guide me on my long journey along with my husband to enlighten our marriage and family from temptations brought by this world full of sins.

So far, this is what keeps me going. But on top of all these, we must have GOD as our biggest motivator in life! Nothing beats the wisdom given by our Lord. Nothing beats the prayer (the only personal way we can communicate to God). Your humanly made motivators are acceptable, but you can never ever taste success into something (specially the success spiritually) if you do not put God as your foremost MOTIVATOR OF ALL.

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More Selfies here! I know a lot of people would say they are too fed up seeing my face almost everyday being updated hehe. I know a lot of pyscho-professionals who would interpret this self portrait as having self centered personality. And I think, as long as it only takes a captured photo to be defined as one being self centered, then by all means, here's my happy bubbles! I personally think that as long as it does not affect other people in anyway negative then you can not consider them being a selfish people. Say, since anne curtis always has this ootd-selfie taken almost every day doesn't make her too self absorbed as she is sharing her possessions to charity, to her family and to other unprivileged people she knows! Have you heard the "ME TIME", "ALONE TIME" that's being over used mostly of women who always encounter dramas, stress, and pressure from their own productive lives? I know a lot of names from my friends that's experiencing hectic schedules such as a friend who works in a graveyard shift as a nurse and as a call center agent and needs to be a wife and a mother in the morning to tend their husbands and children's need before heading to work and school. When they are all gone, that would be the only time this friends of mind could rest and sleep for a while until it comes 1 pm for the children expected to be home and the husband who's expected to be home at 5 pm! See how many times their sleep could be disrupted by this household chaos that need to address no matter what the situation is? Too hard. I have a friend who goes to school, she is a very dedicated student that gives all her time focusing to be the best! So of course it demands her too much time and energy and even have no time for her very kikay world and life! I know a friend who's pregnant but is very hard working that she doesn't want to stop at her job although she'll be having her baby out anytime soon! She worries too much of her son's future when he comes out (and yes it was a boy! haha). And it doesn't stop there, she also need to tend her husband who also work for their family. Imagine the total multitasking of this preggy friend of mine huh?? And there was women like me, who is married, is working 5 days a week 8 hours a day, is tending her brand new husband, and is learning how to cook good and healthy food (mind you healthy okay, not just the basic frying and baking lol). At first you would find my rants about my career and married life the usual and boring ones. But may I remind you that I am a newbie here being a wife, and how I need to change my perspective when it comes to my 15th and 30th happy day? You think it was not a big stress, pressure and scary for me? Maybe in the long run, I will get use to it, but please give me the benefit of the doubt as it gets a little tougher, a little rougher and a little mind boggling each day that passes by. I am not use to coming home and there is no one there to greet me because my husband were always having an over time at work, and I am dedicated to wait for 2-3 long hours and do the household chores, and prepare for dinner (if theres any lol) alone?? I would drink my cup of afternoon habit tea and read a good book, and if I get bored and Jp's still not around, would watch tv or listen to my play lists, or if all else fails to make my bubble bubbles, then hello CAMERA, in times I am in need of company you were always there, thank you! And I think, those people that I mentioned earlier also have their own coping mechanisms to curb their stress brought by our different stressors in life. Our definition of difficulties in life differ from each personality traits and behavior we have. So stop your non-sense snide comments about our selfies because it is the most convenient, and the cheapest way to pamper women. Because of monthly bills and expenses that we have, sometimes we tend to sacrifice our luxury desire so please, stop saying non-sense, rude and meany comments when we are feeding your fb of too much selfie pictures! And hello, it is named and called FACE-book for a reason :)



And here goes my first ever blog post as Mrs. Paragile haha! My deepest apologies for not bragging on the date of my very simple wedding, and for the expected delay of hovering pictures from our friend photographer! It may take a while since his wife would be having their baby out at any moment of this month! I have a few photos with my mother's camera but I don't want to spoil an album for incomplete photos! Since it was just a simple wedding event, we've had just an ample amount of pictures taken that day to treasure our special memories :)

So this first blog as my being "Mrs." will only consist of my first week as a goodie goodie wife with my very demanding husband lol! As most of you know, we already rented a flat, so we get to separate right after the wedding from our parent's loving and caring shelter. We realized how important it is to live dainty-fully with our means and not depending anymore in our parents. As for the first week of married life, I could say it was a bit tough and challenging already. I could almost see now (as fast as one week) the things Jp and I has differently. From the things we want to stuff our little apartment, and from the important grocery stocks that needs to be on top list. We always argue at certain plans we have. But the good thing about us is, we discussed things that we don't have in common right away, and we always voice out if someones behavior gets too annoying and upsetting that leads to one party becoming a "monstrous dragon that blows fire with every scream and scold it makes haha". So far this weekend was a blast for me, because it was the only time I am able to enjoy my time with hubby and to clean up and organized our apartment. Saturday was the general cleaning day, and we were able to satisfy ourselves by delegating tasks each one can do to finish everything up for one day! Jp was the one assigned to get our wall frame that was a gift from my mother to have it fixed since he had broke the glass a few days ago. He was the one doing errands outside using his motorcycle. We also asked for assistance of his cousin's husband who works nearby our apartment to hang the frames on wall. I on the other hand, had clean the house and manually removed the dirt and dust on our carpet (from the manual I meant, using my bare hands!). SM hypermarket got to deliver on Saturday our bought dining set so it really motivated us more to organized everything on that day. We also have our double burner and this give me no excuse to cook for our munches every day and night! (Lord please help me because you know very well IDK how to cook! Except of course for eggs,hotdogs, noodles and frying fish :) ). And here goes the Sunday, Jp and I attended a church service first thing in the morning and we had gone to visit his mother (and my mom-in-law ayiee!) because she wasn't feeling well since saturday. After that, we decided to take a walk in SM mall to look for the things we plan buying one by one. And we do shopped for groceries and toiletries! To be honest these stuff was on my budget plan for the second week of August but Jp was very excited doing our first ever groceries and shopping together as husband and wife and since I am a submissive wife I was at his beck hihi. Such a sweet man ;).

Maybe you have noticed how short this stories could be to describe our first week together. Yes it was really "konti" since our weekdays were consists of eight hours work and we are very tired when coming home. We didn't take a vacation leave because we need to compensate for every penny we spent for our simple celebration. And there's a lot we need to invest on so we can live our married life comfortable and happy! Who wants to start their lives with their spouse starving and depriving from all the blessings God has in stored for them through hard work and a little sacrifice of time together?? I know no body :). So there, happy wife + happy hubby= happy marriage!!!!!! Best wishes to US!!!! <3 p="">



haha! We are this serious man! We're going to have our seminar program by tomorrow. I can't wait for the role playing any many more activities! It will be so much fun! Yay! It only started with our 3 pm habit of speaking English until our shift ends. And voila, the head of the company finally decided that we take it to the next level. They're very supportive lol. Nose bleed here we come!




You mom is now 47 years of age and you king ralph is now 18 years young. My wish for the both of you is to have a healthy life style ahead. That you guys will have a lovely and bubbly life while getting older. and that you will find more love and blessings knowing God our mighty has given both of you the chance to have you celebrate your birthday with your loved ones. I will not wish for anything material for both of you. Just the spiritual sort of thing so you both will have the courage to live life praying to God each and everyday :) I wish you more birthday to come. And I so love you mommy and bro king. You were so cute when you were a baby and I missed kissing you just every minute and everyday, something I couldn't do anymore today since you won't let me and since you have your girl friend already hayy binata ka na oh my G!!!! But I always pray to Lord that you will be more industrious when it comes to your studies. I want you to see the essence of having such a degree that not everyone in the world can afford, I wish you will appreciate how blessed we are having a parents who can afford getting us to state universities we personally chose for ourselves. To my mommy, hmm all I want for you is to savor your life to its finest and keep on smiling, you make everything wonderful when you're fully happy. I wish that you will have a good health and that you will not have to take medicines for maintenance since I don't think you really need it. Stop being a hypochondriac please! So there just be happy today okay! I love you to bits!!!!!!!

My mother blowing the cake, king wasn't able to blow with her since he was still at school and we couldn't wait anymore!
We were all drooling to slice it haha!

My bro king. So macho and handsome yeah??? I know. Of course mana mana lang yan ;p


Since everyone now are embracing the likelihood of health and wellness in their lives, drinking tea is at par acceptable nowadays compared to a decades ago. At my age now, it's been quite a while since I stopped my usual habit of drinking tea every morning and every afternoon because of vastly changes that happened in my life. It was really sad because I felt the real difference taking a tea in a day instead of hitting the instant coffee to satisfy my addiction. I've been a coffee addict for as long as I could remember, or I think from the day one in my mom's womb that which I'm certainly of inheriting from my mom's descendants as well! And now since my blog and other websites of mine were gunning my news feed of tea and its beneficial contents, I couldn't help but ran into the nearby store and look for a box of tea I can drink on. At first I was considering the brand lipton, and yet I suddenly remembered how much I hated the awful taste it has. So I decided to look for something mild :) And this one I grabbed didn't fail..my bubbles of happiness just got more bubbles now yipeee!!

"Sencha green tea comes from the Kyoto region of Japan. It is made from small leaves and has a more refined taste than others forms of green tea. Additionally, the color of the tea is actually green, not yellow, like many Chinese varieties. Sencha is said to have a bittersweet taste that goes well with both seafood and chocolate. The health benefits associated with sencha green tea are the same as those attributed to other forms of green tea. "

"This is a traditional Japanese green tea with tightly rolled, needle-shaped leaves. It’s picked in early spring after the leaves have developed their balance of sweetness and astringency. The liquor is bright emerald in color, with a clean finish and a taste reminiscent of seaweed. True Sencha differs in character from most Chinese-style green teas not only in its sleek, dark green leaf appearance but also in its grassy taste compared to nuttier, vegetal notes."

As for the personal view, I find it really soothing and calming. And mind you it's a tad-bit mild in taste. I very well agree with the description made by the manufacturer of this tea, since I tried it myself. I was like in a grassy, windy place while drinking a cup of this tea :) For tea starters, I recommend you buy this so you won't be over whelmed by the nuttier taste of other green tea just like the lipton which comes in yellow form. (that yellow tea was the one I found really nuttier so I recommend you find the lipton green tea that I'm sure they have, maybe it's not really that strong too!)

See what I mean??? The color suggested already what you would expect with the taste. It's light golden in color :)

Tadah!! I partnered my tea with my breakie early in the morning :) I so love how it blend so well with sweeties, carbs and dairies I just had earlier. With the banana as my side dish hehe wink*

I'm excited to try on more tea's that was in stored at known tea store. I'm going to find for a black tea in which, something I haven't yet tried. So if any one knows of a certain brand that offers black tea. Please let me know okays?? bye bye!


Hello again guys, I was really energized after taking a whole 2 days rest on bed and sleeping. So now I feel the need to blog all my backlogs, since I need to always keep you posted of my life's errands Maybe you were thinking if I'm really an addict writer since you only sees my writings on my blog and fb and twitter. And yet, what would I do if I'm not around the internet to continue my passion for writing?? Simple, I have lots of notebooks and journals that I would admit I've never had a chance to fill out every pages since I get to be excited when I have new journal I could write on hehe. So there, I usually write everything, from the tiny things that has happened, and all that sort of mushy-ness in my life, and in the life of others and in the living things in the world. I also use my phone's notes to have my thought jotted down right away when I'm inspired of something and if I want to be reminded of the event every now and then. I'm like that. :) I also tend to read my books every where and every when! I preferred wasting my time reading a good books that I like and write my understanding about it and/or the paragraphs I find relevant into my life and very inspiring hence, I feel the need to share it. So there, why do I have to explain that anyways?? haha I don't know! I just love knowing I have someone to share my fond of writing. I wish I could find a friend who understand my love for it. I don't have friends who's a sucker for books and writings, and that's making me sad.

I wore a green top from penshoppe and a shorts I bought in tiangge and a rubber shoes I bought in sm dept. store

So anyway, last Saturday we went to papa renz's house to celebrate his birthday! I forgot how old he is already so never mind hihi! It was really a full of laughter event because the oldies kept on singing and dancing like a sexy star! My mommy is a good singer hence the never ending request that she sing and they'd dance :D Of course I was a proud daughter! I let Jp went with us because we also had something to tell and asked them, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be asking them for something special so I was feeling joyful even more after they'd all gave their yes and blessings. I just couldn't contain my joyfulness that time hence my staying for a long hours than necessary is a proof!


Hi people :) Well to start off with, I've been in a bad shape for a couple of days now and so I'm happy that I'm feeling a bit well now and so I can start blogging. You know how I love writing down my thoughts right? Even the things that happened a days and weeks ago already. So now, I am trying to get my energy boosted since I can't take a leave as much as what I want to get because it might affect my performance and I can't risk my employment just that. I so love the opportunity coming from my work that lets me decide, its better off turning down the offer from Eastwood, although it pays a bit higher and promised an easier work, I realized it's not all about the loads of work being delegated on you. It's how you would embrace such responsibility a company entrusted you. But I wouldn't hide that I've been missing my hibernate mode so much! You know the feeling of not dreading yourself up away from bed and pull yourself to bathroom and shower up and primp up for work as early as 6 o'clock in the morning! And since I've been doing that for five working days for how many months now, I was like trying to find time to take a break and do something that would make me relax and happy and just savor the moment :) I am happy, don't get me wrong here ha! All I meant was the happiness when you're doing stuff not because you are bound to do that, but the feeling of doing something that's spontaneous. Oh well, we are not living to spoil us of the life we desire, instead, we have to live with the life given to us, no matter what the circumstances are.

So now stop with my ramblings, just last weekend, my sister thought of something tasteful to eat, it started when both of us kept on opening our fridge to find a food we can bite on. There's a lot as what expected, but none of what we were craving for. And the last time my sister princess opened and looked inside the refrigerator, she found out something that reminds her of a recipe she wanted to try! So voila she decided to make us quesadillas for a snacks change :) I was giddy of course, seeing the ingredients and condiments she has one by one picked out from our kitchen counter and I couldn't help thinking, "yeah sister you've got what my tongue we're drooling for!!". I am in a  happy bubble of course, and thought of why not partner it with something delightfully healthy beverage and so I found our lipton milk tea on the counter and made one for myself :D And Gosh I'm in heaven!!!! woooohhhh! The greatest afternoon tea to date!

So oozingly to the extreme delicioso!

Sister does the cooking errands :) Me?? I do the eating woot woot!

Any way, it's my mom's and brother's birthday today, so I have to go now and join in with our dinner celebration. It's a simple dinner that we (my sibling and I) prepared for our mother and bro king. We don't have visitors, we just reserved them for the special day next week :) It'll be an extra extra special for real! I wish I can post here my made invitation though :), kaso I'm rest assured, I'd be the talk of the town so I will let it off for the time being and just gun you of post photos instead hihi!

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