My lolo boy and our very historical bomba! this is where we
get water for shower, elimination, cooking and DRINK!ho-omg!
A few people knows and cares about where my hometown is. A few also cares about their own hometowns. Some because, they have lived their lives mostly in urban places. And some because they didn't have so much memories of their childhood made in provinces. But I was different. I've had lots of treasured memories, especially of my childhood in my rural place. Alinguigan 3rd Ilagan, Isabela is my hometown. I was born and raised there and had my playful, fun childhood moments with my cousins, uncles, aunties, and too many lolo's and lola's to name :) Our province is one of the closest in my heart. Its a compound that filled of my ancestors lol. My mothers originally lived there and all of her siblings that's also stood as our (including my 3 siblings) second parents. I am also closer to my immediate grand parents, who most of time, took care of us when we whined, needed to get in school, give allowances, cook our meals, prepare us and attend our special events and the lists goes on. They were so proud of us, and of our achievements. My grand mom,were always giving me helpful advises, and she is very funny when she has to tell my bunch of hurtful truths with regards to my personal choices in life hahaha! We were just both laughing even I knew she meant it rude lol! I just couldn't make myself get mad at my lola. For me, she's a super woman! Sometimes I felt like, I love her more than my biological mom whom she's the biological daughter of my grand mama!haha! But of course, I love them both, but there's something with the love of lola that can't be replaced by any significant one we have.

Last week, my uncle Jojo and aunt Myra, came home from abroad. They decided to stay at our place first before they make their homecoming in Ilagan. They requested us to come with them and visit our province, since we have been missing a lot of time to spend with our family, especially with our grand parents, that are getting older. Both of my Grand Par were diagnosed to be hypertensive. My lola got her first and I hope last attack of stroke, and my lolo twice. Knowing this fact about them, made me think, it's best to sacrifice a few salaries for days of absences, because it pales the moment I could spend with my most treasured lolo and lola. Yes, I do missed all my relatives from there. Yes, I am also excited to take a long leave from work and get laid. But, the biggest reason why I did not take another moment, thinking if I would come, was my grand parent. I can't imagine my life without them. Especially my lola cora. If God will permit me to have her life be an eternity here in sinful world, then I will. Sometimes I had my wishful thinking "its best that God take me first before lola cora" because I don't know what kind of pain I would suffer knowing she wouldn't be around..tangible :( ohhh erase erase! Basta! She will  live longer, and I will definitely take care of her. I can sacrifice even my good career and life here in the city just to be with her in time she will need my company. And I will nurse her with unconditional love! Hayy, I think a few more emotional words will make me cry already.

Our seventeen years old Ina :)
And so.. I made it! I took my leave from work, and spent loving time with my family in Isabela :) Memories I built even in a few days were priceless!
The Miranda's!!!!!
Our beautiful cows and mini farm :D haciendera ang peg ko girl haha!

The scary zipline at Santa Victoria!! As in very scary!  safety not fully enforced !

PS Note: 
Been meeting Mr. Grey for two seasons and now lol :) laters baby!

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