MY APRIL 16 :)

Hi everyone! I missed blogging on my very birthday. It so much of  a big deal for me since I tend to blog on ordinary days, and missing out my own special day is like missing out the day I was born. Well anyways, It still April, and for me a s long as its within the month then I can still call myself a birthday girl! Greetings of people keeps reigning on my phones and emails and facebook message :) although gifts nowadays somehow dissipated since the convenience of sending you gifts through online!!!! But atleast my beau JP tried to give present though its too cheap in price wahaha! Well the 5 blouses he bought for less than 100 still looks good and girly and fab on me! Even my mom and sister were amazed realizing how affordable it could be! I may share a photos wearing those so you can critic it yourself ;). So since it still my month, I vowed to still enjoy and celebrate it whenever I can! Its not too late for me! I'm just wondering what's new I can do to make everything interesting aside from malling, swimming (in which I just made twice for the whole summer season). But maybe tomorrow as JP promised, we'll do some malling after church service, although I want something new to try, doing it without a set of good plan would just ruin whats on my mind.

My Jemma Inc., family
Jemma Inc., staff were making my first month a blast! Supporting me all the way to get my loads of work right. Trying to address my needs when it comes to information I am yet to study and learn. And you know treating me like no other is just too happy to think. We just got by Aerodome Valley fair yesterday to play badminton since it was Friday and we wanted to de-stress after a long week of grinding life at work! JP and I made it to his Bosses birthday at One Oasis Condo to celebrate with them. It feels good that they always invites and includes me whenever they have such events along with other staff of FPLA that they already treated a family. So happy to be around these people who have achieved and made a stand in their career and yet, stays humble and people person with individuals like me and JP who were just starting to make little steps on the ground :)

My kumare
"Happy Happy Birthdy Mare.. Thanks for always being there, for listening to all my dramas and chika haha Stay pretty, happy, and inlove! We're all excited for your upcoming wedding. Best wishes mare and to John Paul :D 
Pwede i-treat nyo na kami? Hahaha Tagal ha?! lol Love you mare! Mmwuah ♥ — with Queenie Venezuelâ."

My kumare who have been my classmates and closest of girl friends since elementary to now :) Thank you for super sweet greetings. My deepest apologies for not appearing on most of our gatherings nowadays. I'll make it up to guys when I can!!!

My Myloves of all times!

My bestfriend and a sister at hearts of mine had one of the sweetest message for my birthday. She never fails to make me smile. I missed her to bits now, its been how long since we last meet each other?? IDK, it feels like ages aww God!!! I wish I could share it to you, but the fact that she sent it personally, I preferred not to anymore. But I know by heart we will always love each other and I am looking forward to seeing her sooner this month before it ends :) love you myloves <3 div="">

My beau and my Honey!

And of course my super loving fiance is one of my biggest fan in the world!!! It was my first ever birthday to celebrate with him. And since it was one of a very special day when everything about us really started :) he reminded me of the 'awkward greetings' moment that happened on my bday last year and how that one first call of him to personally greet me made magic and continuous to make magic on us now that we're turning one (1) year old being together :) yay so happy! He always makes me happy, though at some point, we're having too much arguments and fights that's just starting in a very tiny, petty reasons, maybe it's really a fact that the more your relationship gets deeper, the more it will encounter numerous trials. And the more trials God has given us, the more we're having a feeling that he trusted us so much and that he's preparing a very special life stored for us as we go along the journey! Love need not to be always a good times, even roses have thorns right :) just make sure, in every little misunderstanding and fights, always incorporate romance. That's what I called 'the hit of romance' wahahaha!!!!

And of course, I wouldn't forget to thank my family who also made me feel special on my birthday :) we didn't take much time together now, because of my working demands and I wasn't able to make it home on my birthday but we were planning to make a late celebration since my sister will also have her birthday this coming April 29!!! too excited now heheh! thanks to everybody who remembered me on my special day, from the bottom of my bubbly quirky hearts <3 br="">



Copied from yahoo
So make your heart healthy! I stumbled across this article at yahoo and felt the need to share it to you guys. Sometimes, in order to stay fit, we overlooked the real importance of taking care of ourselves and forego extraneous activity and habit that which make as more prone to heart attack instead if getting healthy. Here's the link..if you love your heart you won't regret to spare time reading about it!

And for the mean time, I will leave you here and will make my heart go healthy by the pool! going swimming with family :) yay time!!!!

Please find this link helpful :) http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/cardiologists-tell-friends-134500478.html



copied from google
I miss those days where, I can just typed down my errands any time I want. I miss those days where I can just sit on a chair and picked out a good book and had a cup of good tasting coffee. I miss those days where I can lay on bed any time I want and let my mind drift somewhere wild, somewhere playful, somewhere colorful..somewhere I really wanted to be.
And since I now have a work, these usual lazy errands I've had does not allow me anymore. Just yesterday, the supposed last day of work for most employees like me and also the most crucial  since it could make your monday a stressful day or a only-since-its-monday-that-i-need-to-go-sit-pretty-at-work day. And since I was absent last friday, I know it will be the former sigh. And so now, I am tip toe-ing if I will do my paper work left undone last friday so I can present it clearly with our mancom on our usual departmental meeting every week, or just give myself a whole day pampering and just let the flow of stress this coming week go. Well obviously the only answer for this is... to make my work be done this weekend and avoid cramming and having a bad record in my working performance. And since I have the answer, I need to let go of this site and stop fb-ing and try to maximize my remaining night time doing what I need to do. I am still waiting for my beau to come home from their battle of the band that is now being held in smart araneta coliseum. I think it is what they annually do for MVP Olympics. Something that Manny Pangilinan now is managing. I am just sad that I didn't make it there to give my full presence of support to Jp and his band whose really gave all their effort to give it a good play. Although they are not aiming anymore for the big title, at least making it just right to entertain and give fun and happiness to the people is something they will claim as an award already :) I am so proud of the group Km.27! Where they've gotten the name??haha just ask their company address lol!

Going back to my predicaments, so here please help me pray to our Lord God that he give me motivations so I can finish this loads of paper works I need to present this week! ayy life! How do you feel if your house turns out to be your second office?? Well all I can do is to be thankful I have lots to stress about and that I am a productive, useful servant of our society and that this stress brings goodness in my life every 15th and 30th right?? oh yeah you just got it oh so right!haha
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