stuffs i am dreaming of =)

those urban time with the color of white(the one i badly wanted) and the black is perfectly chic watches from international brands 'lulucastagnette, it is simply girly and will always be fashionably on time for every special event the whole year around =)

these nikon D3000 slr camera is one of a new and very beautiful replacement from that old point and shoot ones..there above(@ the right side of urban time is the 'canon SX120 IS power shot' it was also pretty good specially for the beginners..but those stuffs and gadgets i had mentioned are just somethings that i am dreaming of having if i could just possibly afford it...
those are unimaginedly expensive and makes me feel hopeless of loving the photography more!=( haha..well who knows,the wheel of my life will suddenly change and one day when i wake up all of these are closely at the reach of my hand =)...

i believe that in this life,there is nothing impossible,just dream, believe in it, and take an action for achieving what you want to get into your life =)..haha "a life lesson from queenie"!wink!


love the one your with

this book is perfect for the Friends Reunited generation....
read if you've ever wondered"what if.."' Eve

For one hundred days, Ellen believed she had done the right thing- married the man of her dreams and embraked on 'happy ever after'. but then she met Leo again.
From there the outside it looked like tow strangers making fleeting eye contact. But inside was a vey different story.
Inside, Ellen was reeling as suddenly, her whole world was turned up side down.. ... ...

my new and own waste of time book =) but i like it though!


awesome ladies =)

anne is top fave of mine beautiful lips, body and a daring personality she's a fave magazine model of all, she's funny and good actress
sarah is one of a kind artist, a sooooooooooooo!o versatile talent of channel 2, she could sing well, dance gracefully, a good actress, a dream leading lady of major actor of pinas, many people were loving her so much because of her pleasing personality and very down to earth lady..
maja..the dream girl next door of all man.i have one word for her... "SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY =)"

i just watched ASAP today..my daily routine on sunday,there are times that i really get bored in their program but just today, i appreciate the performers such as vina moralez, jed, bangs garcia, toni gonzaga and nikki gil..they did awesome! a big smile =)...
but they are not my favorite local star..above are my fave lady star of PINAS:
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