Hi guys! I think its not too late to share with you how did we celebrate the mommies day last sunday :) I wasn't able to sit up in front of my laptop because I was busy compiling, and looking for my old books and magazine. I was also trying to lessen my usage of computer especially the internet, because in my rhetorical opinion, it halts you to be productive and detaching you slowly from interacting with the real world! I was also trying to fill my day and time while I'm at home to do the household task, because I'm about to decide to  rent my own flat! Yes! Well its in the plan, I saw one that I like already, its a good, secured habitat for starters like me, with one small bedroom, wide space living and kitchen area( wide space kitchen just caught me offguard because I was planning to stock many many foodies and munches!), one good and clean bathroom and a room space for doing the laundry! Its good for two (2) to four (4) persons only, it has a secured lock gate that only owners of the unit has access with, they also strictly prohibit partying at night that involves drinking liquor, which is something I am so happy to know about! Given the fact that we can entertain visitors, but can let them live not more than a day :) It's not that I am not down to people, it just saves me from bringing stress on my supposed to be sanctuary hehe. Well I still find the down payment quite heavy, but we are the most priority of the apartment owner so they were still considering our decision within this week before letting it open for another inquiry. I think seeing me personally gives them a pang of trust that I will be a good and a nice unit tenant they 're seeking for haha joke!

So going back to where I was on this post, it's actually for my mommy. Since I missed posting something for her on the day of mothers day that many of you have already done as early as the bird chirped and the rooster crowed, It's like, there was an unspoken competition of who among have the greatest moms or who among have the sweetest, generous and genuine kid in the world hehe! At least we are all very proud of our mother, it only means that, whatever the odds are, we will never trade our mother for anything else. I know all the mom's out there were very happy hearing and seeing how their husband and children loves and appreciates them so much!

As for me, my mother is a beautiful, with porcelain like skin, stunning and the wisest and most practical woman I've ever known. She managed to take care of their four children, while my father is abroad working so we have means of living. They fight for us so many times. My mommy, she was the perfectionist, with the OCD disease that I hated when I was young. I had this rebellious phase in my life against my mommy because I couldn't understand why she was trying to control my life. This misunderstanding just continue for so many years not until I am here, right at this very phase of my life. I have become the person I thought I didn't want to be. I have become a perfectionist, I have become so wise and practical with money terms, I have become so strict with everything that goes my way. I have just become,, like my mom :) funny though, we still argue here and there, but I think its how we express how we've missed each other, we tend to give our opposite opinions, but thats where we are at our best companion. I can see now clearly why is my mother was behaving the way she behaved when I was still young. It's the fear that "what if she become incapable of giving her children the nurture and the comfortable life she's dreaming for them?" "what if, with one blink away, her children would have ruined life?" what if she had not control her children's excitement to curiosity especially on their teenage life?" It's so much of a question that all boils down what mothers fear the most. It's to fail their child to become a good person, and to have better life once they need to nest out from their offspring. I now realized how important all my mother's nagging sermon on four of us. It's her way of protecting and caring for her dear children. Sometimes the love of mother can be quite confusing, sometimes we think she hates us because she always scold at us, sometimes we thought she hates us because we thought we always fail her from what she expects us to become. There were times that we hate her, because she's forcing us away from her and abandon us to walk alone in a long, wide, dark road of our lives. We thought they are quite selfish doing that. But hey, didn't just God did the same thing to his son Jesus Christ?? The things that our parents does and pained us, are things that molded us to what we are now. When I learned to live on my own, when I committed myself to a relationship that I will be carrying for the rest of my life. I realized how important all that my mommy have taught me. I am a good person because of her. I am quite tough to face every trials in life because of her. I am looking forward to having my own family because she showed me how to managed it, although it was filled of flaws, heartaches and fights before it all dawned at me, still, I wouldn't trade these experiences I had with my mommy, I wouldn't trade my mother for anything else! She is not the perfect mother, I would admit that, she's not even the great wife on my father, that really puts my heart in so much pain, especially hearing and seeing them fight for most of times. But despite these imperfection, I will unconditionally love my mother no matter what. I will still respect her. I will still take care of her. People can begrudge her, and my enemies can use it against me, but as long as I am  loving my parents (my MOMMY) I know, I will never be the loser. And NEVER, EVER try to hurt my mother because that would be the death of the world for you. That's how I love my mommy, if you would ask me how I express love to my mom, I find ways to argue with her..that is! haha! 

Happy Mother's day mommy. I hope all the best in you and Papa. I love you more than you will ever know. I am proud of you and how you raised us four your children. You're quite a tough mother! But because of your toughness, I am not afraid if God would permit and give me a child of my own. I will not copy how you raised me, yet... I will be just like you.... Be the BEST MOM through thick and thin, through highs and lows. You are my biggest Idol, especially your fashion taste, I know quite names who envy and badmouth you because of the way you dress up, but who cares right?? Inggit lang sila kasi ikaw, you look young, fresh, happy and very out going, unlike those who begrudge you, they look haggard, old and insecure forever! But of course, I still want to remind you to take the freedom a bit slow, don't be too excited. I know I am embarking to mature and responsible individual, but I am still young at heart, and still need your support. So just stay put. We will forever need you in our lives, maybe not financially anymore, but emotionally ya'know???? I love you!
I bought this chocolate mousse cake for my mommy :)
I wish our family were like an antique.. the more it gets older, and the more it lives longer. The high is the price of memories to be cherish with. <3 td="">

Haha shame to admit but cake was the only thoughtful gift I bought for my mother on mom's day. My sister also cooked pasta and vegetable salad (which is her favorite, you can also check out my sissy's recipe on her blogsite) as a gift of celebration on moms day. I was thinking then, maybe next year the best gift to give on mother's day would be...grannie kids waahahahah!

'God is waiting in the silence
For a heart that can He can fill;
He must find it cleansed and empty,
With spirit calm and still. - Smith'



Well hello!!! it's been long since the last time I post here right? Worldly things and stuff gets in the way sorry. And to be honest, there's not much of exciting stories to tell. Just the usual errands. Anyway I am actually busy, helping my sister creating her blog. I tried to check her posts and writings if it is already acceptable by the public to understand. And I think its good enough :) just bear with her guys, she have lots to go through to perfectly manage her blog site. Its actually super cute! And I'm very ecstatic to read her posts about food and her own recipes!!! It's more of a traditional way of cooking for Filipinos with her own twist :) It's also a blog that she made for all the kusinera's like her, so that they will feel self motivated, and see the goodness of every day cooking for their family. It's actually a rated G because it is applicable for everybody. For children, for teenagers, for adults, for elders, for couples, for singles, whether you're a long time cook or just a beginner. As long as you have love for cooking, then this is the perfect place for you to hang out! Keep your self up for every post my sister will make!

Heres her link Princes Home of Recipes. This is a perfect thought for her birthday! We began doing this while she was cooking for her simple birthday celebration. I suggested that she makes her environment a playful one so she will see the good in it rather than suffocating smokes and odor brought by cooking. It will also help her boost her passion into another level.. Did I just get it right folks?? heheheheh
Its a good start for her good birthday :)
I don't want to spoil you so as not to corrupt her blog's own style :) I just want to support her all the way to a better start! (kala mo kung sinong professional eh, pag bigyan ninyo na po ako! :D)

So, anyway another thing to blog is.....uhm uhm, I know you might get tired seeing my blog filled of my beau and I's faces, but please, vanity suddenly occurs even without my permission I am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally, VERY sorry about that (bleh, bakit ba akin naman site toh ano haha!)
A playful place perfect for a playful couple like us (ARCADES!!!)

The goodies for tummies!

A capture to remember :)
We usually have a date on weekends, often when its Saturday since we have the whole day going for us. We find spending with each other a way of de-stressing from five working days of our lives. We get to spend it with family as well, and sometimes with friends from high school and college if we get to pin the same dates off (something that is hardly happening now since we have our own career and responsibilities as a young, productive individuals).
Jp and I went to Ayala Ave. yesterday to bring my father's request of derma medicine he needed for his skin asthma (something I inherited from him). We noticed, there was an event happening at the park area. It was crowded, So we decided to walked around it while finding my father's building office because curiosity have gotten us :), well it's not much of extra ordinary event, but it has open markets that consists of fruits, flowers, food snacks, and food for lunch. There's also an area for people who wants to stay and eat with the ready to eat food being sold, people whose on the sports training, people who jogged around along with their pets, and people who just want to spare time relaxing. It was a good place to hang out at the time, there's also a  soothing music playing with two big amplifiers. If Jp is a person who loves sitting in the park, then I might decide to stay for a long while. Yet, he was actually hurrying me up to bring the meds to my father's office, because he was so after the Mega sale at SM Megamall!! (ayyy! anyare tinalo pa ako sa shopping galore!) So of course I was torn apart and was at his beck because I want him happy. Lol I kid, he promised he would buy me new make ups so of course I wasn't in any mood to justify the "soothing park plan" in ayala haha!
Crema De Fruita courtesy of my sister :)

And before I go, here's what I'm munching while typing these randomness. It's too random I can't think of a good Title haha! Ciao pips, til next time! Need to take a nap before our 6:00 pm appointment at Spa hehe

“And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” - Micah 6:8

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