Hi everyone! Merry Merry Christmas! I am loving this week since I could take a nap anytime I want! I could also sleep longer than usual. And I could do whatever I want without that guilt feeling! There were times I would think of things like, its better to stay home for the rest of my life, just be a full time house wife to jp, and create my own business. wohooo! Perfect! But then my inner practical side just says "no, challenge yourself to become better to the things that God blessed you to do". Holidays, always gives me that inner peace, that sometimes I confused to freedom to stay that way anytime I want! But life isn't about how easy you can turn things the way you desire it. It's how you push your self to exceed what you have achieved already. 2013, have had a lot of pushing through limits that I needed to take on. And I am glad that it's ending and here I am still thriving for what life throws at me. I am thinking of a lot of things that I can somehow do differently. Do more mature roles in the life of many, and do something that will gain me a productive life. What I'm saying is too broad, but I think as long as we are not stepping our foot on the 1st day of 2014, it will be too hard to give specifics. I'd rather surprise myself, than list down things that I and people will expect me to do and then disappoint everybody for not having it happened. But I have one real goal for me and jp for the coming year :) It's best that I keep that goal to myself and make myself proud for achieving it! I have one whole year to make it happen. This will challenge me more to better my work, be more industrious, be more motivated and let's see if that fruit of labor will fall into me :)

I had a blast with my family in our very simple celebration of Christmas! We've cooked a few yum foodies for noche buena, took pictures for mementos and fb and instagram purposes haha, and Jp championed the prayer when twelve mid night took place. There was no extra ordinary, but that just gave me so many things to look back and that gave me reason to praise our God.

Some of my planned things to do this holiday was not successfully happened, but it okay since I get to spent more time to some of my friends here in green ridge and especially to my husband. We decided to keep every expenditures this holiday in minimum because we don't want to leave our pocket bankrupt when we meet 2014! And hey before I forget! JP's birthday will be on January 1, 2013! So While I am shouting a happy new year to everyone, I will also be shouting a happy happy birthday to my dearest asawa!! I love you honey :) I think that age of yours is really asking for an offspring haha. Let's talk about that later. We know that God will always provide for what our heart desires. Just keep the faith it will come.

Again, a merry merry christmas to all!!!



I've been feeling grumpy these past few days even though, I think I 'd already make it up to sleep yesterday. Oh well, one whole night wouldn't really compensate with the so many sleepless nights I've had when december came in. I've become so restless, physically and psychologically and that even if my body is so exhausted, I couldn't just force myself to drift off sleep. It's been so hard for me, especially that there's so many things in my mind. It's all about the expenses which really quite draining literally and figuratively! December is actually the best month of the year, because people have all the means to excuse themselves to spend so much than necessary! Well it's quite foolish to do so, but what all can we do if we are getting older and having so much god children, nieces, and nephews and their monster mother and father who, since september, were asking you to don't forget their kid's christmas presents!!! haha! I can not blame them though, christmas is for all, but most especially for kiddies right? Time like this are the moment you wish you were still a child and can sing a christmas carol around your neighborhood and ask for aginaldo on 25th of christmas :) I started doing all these when I was what? maybe since I was born right? haha, well I remembered starting when I was 6 years old and continues until I found out it's quite shameful already because I had been on my second job. haha see how long before I even realized that I had to stop and give chance to others whose younger than me???? totally young and selfish my peg wehehehe! Well to be honest, it was not all about money that I have made it a career for what? 17 years! It was more of a tradition and a bonding with my girl friends in the village where I lived the longest of my life before I moved into my own corner with my loving hubby (p.s. we are not in good terms today,I left him at home earlier for work while he was taking a shower, i was that pissed at him!haha). It had been the best years of my life. I had been a lucky or more to say,a  blessed gal to experience such childhood fun life with my so long, childhood friends, that even today I keep in touch with. I also remember our family and relatives' christmas reunion and the excitement I had when they would call out all of us chikitings and asked to fall in line for the gift giving in cash or in kind, or sometimes they would give us both (of course that's the best part haha).  I could also remember the times wherein you began decorating your house of garlands, parol,and different shades of christmas lights for more christmasy feeling :). This part were done by my mom, but since she's now working abroad, my papa, sister and I were the ones to tasked this job! Nevermind king, because our youngest brother is always out of somewhere we dont know lol.

Every year, we rather celebrate our christmas all the same, or we have it all different for another year. Well as for me, I will celebrate it differently since, it will be my first ever christmas with Jp as husband and wife. We dont have plans yet on how are we going to spend our time together, but we already reserved 24th and 25th day for our family, and maybe the 26th will be our time to date each other out somewhere nice, simple and sweet (hmm saan kaya yun? haha) 27th and onwards will be for the christmas and new year invitation parties of good ol' friends from different groups of my so called friendly life (LOL) and relatives reunion party :).These coming weeks will probably be very hectic! oh I almost forgot, 20th to 22nd will be my bonding day with my best friend myloves :) if anyone of you remember my goodie pretty myloves, she's actually a cousin of my past guy relationship. It's a total blessing that we remain super close and keep loving each other despite the ironic circumstances. And hey! We are all happy of how our lives turned out now, so maybe that helped a lot to still have this kind of relationship, added that I have a very supportive, understanding, and very secured husband with me :) How can I be so blessed!

Sure my everyday on the coming weeks will be busy, but  im sure going to allot time to rest and sleep longer to wake up in 2014 fresh and beautiful! :D I'm going to start putting on my daily planner for next year yay! what is guna be look like??? hihi

I wish everybody a fruitful holiday and new year!! Let's count our blessings and spend this holiday, the way we have planned it, don't hold back just to please people who don't bring you good, instead, focus yourself towards people who wish you all the goodness in life :) the ones who supports you no matter what.

And more importantly, thank our God almighty for  he gave us so much blessing in 2013. He's been so good, although there were rough moments, crashing tragedies (e.g typhoon yolanda, the PDAF scam and accidents), and heart breaking personal experiences in our lives. I believe that it will only toughen us Filipino to thrive harder and to lift up our worries, fears and concerns that hold us back and just be thankful because it will leave us so many lessons in which we can use to be a proactive individual this coming 2014!



I am reliving this blog thing here momma! haha! Hi yah guys, how are you today? Been doing my work errands here at the office earlier, until I had nothing else to do, because everything is done already. here i am, thinking of a good things to share. I have been thinking of the approaching Christmas holiday. I am really excited, at the same time a bit worried since I really have to make sure, I have my fair share of gifts to all my grandchildren, nieces and, nephew! I wish Jp and I can save a little cent for the two of us. Christmas is really a time for giving, but I think, as we dragged ourselves for almost a year to work and work and just work, we also deserve spoiling ourselves this holiday. Sure, I am pretty excited with the family, relatives, and friends gathering, but, I am also looking forward to an intimate, solo time to spend with my husband. Its going to be our first Christmas as mag asawa, don't we just deserve it??!! haha. One more week to go, and jp and I is going to be free from work already yay! Time for shopping spree, grocery shopping, and the most awaited event... ... habol habulan at tagu taguan with the inaanaks na makukulit wahahahahahaha!

Anyway, do you guys have your wish list that you want your santa to grant this Christmas? Don't deny it, I know there's a long list hidden there under your pillow my friend, don't be ashamed, I hear you haha! And Jp know every single things (materials and life stuff) that I am wishing and praying to have, and I know that even if not all of my wish was granted this year, he will always be there to support me, encourage me, and to give me hope no matter what. :) And for me, he is the best gift and the most special wish granted by our Lord God this year for me! ayiieee!



Hi pips! It's been a while since the last time I checked and blogged! This event was unexpected, because I had been looking forward to blog for more this year and that vow was just broken. That really makes me sad, even though, I am still planning to keep this blog as I am going to put it on my resolution list this new year :). It's not something that I follow superstitiously, its just, well a tradition to boost more the spirit of the coming christmas and new year. So here I have so much to be thankful for this year :), first and foremost was my simple wedding that took place last july,next is my getting better career, jp's surprising patience to his super wicked wife, my sibling's generosity, my family, and the latest... Jp's new career opportunity! I know its bad to boast about something, but please let me take this moment to do just that because I am so proud of my husband, since he was highly recommended  in the position of the executive manager of one of the renowned hospital here in the philippines. He's been a very hard working person I know! Stress at his work place then stress at his home (kasi nga he have a wicked wife diba?) yet, he managed to pull it all off and the fruit of his labor is coming on his way already. And 'Im just what?? so blessed :)

Although of course, blessings doesn't just come out of the good, and material things the we receive in our every day lives. Sometimes, or most of the times if I may say, this blessings could be felt in times of adversity in our personal lives, and I am one to witnessed that. I've encountered a lot of trials in my personal life that I choose to keep mum on the details, because I just want to reflect on God's purposes why it had to happen in my life. And behind every tears that I have cried for this year enlightened me to just believe in him our Lord because it will cost me lots of realization that would later on, turn into a great blessing spiritually rather than emotionally. It took me a lot of courage to stay strong and keep going with my daily lives as it was happening. And I could say, I have been too strong a  woman to face such things and be able to stand still,chin up and smile despite the bad things that almost overshadowed me and my pretty, tiny bubble of hope for a joyful and peaceful life.

As we are getting closer to the end of 2013 and preparing for the 2014, let us not forget to be grateful for another year that has passed, and for another one that is yet to come. Always put God above all else as we celebrate the day that jesus christ the king was born and look forward and jump as we are hitting face to face the new, fresh, and fierce year!

Have a very blessed day everyone! I'm off from work na haha!
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