Like life, my lips must always be colorful :) and aside from that, it must be trendy and eye catching haha. Whatever! i dont really care who would like it or not. But just like my very idol (anne curtis smith) i'd like to color my lips with every cutie color that would fit not just my look but also my personality.and all that sort of drama haha!

Below are some of my favorites and newest shades of lipsticks. you can find inside my kit

my IT colors :)

newest color i am yet to use





Now you see how colorful my lips may seem. I tend to wear them all, depends on my day mood what shades would be lucky to touch my lips :) Those are just some of mine. There are more in my treasure kits lol. But these happens to be the IT for me. I so love them, and I appreciate the way they make some difference on my faces aura when i already put them on! It's my guilty pleasure, and i buy the cheapest so to be less guilty hihi! and before i leave you here guys let me write you a piece of advice; dont let your luxurious thought bring out the worst in you, rather, let it inspire other people, especially ladies and women regardless of age. Just be yourself. Dont let other define you. You must be the one to define who you really are. And i think i just did it myself :) ciao!

and yeah my PS!  If you happen to like to buy those pretty loopstick i have, you can just go find it at SM Department store and at Watsons, or any leading stores :p see? they're easy to find haha. Have a wonderful night my ladies and gentlemen.



Hi mob people :) i was actually having a difficult time whether to blog or to write up in my journal. You see, i am really trying to be better haha. Well i dont have a word right now to tell my whereabouts. Just dropping by to share some of my time with lauren yesterday at shang. it was an awesome and the fun was at superb! we enjoyed sight seeing, and drooled at the expensive outlet that we wished someday we could buy even just one of their item. the mall was really mesmerizing if you ask about the fashion trends every woman dreamed of. i love the lady stuff and all, especially the doll shoes. i wish i even have saved a few bucks so that i wasn't just staring at those pretty footwear haha! But its okay though i just really wanted time to hang out and escaped from things and happenings that bothers me these past few days. i would be quite honest that there were many bumps in the roads which made me think that i would fall again. Well i almost! But i tried to gain control of myself. And yeah! i also went at Edsa Shrine to pray and attended their night mass. it was full of solemnity. and the peacefulness could be felt around. unfortunately i didnt take some photos, i just think its very inappropriate. no?
well enough for that, i thought i hadn't much words to say lol. so here we go again at shang.i really love it there, because unlike in any other malls, its seems like people who go and shop there were so not in the mood to talk a lot or maybe if you would see them talking, its like they're only whispering. their laugh were so gentle and not too much. its one of the mall with a quiet surroundings. its really good if you are planning to meet a friend to make up :) so heres some of our taken photos. people even told its quite vain haha. maybe they really meant beautiful.

on our way at shang

and we get there..

me with my topshop bag,f21 dress and a vintage watch from mom.
lauren with her chanel bag and f21 pink floral dress. Eveybody kept on saying she's zaida of Eb babe alike.
isnt she? :)
our all out vanity :)

This had to be one of the quite expensive resto i'v ever tried. Really the cuisines were totally great and taste was like heaven but the price just take a hell out of me haha. But no regrets at all. Well actually i had a little regret haha, since i wasn't so hungry that time that i hadn't finished my ordered food. and lauren's steak was by far better than mine. i am no good at picking a guess with the new menus haha!i should've listened to her. and the burger and fries?wow it was very delicious! i hope we could go back there and i am too hungry that i could eat even their plate haha!

sometimes a little way of expressing your feelings is to make fun of it. laugh it out. and you would feel better. that's what we did the whole time we were together. i used to be dramatic and those cliche stuff (im still like that up to now) but i decided that at this moment, it wont do me any good. isolating, and absorbing every problems it could bring would only make the situation in my life harder and complicated. i am grateful to have this girl to be one of my best and closest friend ever, though its weird for some, well i guess thats how life really played its game. And i think i am very well down for it :)



I think i have found a new hobby right now.. going with the food healthier than i used to eat my entire life? Thats a good idea i guess! Im so ecstatic at this blog site i accidentally saw by browsing(sorry i forgot to save the link), and it taught me tons of good stuff when it comes to observing what should eat. I must give it a kick and see what will happen to my  oh so body :) I'm not obese nor even having baby fats. I just want to look healthier, skinnier, and smoothier than i am now haha!
But i think some of their lifestyle just couldn't apply with mine simply because, we live in a very different country that produces a lot different of food stuffs of course. So expect me to come up with my own food hunting and eating style with a big twist on it! I hope my mom would agree with it since shes also a very health conscious person. To be honest, we have never been into slimmy diet. Luckily Gods been fair by giving us not a sexy but a petite body figure lol. But i am happy with it. My plan of dieting was more about getting a good and healthier skin complexion since it will stand as a good reflection of a good lifestyle.
And to be more of an honest citizen, i dont want to look old so fast. I dont want to see any signs of  aging raging at my early 25's. So as long as i'm in my 21st, i will start taking care of my body and make sure to look younger than i should be.yay!

I got so excited!:p

And to share a lot more.
I think i would love to live in a province and have my own ranch build in there. it makes me ecstatic :) Life would be so much different and interesting if it happen that way. So now, i am thinking if living with my grand par is possible. Since they own a big lot and i could ask for some space to plant my own  food and veggies. And maybe if  i'm getting my own income, i could probably come up in buying my own little ranch! How crazy that idea is!
But, isnt it fantastic to make it possible as it seems? Its  a better plan that is worth a try. But then, i have to think of this one so hard. i have many things to consider first, because it means, i have a lot of things to sacrifice just for this kind of living. hmmmm, its pretty tough, but im giving it a shot for once. Maybe a few weeks of vacation may lessen the dilemma for now. I just have to take a better look for the real possibilities of my thoughts nowadays.
So that. I'll be having a tour when i find time. i'm sure to be looking for the perfect time. No more time to waste!
these are my random thoughts,it was sinking in one by one for the whole week. reading gives me a lot of idea. and it definitely help me form a dream.
By the way, please try to visit this link. i hope you'll get some healthy idea from it :) http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/
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