S.U.P.E.R.B!!!! the only thing i can say about the breaking dawn date that turned out to be 'greenbelt escapade! we explore the greenbelt 1-5 and even went at landmark, its quite a small mall to shop but, seriously? all the stuff you would want to buy or have in closet seemed to be piled up already in landmark. lauren even bought a new bag for very affordable price (really you wouldn't believe it was priced like that), and also a shorts. i was only looking around though. haha! but for real, it was an amazing day yesterday for both of us, we utmost enjoyed every single thing we did there, no dull moments even just while walking around. i loved how all people (girls and boys) are properly dressed up. i even have enjoyed sightseeing over the building, though, i saw it many times when i was still working on field as a sales executive. its just so different if you have someone with. especially someone that you have many in common. truly we are planning to go back there to again relax, have some gossip girls time, and maybe even buy if with lots of penny by the time. and the foods from bonchon and banana leaf restaurant was oh so delightful. and thats an understatement. maybe..delightfully superb! (grins ;) ). and yeah people, i know a lot of you were a bit curious why we tend to always say we are having a good time when we spend it together??seriously??lets admit it some of you might only think we are sugarcoating our happiness or even the closeness of friendship we have. but you know,this is how it supposed to be?be happy enough of what you have, of whom you're with. and i think one thing that makes our dates even more exciting than the others,(lol sorry for the smug statement),is that we are not afraid to try new things, like from the food resto we are going to eat, from places we are going to meet, from the clothes we are planning to use, from the makeup we are going to try on. we are not even afraid to show vanity. to show the beauty that we both believe we have! (haha so it is to much smugness now. i know, i just dont give a damn to those people who look at us or of what we believed in a negative perspective). srsly! sometimes insecurities really can't avoid, i knew it since i even feel it sometimes. somehow. but duh you dont have to be too bitter just because someone is prettier than you. or because someone has something that you cant have. srsly? i dont even have everything in life. i am just being happy of i only have. it gives me contentment. maybe those that has some kind of bitterness should show the real them. find the happiness at little things. that way? you will be as happy as i am, as we are (with boyife lauren). or maybe be happier than us. its fine with me. "para everybody is happy" hihi. anyways enough for this, i think i even have some bitterness yeah?haha so here it is guys, ill give you some glimpse of our photos at greenbelt mall. and oh yeah! about the BREAKING DAWN!!! i almost forgot i was blogging this one becaue its about BDD, im so sorry for detaching from the real story. so about the movie,it was awesomely good! it was(for me) the greatest movie they've made among all the twilight saga episodes. from the wedding, the gown of bella (simple yet so captivating,i even liked the spine line design they've made at back of it), from the beautiful actor and actresses, from how they tried wonderfully to narrate whats on the book. they really followed the important details. i have read the complete twilight saga 2 years a ago so i knew already how it would end. but still, when they ended the movie with bella waking up with red eyes (which certainly meant that shes already a vampire), i was asking for more. i itched to watch the breaking dawn part two already though i know what to expect,its just more exciting to watch it at the same time. so im guna read my BD book again after reading the one i am currently browsing. so wow i am so sorry for the long paragraph, promise i'll make it short next time guys. promise :)

(food photo just added now via instagram courstesy of boyfie. and you read it right as in uploaded just now @ 12: 01 am!better late than pregnant!)

at bonchon chicken located at greenbelt 1. and chicken as in CHICKEN! i cant say even! chicken madness! and sorry for not having any photos of what we ate here. my boyfriend accidentally deleted them. there was some kind of error as per her. aww. and when i say boyfriend, as in lauren boyfie lol. puh-lease dont mistake us of lesbianis. we are not!for heavens sake!

and then at greenbelt 3 cinema, waiting for breaking dawn time. yey for that! we'd been waiting for this day. at last. we also bought some snacks at chimara popcorn. it was too big that we couldnt eat all. but its tasty. great cinema, though not the one we were expecting.but nonetheless this was better than some cinemas. and we are after the breaking dawn movie in the first place :) not the surroundings, though its a plus points. and again my apology for not having pictures with the breaking dawn tarpaulin :( seriously,its no big deal but ofcourse it would give the spirit of the bbd.

and then elsewhere. keep reading. and also see more photos by clicking



I promised to you guys that im going to blog my few owned mk products. they're not many since i have to admit they are pretty not affordable in my part especially now that i am jobless lol. but i can assure that they truly are inexpensive. all the mary kay products is worth the price. especially that they are enriched with minerals. and so, here are my MK kits

mary kat timewise matte-wear liquid foundation: they really makes my skin more supple and feel so soft and light when applied. you dont have to worry about the size itself since you just need a very tiny of the foundation and can spread it all over your face already. no messy finish,very easy to use,really no hustle! this is my everyday use foundation btw. :) we've (my sister,mom and i) been using this for almost 3 mos now,and it still a half full..need i say more?

mk mineral powder foundation: to be honest folks, i seldom use it, because i tend to use regular loose powder ( johnson baby powder indeed!) on a daily basis. if i would be using it in a day i just teased a little of it using my blush brush. i dont know, i just find baby powder more light and refreshing especially at the tropical heat the philippines bring everyday. but it also as light as any loose powder,im just really is weird people. but use it at every night events :)

mk mineral eyecolor in cream white: i dont use it yet, i still have eye palletes same color with this,so i must drain it out first :)

mk nourishing lip gloss in pink rose: i like it because unlike any product, this gloss isn't too sticky on lips. and i love the scent.very lightly sweet :) i use it partnered with my sweet sun dress!

haha definitely excluded from mk products, i just put it on because i wanted to share with you my beauty regimen when im out and i cant bring the complete set of my mk facial cleanser. i simply bring dove soap,since its foamy and gives your skin natural moist it needs.does not irritate my face though i have a sensitive skin and prone to breakouts.

and thats in guys. done and done :)



hello guys. how was the day unfolding huh? mine was sort of fine. atlast! i get to take a nap for 1 hour straight! something that had gone in my system for a long weeks that passed for unknown reason, though i always sleep at late midnight and wake up early in the morning. and though i was super lack of sleep, my body clock really does know when it is past 8 or 9 am already that even i still wanted to sleep.its just that i couldnt anymore.i was just really happy i get enough sleep today and so i blog this lol. but ofcourse my blog wouldnt be consist of my sleeping problems and issues haha. it is more about myself. something more personal.
i know that a lot of you have been following my story since the breaking news about me came out. something so devastating in my part. something i never thought i would surpass. and apparently, i did surpassed that tough times that came along :) i cant say that i am fully okay, since thats guna be an unconvincing statement coming from someone who was totally crashed and trying to stand up and find the scattered pieces of her heart. my heart just now. but it's true that as time goes by, as you witnessed how the days unfold, how you wake up every morning conquering all the pains and fear that filling in your body and in your mind, it would truly mend you broken soul. as the saying goes: time heals the pain (or should i say the broken heart ;)). a little patience won't harm, rather will keep you going and your hopes up. and slowly but surely, one day. someday, you would realize that you have moved on. that you are now somewhat changed. and changing for the better. i now realized that acceptance was pretty easy than miserably blaming the life and things that caused you struggles, and instead of anger and madness, use it to overwhelm yourself with gratitude, that if those rough patches in your life never came, or never happens, you wouldn't be this strong now, you wouldn't be braver. you wouldn't learn something. you wouldn't realize your self-worth and will never learn of self love. 
and thats it, you read it right! these is all about self worth and self love. how i learn to embrace them these months ago. well its been i think 5 or 6 months since the tragedy starts, or goes like when it all started to end? :) haha well whatever it was. at least everything now is falling into its proper places. and for once i'm ready to start over. and i think IT"S ABOUT TIME! especially that i know in some circumstances that eagle is starting a new life, without his captivator. and i have to do just that. and i am well ready for that matter. 
i now think wisely, practically. and it all started when one day, at the  peak heat of afternoon, i was staring at nowhere, thinking back what had gone wrong?? and why was it that hard for me to move on? until it came to my senses. that what happened was plainly normal. never and ever complicated in that matter. it was just that girls feel it was complicated when they're embroiled to that situation. but plainly? it really were all clear and simply goes like these: someone had fallen out of love or realized that theyd never been really in love with that person. (well im stating the obvious now.its about my past love :) ). and somehow, this senses helped me find myself. my worth and what i deserve. most important i realized how stupid did i try to cope up with what happened. but now i am ready to stop all those stupidity. those sleepless night, curled up on bed crying while listening to the melow love songs which makes the feeling even worst and dramatic. those hang overs. those unhealthy eating habit. those no appetite moments. all of these,i say is enough. i needed to dethrone myself from being a drama queen. i say, im all done with these, its very unhealthy and makes me feel ugly which i now realized didnt help to make me feel any better, instead made me feel worst and pathetic for myself. i know i deserve more than this, and at my very young age, there are more that is in store for me. more discoveries that is to unfold. more future surprises that is to be revealed. in time. in god's perfect time. i now know that i deserve more than what i had yesterday. that is if i put the leap of faith all to god. and to me :) i believe that i am worthy of love,of care and more important, of respect. and i need to make myself believe so people would believe me as well. and of course this decisions i make in life wouldn't be possible if not with the help of my family and friends. my   support system indeed. who helped me all the way and stood up with me in times that life almost let me down. i thank you all. i wont go on specific names, you know who you are already :)

and as of now, people kept on asking me, "what's your plan next"? "do you have any plans of entertaining guys and are you open to have a new relationship"? and here it is guys. honestly. i dont know yet. but if you are going to ask me of what i feel now..i think i should take a break from cliche stuff of love. it surely feels great to have someone to love and be loved. but the fact is, i need to learn how to love myself first that i think im probably doing now. my plans for the coming days, months, and years is all about myself, my wants, my needs. what and how to pursue my career. one stranger once told me "in time you would realize how it feels to be all out single". no stress brought about you partner. no limits. no boundaries. no one to reconsider your plans but you. you can date all the guys who asks you. you can have so much fun!" and i now realized how important this stranger's advice for me was. at my young age, i shouldn't waste my time fretting into lost ones. i shouldn't be in despair. that i needed to break free and find those scattered pieces of me, and by finding them means discovering new things and people whose going to give a new color in my life. but for now i am down for all of these alone. i wont let anybody take away the bubbles in my life just yet. i will certainly enjoy this life as a single beautiful young lady. and boys????nah sorry. not now, not even tomorrow, nor next year. i even planned to be single until the right one comes along. i dont want to be in a relationship and be hurt all over again. being hurt once and twice is one thing. making it the third time is a different thing. if i am going into relationship again, i want one that will last maybe not forever, but for a lifetime. so i can imagine how long my single life will be. i know it won't always be fun being alone. i know that there will come a time that single-hood will bring dullness and hollowness in my life. but its better than be miserably in love yeah? im done with countless tears, and regrets of the lost ones. i'm down for the new ones that is yet to come. and if you want to be a part of my new journeys, just follow the chapter of my life here :) and so much for this tonight. i am leaving you all with so much love. and here, please get the kisses, hugs and smile i have for you :) you deserve these as much as i do. and oh yeah before i end it, i hope this one could help somehow, in some ways for those who goes through the rough patch of their lives. always believe of god's grace. find the inner peace. the more you love god, the more you will learn of the self love :)
yours warmly,
queenie <3



i am sure is an obsessive one when it comes to myself. but not in a bad way huh! its just i think all girls really are narcissistic. we are obsessed to find item to make us feel good. we tend to put on make up to feel pretty. we tend to use all the beauty products possible to make our skin more supple and etc etc. this is us GIRLS! but hey it doesn't mean we are materialistic. because i surely am not. maybe a little crazy to fashion or should have said own style, but whats the difference from boys who are all out crazy about their gadgets and computer games and stuffs? i believe that we all are obsessive at certain things. and thats understated. and taking photos is one heck my favorite past time haha.i tend to made myself up and take some pictures and post to fb,twitter and blog :) sure it is too vain of me but i dont have to explain much more, i just feel better when i look good. especially when i got the right angle that made me look prettier than i actually was haha.so that again  was understated. and so here some of my all out vanity guys. i piled it up all here..come come take a look!

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hi everyone! you know what?i broke a promise that i made for myself. that was, to blog yesterday haha! i really wanted to blog already since i think its been a week since the last post. but i was having a very dull moment that i couldnt start any! as in i was thinking what to say and how to start, but...there was a big blank on my head.i t didnt want to do anything. nor give me something to type on or tell. and  i would be honest that even today, that dull feelings are still here. in my mind and in my heart. cant explain what i feel, but i forced myself to got up from bed stop contemplating my books and started typing here :) and of course i was preparing the photos, which was taken last monday when arriane cordero, a friend of mine was here at my crib and spent the whole day watching and  food tripping! we had tons of laughter from gossip girls which i had to watch again from the beginning so arriane could catch up the whole story of it. well actually i am done with it and i just wanted to watch it again and with some girl friend, because i just watched the whole season alone!and it factually wasn't fun hihi! but of course one whole day was not enough to finish all the episodes so she just borrowed them from me,and also we watched the movie SEASON OF THE WITCH with leading actor nicholas cage (the one i knew of the this face is "off" his famous line in face off lol!)it was suspense and i even felt goose bumps while watching. haha. and so much for this here are some of the photos i took that day,picture of me with arianne were only few since she is not the type of girl who would immerse herself from too much photoshoot unlike of my other friends who would totally knocked off the cameras haha. so here it guys enjoy the explore :D

to start off

im so thin now compared before, im so aware of that. but i definitely am healthy and well hydrated. :) not even looking dry or dehydrated or any less of it. i am physically fit since i tend to exercise for 30 mins every morning, and i consumed severe amount of water everyday.i tell you guys with no kid. you can call me OA from too much water, not included the juices and twice of coffee everyday. so imagine how bloated i am of water haha.

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i almost forgot that i still have a perfume that was not overly used since i got to finish my two pen-shoppe scent for my regular days at the office (when i wasnt resigned yet). and now that the two are an empty bottle already, i thought i could use it for my daily basis but heck that my sister bought a new par!!and she gave me her old one which is the classic collection by federic mahora. well i dont even know him so whatever! i like it because of its light and little sweet scent compared to my old par that up until now i dont quite use. its name is "homage by randy ortiz care of kashieca. i will be quite honest that this perfume has a heavy scent specially at first spray. but as it take time, it delivers a powder like scent on your body that keeps you smell fresh all day long. you dont have to bring it for a touch up. it really stays longer than the 2 penshoppe and the classic FM par. and going back to my sister's new par, its brand name paris(by posh) was by far better than the first said four. that is why she gave me her old one with the "hey i gave you that old par of mine so you wont sneak out using my brand new one" look haha! so here it is guys the two of princess and queenie's par

my par: homage by randy ortiz for kashieca

my sissy's par: Paris(by posh)

and thats all for now :) just want to bluff this one here..and oh yeah!please do visit my blogshop mary kay and sophie martin's. im not done yet at this one though you can start browsing it, and i will keep you posted time to time for more update okay guys?my love to all muuuuuuuwah!
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