while typing this. i was also chatting to the girl i was with in this greenhills hopping story! i guess we really dont want to talk to each other haha. we've been planning on this hopping since last month. and it was always canceled cause of some circumstances that happened in our schedules..and thank god that we made it at last :) we both are happy since we had bought stuffs and clothes in there in a very affordable prices! it was raining though, i hate it since we can't decide what to wear due to unpredictable weather. i hope we had a chance to get out on summer. unfortunately, it passed without me noticing it. so sad.
well.. enough with the emo side, because i had so much fun in greenhill. it made my day!  we had tons of laughter and chatting around. we took pictures everywhere and every time we feel so. we walked infinitely not until we felt the pain in our ankles haha. we explore the greenhills, from tiangge spot upto the mall. and also we went  at fully booked where renand and i used to hang out and buy or read books. hmmm and i miss him. these place has all what you need and what you want. you would just have to choose where you want to go and where do you fit in.
and without any doubt? we enjoyed it to the fullest! we are supposed to hang out with eunice but unfortunately she got a fever on the day we planned to meet up. but she really wished she should have come. and she will make it up next time. in eastwood:). our next destination. how i wish we can make it.

at the bus early at 11 30 am. actually late from the original plan of 10 am meet up.lol very filipino.

yummy subway melt with sweet onion sauce

subway melt with mayonaise for lauren

this was the moment at subway. one is enough to make us full.

at the garden near the mall. my get up: yellow tiger printed tank top. f&h brown cardigan. my own created highwaist shorts in faded blue. toe berries slippers. blue lady shoulder bag.

her floral tube blouse: from f&h

and then at fully booked, i was supposed to buy a book by emily giffin but sadly it was out of stock!

the perfect combination :) yellow and blue. black and pink what more?

and then at starbucks, we get to relax a little bit before we decided to go home. and of course some chit chat of things happened to us. what we missed out from each other. some heart aches and breaks. our plans. our next destination. check out stuff we bought for ourselves. and feels contended for the rest of the day. 

 and of the long day. we went home happy and peaceful. of course girl stuff continues on our way home. we ride a bus and dropped by at junction until then..we separate ways. we both are tired but there was no regrets even i've been having a fever for 2 days after that. haha!



i swear! i wanna be the girl who's making rampage on that stage haha! but i would just let the worthy do it. :) well about the modelo 2011 i was invited by my brothers girl friend..ex actually (haha). and i went to keep the promise. and also the fact that i really like her because she's a smart, dedicated and very sweet girl. i felt sad when i heard the news that my my brother and her broke up. but a tleast we remained friends, and we are still getting to know each other. i am actually wanting her to be one of my closest friend since i could see her good and kind heart. i am actually excited to go out with her and with my witty sissy girl friend lauren on saturday! it will be a girls day so i cunt just wait!!!!!!

and enough of bluffing about that, well yeah again about the modelo 2011 haha! sorry that i cut it out.. the girl i was pertaining to is Eunice, she got the ms photogenic, joel mendez choice of ms. face of the night. ogot santos choice. and wow! she was chosen to be included on a top 3, from 21 female canditates, she got it there :) and take note, she's the 2nd runner up. she might not get in the title, but still. she a achieved a lot. and i felt proud for her. im like a momma to her lol!

see how pretty she is?? and one more thing.. she's only 16 years old! see that? can you see her potential in fashion industry? i just cant wait to see her star shining more!

aannd...ofcourse my get up haha! i made it little since i dont want anyone of you making comparison between me and my girl friend..i know my place okay? you dont have to tell so shut up!lol! well as of my get up, i used my brothers rrj polo checkered shirt, it was funny though because i look lesbian haha. and of course my wristband with my man's name and xebum's welcome home gift from bora. my tomato prints watch. f21 highwaist dark blue shorts. toe berries slippers in black and yellow. and nails in pink and dark chesnut. colorful! as i said, i will be as colorful as my life could be. sigh. i wish happiness could be like dressing up. so easy to wear when you want it there.



I wanna bluff things..i am a good liar sometimes about happiness. But i guess its a pretty good thing than to always let yourself absorbed all the sadness until you became so stress. Until you can not cope up any more. Until you feel like dying. Until you feel so empty. Until everything and everybody is gone out of your life. I was thinking since last week to resign. yeah thats right i really was thinking about that. i just, i dont know.. i think life is really unfair with me for many times. But it is what God has given me so i must try to accept it. Okay maybe you're thinking why i wanted to resign. Its because i am not happy anymore, theres is no sense of gladness when i work. I couldn't help myself from this unsatisfactory feeling i have. When i wake up, i tend to start it with a prayer so God would give my strength to go to work. and theres more, but i can't say it here cuz its too personal. Even i am very open with my life and my feeling here in my blog, there's still a left limitation when i talk about it. i promised it many times and i wanna stand with it. Good thing is, i found new friends from work, when we are lazy to make a call, we tend to simply talk about everything :) we're a gossip booties haha! but of course we had to tone down our voice and hardly whisper our laughter. Just imagine that, we almost get fart from trying to control the laugh trip! and those people from that company are very warm. very lovely and friendly and i love them all.. its the work itself that i am not happy any more. as what i had said, i will finish my contract and that's it. i will end up my career with them. It is not my world. I dont belong there. I belong to other world. In my profession. And i hope it is not too late to compensate for things i chose to prioritize less..

I told it many times that i've been so addicted to prints. not just it is in the trend today (where really it is actually) but because i had been so plain way back years ago. And changing style is like changing the path from the dark to the brighter ones, from the pale to the colorful ones :)
..By the way that was i gift for myself. first thing i bought for me since i started working. It's a print watch from tomato, theres actually one beside it that i really adore as well. An animal print just like this but in different style. that prints was black and gray or i guess a silver? whatever! All i know is i like it! i wish i could eventually buy it. i wish they would have many stocks of it. i'm a bit worried cuz it is really pretty and since then, i am in love with black because of  classic looks it could give.
isn't it pretty?? i do love and super love it! 
i wish i have more more more!

BTW..me @ work trippin..im getting fat i tend to eat every single minute
I am a bad ass PIG!!!

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