And here goes my first ever blog post as Mrs. Paragile haha! My deepest apologies for not bragging on the date of my very simple wedding, and for the expected delay of hovering pictures from our friend photographer! It may take a while since his wife would be having their baby out at any moment of this month! I have a few photos with my mother's camera but I don't want to spoil an album for incomplete photos! Since it was just a simple wedding event, we've had just an ample amount of pictures taken that day to treasure our special memories :)

So this first blog as my being "Mrs." will only consist of my first week as a goodie goodie wife with my very demanding husband lol! As most of you know, we already rented a flat, so we get to separate right after the wedding from our parent's loving and caring shelter. We realized how important it is to live dainty-fully with our means and not depending anymore in our parents. As for the first week of married life, I could say it was a bit tough and challenging already. I could almost see now (as fast as one week) the things Jp and I has differently. From the things we want to stuff our little apartment, and from the important grocery stocks that needs to be on top list. We always argue at certain plans we have. But the good thing about us is, we discussed things that we don't have in common right away, and we always voice out if someones behavior gets too annoying and upsetting that leads to one party becoming a "monstrous dragon that blows fire with every scream and scold it makes haha". So far this weekend was a blast for me, because it was the only time I am able to enjoy my time with hubby and to clean up and organized our apartment. Saturday was the general cleaning day, and we were able to satisfy ourselves by delegating tasks each one can do to finish everything up for one day! Jp was the one assigned to get our wall frame that was a gift from my mother to have it fixed since he had broke the glass a few days ago. He was the one doing errands outside using his motorcycle. We also asked for assistance of his cousin's husband who works nearby our apartment to hang the frames on wall. I on the other hand, had clean the house and manually removed the dirt and dust on our carpet (from the manual I meant, using my bare hands!). SM hypermarket got to deliver on Saturday our bought dining set so it really motivated us more to organized everything on that day. We also have our double burner and this give me no excuse to cook for our munches every day and night! (Lord please help me because you know very well IDK how to cook! Except of course for eggs,hotdogs, noodles and frying fish :) ). And here goes the Sunday, Jp and I attended a church service first thing in the morning and we had gone to visit his mother (and my mom-in-law ayiee!) because she wasn't feeling well since saturday. After that, we decided to take a walk in SM mall to look for the things we plan buying one by one. And we do shopped for groceries and toiletries! To be honest these stuff was on my budget plan for the second week of August but Jp was very excited doing our first ever groceries and shopping together as husband and wife and since I am a submissive wife I was at his beck hihi. Such a sweet man ;).

Maybe you have noticed how short this stories could be to describe our first week together. Yes it was really "konti" since our weekdays were consists of eight hours work and we are very tired when coming home. We didn't take a vacation leave because we need to compensate for every penny we spent for our simple celebration. And there's a lot we need to invest on so we can live our married life comfortable and happy! Who wants to start their lives with their spouse starving and depriving from all the blessings God has in stored for them through hard work and a little sacrifice of time together?? I know no body :). So there, happy wife + happy hubby= happy marriage!!!!!! Best wishes to US!!!! <3 p="">



haha! We are this serious man! We're going to have our seminar program by tomorrow. I can't wait for the role playing any many more activities! It will be so much fun! Yay! It only started with our 3 pm habit of speaking English until our shift ends. And voila, the head of the company finally decided that we take it to the next level. They're very supportive lol. Nose bleed here we come!




You mom is now 47 years of age and you king ralph is now 18 years young. My wish for the both of you is to have a healthy life style ahead. That you guys will have a lovely and bubbly life while getting older. and that you will find more love and blessings knowing God our mighty has given both of you the chance to have you celebrate your birthday with your loved ones. I will not wish for anything material for both of you. Just the spiritual sort of thing so you both will have the courage to live life praying to God each and everyday :) I wish you more birthday to come. And I so love you mommy and bro king. You were so cute when you were a baby and I missed kissing you just every minute and everyday, something I couldn't do anymore today since you won't let me and since you have your girl friend already hayy binata ka na oh my G!!!! But I always pray to Lord that you will be more industrious when it comes to your studies. I want you to see the essence of having such a degree that not everyone in the world can afford, I wish you will appreciate how blessed we are having a parents who can afford getting us to state universities we personally chose for ourselves. To my mommy, hmm all I want for you is to savor your life to its finest and keep on smiling, you make everything wonderful when you're fully happy. I wish that you will have a good health and that you will not have to take medicines for maintenance since I don't think you really need it. Stop being a hypochondriac please! So there just be happy today okay! I love you to bits!!!!!!!

My mother blowing the cake, king wasn't able to blow with her since he was still at school and we couldn't wait anymore!
We were all drooling to slice it haha!

My bro king. So macho and handsome yeah??? I know. Of course mana mana lang yan ;p


Since everyone now are embracing the likelihood of health and wellness in their lives, drinking tea is at par acceptable nowadays compared to a decades ago. At my age now, it's been quite a while since I stopped my usual habit of drinking tea every morning and every afternoon because of vastly changes that happened in my life. It was really sad because I felt the real difference taking a tea in a day instead of hitting the instant coffee to satisfy my addiction. I've been a coffee addict for as long as I could remember, or I think from the day one in my mom's womb that which I'm certainly of inheriting from my mom's descendants as well! And now since my blog and other websites of mine were gunning my news feed of tea and its beneficial contents, I couldn't help but ran into the nearby store and look for a box of tea I can drink on. At first I was considering the brand lipton, and yet I suddenly remembered how much I hated the awful taste it has. So I decided to look for something mild :) And this one I grabbed didn't fail..my bubbles of happiness just got more bubbles now yipeee!!

"Sencha green tea comes from the Kyoto region of Japan. It is made from small leaves and has a more refined taste than others forms of green tea. Additionally, the color of the tea is actually green, not yellow, like many Chinese varieties. Sencha is said to have a bittersweet taste that goes well with both seafood and chocolate. The health benefits associated with sencha green tea are the same as those attributed to other forms of green tea. "

"This is a traditional Japanese green tea with tightly rolled, needle-shaped leaves. It’s picked in early spring after the leaves have developed their balance of sweetness and astringency. The liquor is bright emerald in color, with a clean finish and a taste reminiscent of seaweed. True Sencha differs in character from most Chinese-style green teas not only in its sleek, dark green leaf appearance but also in its grassy taste compared to nuttier, vegetal notes."

As for the personal view, I find it really soothing and calming. And mind you it's a tad-bit mild in taste. I very well agree with the description made by the manufacturer of this tea, since I tried it myself. I was like in a grassy, windy place while drinking a cup of this tea :) For tea starters, I recommend you buy this so you won't be over whelmed by the nuttier taste of other green tea just like the lipton which comes in yellow form. (that yellow tea was the one I found really nuttier so I recommend you find the lipton green tea that I'm sure they have, maybe it's not really that strong too!)

See what I mean??? The color suggested already what you would expect with the taste. It's light golden in color :)

Tadah!! I partnered my tea with my breakie early in the morning :) I so love how it blend so well with sweeties, carbs and dairies I just had earlier. With the banana as my side dish hehe wink*

I'm excited to try on more tea's that was in stored at known tea store. I'm going to find for a black tea in which, something I haven't yet tried. So if any one knows of a certain brand that offers black tea. Please let me know okays?? bye bye!


Hello again guys, I was really energized after taking a whole 2 days rest on bed and sleeping. So now I feel the need to blog all my backlogs, since I need to always keep you posted of my life's errands Maybe you were thinking if I'm really an addict writer since you only sees my writings on my blog and fb and twitter. And yet, what would I do if I'm not around the internet to continue my passion for writing?? Simple, I have lots of notebooks and journals that I would admit I've never had a chance to fill out every pages since I get to be excited when I have new journal I could write on hehe. So there, I usually write everything, from the tiny things that has happened, and all that sort of mushy-ness in my life, and in the life of others and in the living things in the world. I also use my phone's notes to have my thought jotted down right away when I'm inspired of something and if I want to be reminded of the event every now and then. I'm like that. :) I also tend to read my books every where and every when! I preferred wasting my time reading a good books that I like and write my understanding about it and/or the paragraphs I find relevant into my life and very inspiring hence, I feel the need to share it. So there, why do I have to explain that anyways?? haha I don't know! I just love knowing I have someone to share my fond of writing. I wish I could find a friend who understand my love for it. I don't have friends who's a sucker for books and writings, and that's making me sad.

I wore a green top from penshoppe and a shorts I bought in tiangge and a rubber shoes I bought in sm dept. store

So anyway, last Saturday we went to papa renz's house to celebrate his birthday! I forgot how old he is already so never mind hihi! It was really a full of laughter event because the oldies kept on singing and dancing like a sexy star! My mommy is a good singer hence the never ending request that she sing and they'd dance :D Of course I was a proud daughter! I let Jp went with us because we also had something to tell and asked them, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be asking them for something special so I was feeling joyful even more after they'd all gave their yes and blessings. I just couldn't contain my joyfulness that time hence my staying for a long hours than necessary is a proof!


Hi people :) Well to start off with, I've been in a bad shape for a couple of days now and so I'm happy that I'm feeling a bit well now and so I can start blogging. You know how I love writing down my thoughts right? Even the things that happened a days and weeks ago already. So now, I am trying to get my energy boosted since I can't take a leave as much as what I want to get because it might affect my performance and I can't risk my employment just that. I so love the opportunity coming from my work that lets me decide, its better off turning down the offer from Eastwood, although it pays a bit higher and promised an easier work, I realized it's not all about the loads of work being delegated on you. It's how you would embrace such responsibility a company entrusted you. But I wouldn't hide that I've been missing my hibernate mode so much! You know the feeling of not dreading yourself up away from bed and pull yourself to bathroom and shower up and primp up for work as early as 6 o'clock in the morning! And since I've been doing that for five working days for how many months now, I was like trying to find time to take a break and do something that would make me relax and happy and just savor the moment :) I am happy, don't get me wrong here ha! All I meant was the happiness when you're doing stuff not because you are bound to do that, but the feeling of doing something that's spontaneous. Oh well, we are not living to spoil us of the life we desire, instead, we have to live with the life given to us, no matter what the circumstances are.

So now stop with my ramblings, just last weekend, my sister thought of something tasteful to eat, it started when both of us kept on opening our fridge to find a food we can bite on. There's a lot as what expected, but none of what we were craving for. And the last time my sister princess opened and looked inside the refrigerator, she found out something that reminds her of a recipe she wanted to try! So voila she decided to make us quesadillas for a snacks change :) I was giddy of course, seeing the ingredients and condiments she has one by one picked out from our kitchen counter and I couldn't help thinking, "yeah sister you've got what my tongue we're drooling for!!". I am in a  happy bubble of course, and thought of why not partner it with something delightfully healthy beverage and so I found our lipton milk tea on the counter and made one for myself :D And Gosh I'm in heaven!!!! woooohhhh! The greatest afternoon tea to date!

So oozingly to the extreme delicioso!

Sister does the cooking errands :) Me?? I do the eating woot woot!

Any way, it's my mom's and brother's birthday today, so I have to go now and join in with our dinner celebration. It's a simple dinner that we (my sibling and I) prepared for our mother and bro king. We don't have visitors, we just reserved them for the special day next week :) It'll be an extra extra special for real! I wish I can post here my made invitation though :), kaso I'm rest assured, I'd be the talk of the town so I will let it off for the time being and just gun you of post photos instead hihi!

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