Since I cannot commit myself to blog on a daily basis, I basically jot down my random thoughts in my journal and notepad on smartphone. I missed blogging so much but there seem to be a thing that I want to do. I want to change the course of my blog and what I post on it. Basically, I am fond of Christian blog posts now and wanting to re-create a blog that also consist of God’s wisdom, teachings, and promises. I hope I can find time and effort to start doing this this year. I will be a stay home mother starting on September 26 since it would be the start of my 2 months maternity leave. I think there will be a time in between that I can use to freely devote myself into reading my bible, reflect on it, do my devotion and share it on my blog and other social network sites. I am excited, yet nervous and scared since, I am not a well versed kind of person particularly on connecting verses from old and New Testament. I don’t know if I will inspire people, or it will cause discrimination and criticism. Maybe I will need to read and study a lot first in this regard so that I will be able to explain God’s wisdom perfectly without being biased by my own opinions and belief. I want it to be purely about how he proves to change someone’s life in humanity chooses to follow him and submit their lives in him.
I have a major problem though, it always gets the best of me and that’s the reason I could not commit in writing a post regularly. I have this very random mind, that I basically just want to write it out and then go to another topic and then leave, and make another one. I have inconsistencies and it usually hinders me to finish a thing or two in terms of blogging. Not a good habit if I want to excel on this area right? I need more inspiration, and motivation. I need guidelines on how to construct a good and inspiring blog post so that readers will have a fun time reading them. I want a writing that will give reader a constant reminder of my blog to inspire them on their daily living.
I am merely an imperfect human being. I am still finding my way to get closer to God. I am still searching for that inner encouragement of my spiritual being to submit wholly to our almighty. I am not the best worshipper, nor am I the best Christian to disciple and evangelize other people who need it. But I just want to be that kind of person, and I know God wants me to be that kind of person too, I know that having to think this way is his way of pushing me closer in his world of divinity and I know he will be by my side all the way to reach the best of my maturity in Christian life.

So to give you an exact view of people and things that got me pursuing writing inspirational and spiritual post for this blog, please see links below:

RICA PERALEJO BLOG ms. rica peralejo bonifacio. Her life is very inspiring, and at some point, I could relate on how she made her way into knowing Christ, although mine was not as tragic as anyone would have think it is haha

JOSEPH BONIFACIO BLOG joseph bonifacio. ms rica’s husband and a pastor at victory ministry. I’ve been reading his blog recently and amazed on how well educated he is and how he integrates God’s wisdom in everyday hustles and bustles of life!

THE DAILY INSPIRATION-status update on facebook that I am currently following. It’s very motivational especially when you are too exhausted to start a day.

HILLSONG ALBUM- Jp’s parents play it on in full blast every morning! And Jp and I got all the songs downloaded on our personal smartphones J

DAILY DEVOTIONALS APP- an application which have updated stories and lessons with its corresponding bible verses you can ponder up on. Jp and I use it every night before we sleep. We make bed time our schedule for couple’s daily devotions and prayers, and we also have our individual devotions, which is something we don’t really talk about with other people unless necessary hehe.

SUNDAY SERVICE- Jp and I vowed to always attend Sunday service because it’s the only perfect time we can give thanks to God completely along with his whole family, and we also have time to catch up with our young couple’s cell group.

YOUNG COUPLE CELL GROUP- Although we don’t have regular time to meet up outside the church to do more activities and bible studies with the group, I still appreciate how this group have helped me and jp see how normal our encounter of trials and challenges in marriage, and how the same those encounter were to most of them. I’ve also witnessed here how prayers of other people made more powerful to help someone struggling cope up and heal fast spiritually and emotionally. I hope we can find perfect schedules so we can bring back the once in a week catching up with the young couple clan! I will pray for this!

YOUNG ADULT STAFF- I was asked to join a young adult staff along with my husband. I don’t know if I am capable of handling and sharing my ideas to help better the community of young professionals, which was the first cell group I’ve first had. This self-doubt that I experience comes from lack of knowledge with the bible verses, lack of integration in the Christian ministry, lack of necessary courses in which someone must accomplish before they could handle such group, and my personal lack of God’s wisdom and maybe even lack of application of those wisdom in my personal life. But I am praying that God will change my heart and my mind so that I can fill it up with confidence and conviction to make it!



hey yeah guys..it's been how long from the last time i had updated this blog? Well actually, there was a lot to share in my matters of life, but I just couldn't bring myself into it! I am very lazy to blog since I am addicted in manually writing on my personal diary and journal because there, I can freely doodle down everything, even the most private part of my beings that I find it more comforting and relaxing than blogging up! I am sorry for this selfishness though, I know I still have my part of making my readers happy with my updates. Maybe I am starting to experience that so called "taking in" phase of pregnancy, though as of my nurse's knowledge could happen right post delivery hehe! Taking in is when you think more about yourself. I've been in this phase for quite sometime now, and I am happy I am able to reflect on how my life is evolving from youngsters, to becoming a career woman, to becoming a wife, and know becoming a mother. There's so much to consider now. I have to think of three persons now, and that is composed of my husband, my baby, and myself. I need to know each individuals need, but foremost, I have to achieve everything that I need in order to give my 100% care and love that my husband and baby would need from me.

I am on my 6 and a half months  now, which means, I am 2 and half months away from my delivery! I am quite ambivalent! I'm feeling giddy, excited, happy, nervous, scared all at the same time hehe. Scared only because, its my first time to give birth on a baby and I can't imagine how my baby would make her way down in my very narrow womanhood (really, you know what i meant right?haha). I've been reading, and listing down every information I could get and thought useful when the moment of truth comes, so I will be ready with everything. I want to make sure that I would be dashing in the hospital just right when my baby is fully ready to come out, so that my O.B won't have reasons or excuses of long time laboring that will lead to a decision of C-section. And I think since everything on me is physically normal, and I am not a high risk pregnant, I still have my privilege to choose how I want my baby to be delivered right? So I'm choosing the natural way :). I really want to experience this phenomenon of pregnancy, and I know that having my baby delivered through normal spontaneous delivery will complete that magical experience especially of first time moms like me. I don't want to corrupt the most exciting experience a woman could have, just because we are scared or wants the convenience of getting through it easily. That is so not me. I guess we have our personal view on this one, but I found myself braving this once in a lifetime moment (or maybe twice or more for some :) ) in a woman's life :). I need to start it with great perseverance, big faith, bravery and right perspective to cultivate strong personality that I will need in raising my child :)



And.. yup! you heard it right, I am still working, and I am so embracing becoming a working mom. I think there's nothing selfish in it if you still want to pursue a career at the same time,managing your relationship with your husband and specially with your child, as long as you give ample time for them. I don't think moms who choose to pursue a career deserve a misjudgment of the community.

We have our unique goal for the family. And mine, is to make sure we all have the freedom to do as we wish as long as its for the betterment of each of us as an individual. I also want to practice early on how to be proactive not only for my family, but also for the society. That way,  I can impart these traits to my child so that she will learn how to influence people in positive ways. I want to influence my child to become industrious, so that she can influence her future generation to become one. I want to surround my life today of meaningful deeds so that, it will be her trail of learning while growing up. I want her to see that there is so much in the world. I will open her to lots of opportunity so that she will have perception of what real life is even at her very young age. That said, I want her to grasp good manners, humility..and having us as parent to show that, needs to become the best role model for her.

I am a mom at work because I want to have deep understanding of hardships. Because I want to make my parents proud. I want to make my daughter proud. And I want my husband to see me as her greatest confidant through out our family's journey. Because I want to support my family and the family of my own. I once dreamed of becoming the breadwinner of our family..and every now and then, I'm still praying for that dream to come true.

Baby, in time you can already read this... I want you to know that I will do everything to take care of you. I will be a hands on mom in-spite me working. We will have our special, and unforgettable moments together with your daddy. But please understand that our pursuing a career is part of us desiring deep within our hearts, that we want to give only the best for you. I will be forever grateful to have you appreciate the decisions we've made from the moment we have learned about your life beginning in my womb. Mommy and daddy loves you so much, and we are not going to ask you to become like us..instead...we pray that you will become the better version of ourselves :)

Cheers to all working mommies!

awesome colleagues  #officemates



Last friday, I decided to spoil myself of a few stuff from Watson. Since I went out early from work, and since Jp would be late to come home, and since it was sweltering hot even at 5:30 in the afternoon, I thought of heading to mall first. Other reasons would be, because I wanted to waste some time away from home. And because I am in need of some pampering essentials for my skin and hair caused of too much humidity nowadays.

Photo grab from: ph.makeupandbeauty.com

First purchase was my favorite facial masks from Watson. Because of the summer heat, my skin becomes so flaky and oily. And my usual facial soap and cream routine simply couldn't help. You can have two pieces for only 79 pesos, so cheap you wouldn't second guess purchasing this essentials. And it's worth a buy because it instantly gives your skin a smooth, glow, lighter feeling. It takes only 20 minutes to reach the desired effect. Even Jp (my husband) enjoy using this because it also reduces oil in the skin as well as whitening it with continuous use. A good purchase for a very affordable price isn't it? ;)

Photo grab from: lifestrong.com.ph

Next, Hairfix treatment that costs only 50+ pesos than can be used 3-4 times per pack! not bad at all right? There are two available choices to choose from,one is to get hair smooth and shiny, and the other one is to boost the color treated hair. Since I have a hair dyed last december 2013, I chose the latter. Although it really boost again the color of my hair, it then dries a little bit which is for me, a disadvantage. But you can use hot oil as a remedy to this treatment. And that's why my next purchase is very valuable for me.

Photo grab from: google

I was looking for small sachet of hair treatment so I don't have to purchase a big set that I usually buy. And while my eyes were wandering about every hair treatment at the hair care department of watson, I suddenly saw the small pack of leave on treatment. Palty Tsubaki Camellia Oil hair treatment--that promises a strong, shiny and frizz free hair after every use. You just have to apply an ample amount from one sachet after you towel dry your hair and voila! It would bring shine into your dull hair :) it only costs me 50+ pesos and it has 3 sachets in every pack.

And for my body, I only purchased my all time favorite daily body soap which is the johnson's baby in white. I like it because it's just so mild-- and that's it! Nothing special hehe.


I also purchased the newly released Myra E bb cream in Ivory that costs me 99 pesos, cheap but too small compared to the first released one. As for my first application, it gives the desired effect which is to smooth-en and to moisturize your skin, but definitely not to help cover up blemishes. So you must still use your favorite spot corrector, concealer or foundation. But of course if you have a blemish free skin, then you can freely skip all these :).

So..that's all about my pampering mantra. My good and beneficial haul that only costs me an amount of 200+ pesos. Not bad right?? At least I've indulged myself of things that are useful to me and also to my husband. It's like saving one day of my daily allowance at work hehe!



Hi baby!

Though my O.B gave me a 90% assurance that you are a girl, I still can't get use to it because of fear we might have another misconception of your little patootie down there! But nonetheless, I will love you. I can't wait to feel your first real kick! I can't wait to touch your hands, knees, and feet on top of my belly. Mommy's so ecstatic at the thought of you making free styles inside her womb.

How many times did I whisper that, you are my greatest gift and my greatest miracle? Will you know and will you feel how much mommy loves to give everything for you?

Now I really know what unconditional love means. You made me realize it now. You made me a better person. You made me persevere for the best. You made me appreciate my parents more. You made me responsible, matured, and stable in settling down.

You made my life on earth feels like heaven!

You are my life. My flesh, my blood, and my heart is yours too. We are the mere sample of unity. Physically, emotionally and mentally we are one. And mommy only wants to be the best person she can be, because she believes you will be the kind of person that she is.

Do you know that daddy is also trying to be the best father that he could be for his first little baby? You wanna know why? Then wait for my next letter my little angel. This surely won't be the last.

Mommy Queenie



Things that happens when you're pregnant:

These list that I've made is based on my personal daily encounter on pregnancy. And since I'm a first time expecting mommuh, I think it will help a lot of soon- to- be mother to find someone they can relate with :)so here, let's get started shall we??

First Month
1. I'm still feeling sexy, my tummy still flat and I just felt oh so normal
2. Came a week or two after my first OB visit to confirm my pregnancy, first symptoms of morning sickness took in. "very sensitive to smell of food and food. I only eat what I only crave for because that's how I find satisfaction over a day and to feel lesser morning sickness for a good 24 hours.
3. I feel a bit pain in my pelvic area (when I was not yet aware that I'm pregnant) and thought it's because I would have my monthly period already. And since I'm a massage spa addict, I took advantage of having a very hard whole body massage not knowing it might be risky! huhu
4. I got a slight, faint 2 distinct lines on pregnancy test. I have tried two PT's so as to make sure I'm not having a mistake. And up to now, seeing that two distinct lines... "priceless".

2nd Month
1. Upset stomach almost everyday.
2. GERD.
3. Mild headache that if left untreated, worsened to the point I wish to die. (i was exaggerating with the die part of course. that was just a feeling hehe)
4. Always mad at JP the hubby.
5. Super hot and short tempered.
6. Urge to puke almost every minute of everyday (the most frustrating phase of my preggy symptoms so far).

Going Third Month
1. Not so picky on food anymore, but I'm beginning to be a voracious eater. I could finish 2 plates of rice and overflowing ulam!
2.  Urge to puke almost every minute of everyday (the most frustrating phase of my preggy symptoms so far)
3. Very emotional. I easily cry with almost everything. From crying over Disney movies, not getting enough sleep, getting up so early, work, when my cravings for food was not met, to crying over a mosquito bite! Really EMO-TIO-NAL it is...
4. Small bump begins to show up :)
5. Sleep woes.
6. Muscle pain.
7. Moderate headache.

So far, those mentioned above were my personal symptoms  I had encounter. These really makes me frustrated, but I'm still glad that I could still work full time for 5 days and could  manage my frustration over morning sickness. I can't put into words what I really feel towards my pregnancy. It just gives me so much reason to teach myself on how to become a grown person.

There are few unusual things that I was not doing during my pre-pregnancy life. I never thought I would have love for cooking. I never thought I would take this one seriously haha. I had been so lazy to give it a try before because I thought, it was not my forte. It's something that I don't have to do because I was schooling, and now because I am working. My mind set becomes like this.. I study, I work, I pursue career, I provide..and kitchen is where I am not the queen! But now that mind set is slowly changing. I think, it takes getting pregnant to realized such things, that marriage is embracing all the possible and also the impossible things in our lives. Things that are important so that you will become a better person before your baby is born. Self-control as well is one of the thing I want to master. Loosen up a bit to give way on my husband's lead role of our family (i'm a bit superior when it comes to making a decision for us and its something I want to improve myself so as not to corrupt that opportunity for my husband). Anger management so that we can avoid unnecessary marital woes/fight and arguments in front of our child. Giving importance to privacy, so our child will know how to respect personal concerns and issues of the family. Openness, so that our child will have healthy support system and full security coming from his/her parents. Be adventurous, to teach our child that there is so much out there in store for him/her through out his/her journey. Humility, so that he/she will know when and where to stand with his/her own principles in life, to understand others rather than trying to be understood by others, and for him/her to learn how to admit mistakes when he/she have to. Positive-ness. so that he/she will have a positive outlook towards life and self pity will not be entertained. More love, so that with everything that he/she must do, love will always lead him/her to a Godly direction. And the most important of all, God centered- so that he/she will not just fear God, but also he/she will have big faith and respect to our almighty.

I also realized, that becoming a parent would demand so much from God just to protect their child. And I know, this is only the beginning of new experiences. But for now, I will let each day unfold for us. I will savor each moment of gladness. I will let God form our lives :)

Happy Friday!



Photo credits: www.quoteswave.com

Thank you 

For the gift of giving and receiving love
For the majestic beauty of nature
For the ability to make someone smile
For all the people who have shown me kindness
For the support and encouragement of friends and family
For they have lift my spirits and made me fly

Thank you

For the talents I have been given
For my health and home
For the delightful pleasure of a shared meal
For the glory of music and art
For the eyes and ears that receive it
For the gift that is Life
Gratitude is the antidote to self pity
Being Thankful is recognizing our blessings

Everyday I wake up, I'd make sure that before anything else, before kissing my beau good morning, I'd thank God for another day of blessing :) Have a blessed friday everyone!



I'm getting closer to 10 weeks and I can't wait to see my baby's new development! As per my reviews on websites and my book "what to expect when you're expecting", my baby had met complete development of vital organs :) how can't I be so excited having that thought right?? And I think somehow my pregnancy symptoms has subsided except for the urge to puke. Sleepiness is still there but it's more bearable now than before. My food consumption is starting to double up! And I think, as I'm looking on my old photos (way back 2010 to present) my chubby cheeks, my getting bigger waist, and my protruding belly makes me realize that, oohh! Life really could changed! :) Im far from that young lady who only cares for herself. Now I am always thinking of the others, like my parents, siblings, my husband, my baby on the way, and my close and immediate relatives. I always make sure that I find free time spending with them. Before, I've always allotted time for friends on weekends, although its not bad to catch up with your good ol' friends, I think its better that we know now our limitations, that all of us are getting older and soon we may not have the chance to ever see our loved ones in our family again.

When I got married, and especially when I got pregnant, I have come to realized a lot of things regarding my parents. That moment when you want to become the best mother for your child and what are the ways to make that happen. When my parents were calling at me to vent out worries about my siblings or any heart aches towards them, I could now empathized with them. When they got angry among anyone of us, I just love them more and could understand them better now. Maybe I am not molded perfectly as a grown individual, but something that I am sure of is, I've become a kind of person who does understand imperfection, who accept mistakes in the past, and accepting changes in her life and being happy with it.

You know when you're down on the right path. There's no physical proof to prove it. But that, innermost positivity and confidence at where you are now just makes you believe, you're doing good man, keep going and sure you'll find a way of hope for a better tomorrow :)

Happy Wednesday!

Off from work <3 p="">



Its a head start of the week! hello monday :) hello every hardworking people in the world! obviously my mood is a bit up today compared last week. I think it's because I've had enough rest and my 2 days weekend had been so productive! Just like the old times, since Jp and I visited in my parents home at binangonan, may usual routine naturally took place. I would wake up early in the morning, prepare our breakfast, do the household tasks while playing a good music that rhymes with my mood. Also, I have read my good'ol books that also would depend on the genre I prefer for the time being. One thing that is extraordinary maybe was my suicidal approach to cooking haha! Well for starters, I've never been into cooking since I was young and not even today that I am married. But since my sister wasn't home early yesterday (sunday) I had no choice but to cook for us. Not that I would let two manly guy (my handsome brotha' and super hot husband) to do the honor, its an insult to the world of women (or so I thought??)!!!! So I was forced to cook then hehe. It also felt good because my family were too productive as well to helped me out with lots of household tasks to do so we've finished everything before 12 noon that gave me ample time to prepare for our terrible lunch meal! woah! At the very least, my husband, little brothah', and his girlfriend were very supportive so I got my strength and courage to really try it out (cooking)! And so I had started..dun!dun!dun!dun!

First off, it was just a simple sweet and sour fish lol! But dang the slicing was a bit frustrating for a newbie like me, I thought slicing carrots would be just smooth, but my carrots was too hard I thought I would cut off my fingers with it. Then came the onion that stings my eyes and made me look like I'm crying the whole time I was slicing it. Even the ginger, I had no idea how to slice that one! or if its being sliced for that matter hehe! Even the very simple slicing of belle pepper i couldn't perfect! I swear to heaven, I really am a terrible cook! I was also worried that I might burn my rice, thank God it didn't! Well with all the the frustrating preparation, I think somehow they liked it :) Or I don't know, they almost eat all of it! My husband swore it' was indeed MASARAP :D, and my brother said, it already tasted good! His gf didn't comment but I thought I saw her got another slice of fish and more sauce hah! and as for me, well I couldn't judge my own cooking, but I think it tasted fine! So hooray! And because I felt so inspired afterwards, I might as well continue my training and be the queen of the kitchen for my beau ahihihi sweet! Well I think it will really depends in my mood, and more importantly the place where to cook. I think since I was at my childhood family home, the comfort and inspiration it gives me differs from living in our apartment before and now, living with jp's parents. I knew that in my parents house, I have my space everywhere. I knew already that the place would accept me and nobody would mind what I might going to do and I can go in every places my heart desire. It's like having wide, enough room to breathe and to reflect with your current situation. A place with no eyes to judge, no mouth to criticize, and no time to scoop in all the things you do in your life. Our home is a place of a refuge for me.

Apart from comfortable stay at home, I also went alone to sm mall to shop and wander around. I first look at the cosmetic department then to clothing department but something tells me, I don't need any of this stuff for now. I got too much from last shopping galore I've made last december 2013 and I want to buy something that will pay me benefits for longer period of time. So after window shopping for women stuff, I've decided to go look around at national bookstore, and there, my eyes stuck with the good books I drool to read :). It took me almost 30 minutes to picked what I really wanted. And since cecelia ahern is one of my favorite novelty author, I ran through the pile of her books and have read every synopsis that will interest me. Unfortunately there is two that I haven't yet read that interest me so much! The book entitled, "the gift" and "one hundred names". Both have stolen my interest but then I had to choose since I couldn't buy both because Jp would be upset, one book a month I think wouldn't bother him but having two in a row is just a luxury he couldn't afford tolerating I guess hehe. And so I chose to get the "one hundred names", because as for the story, it have gotten my emotional appetite. It's about a woman who had a dying best friend that owns a magazine company where in she works full time, and a woman who worked for a show that exposed stories based on facts that eventually led into her dying career, and what's worst, being accused of libel case and now have an impending hearing at court. A lot of press pressed her regarding the mistake she had made with one person's reputation due to her wreckless, heartless,  scoop of stories framed up by two women and had it exposed through an international television. of course a lot  of people now look at her in disgust, people she works for and work with don't trust her anymore, her reputation and image suddenly go down out of control and she don't know what to do anymore. her boyfriend also left her, and she's getting so many threats almost everyday when she gets home. One mistake, and the world hated her. She don't know what to do. She don't know where to start over. She don't know where she'd rather be. She's lost and she lost her best friend. Yet in the brink of her hopeless career, she found out something which her best friend saved for her. A list of one hundred names she don't know and is yet to find. Her best friend want her to write a piece of story and use these names she had written only for her. What kitty does not now, the people whom she is yet to meet will changer her life.

So there, seemed like I've made my own synopsis for the book haha! Since Jp were playing basketball with our college buddies at the time, I took advantage of a little more "Me Time" at starbucks. My husband were actually asking me to come with him along with our college buddies, but I insisted, I wanted to date myself alone. Just like the old times y'know ;). So there, good thing that I chose a book rather than a cosmetics/clothes because I had a reasonable excuse to stay in starbucks for a good one hour. And yet, I stayed for two and a half hour because..the book was perfectly good for my taste!!! I couldn't stop reading, but then I realized it's getting late, and Jp would be around soon because we'd also planned to watch a movie together after our separate errands that afternoon. I guess having your enough space and time alone sparks more excitement in our relationship, because when we're together again after a haul of productiveness in a day, there's a lot of new experiences we could share with and to each other. Somehow, this "me time" were barely happening now with jp and  I since we've become so accustomed at being together after work and being at home on weekends to make it up to sleep, and after church, it's either we lunch out and go home or we just go home straight and have our lunch there. But now, I think we both need to relive our individual selves and still practice independence among ourselves so that, with our without ones presence, we could still be an effective individual making effective goal, and getting effective outcomes. And since we both know that our time together as a couple will start to change 7 months from now when our baby angel is already born, we really need this "me time" more than anything else. We need to prepare ourselves, and with that preparation comes an acceptance of giving each of us time to reflect with our lives not just a couple but also as a single person to ourselves. There will be lots of taking in to make. And for us to be a better mother and a better father to our soon to be child, we must become a better person for ourselves first. So yeah enough with my ramblings! And after I've consumed almost 3 hours reading, Jp gave me a ring to say he's on his way to catch up with me. And there we ate our dinner, we talked about my day and his day, and we watched "300, the rise of an empire" that is one of Jp's most awaited movie. And then we went home.

Came morning monday and I awoke full of enthusiasm to start the day. I'm beaming of gladness and I think it came from a well rested weekend I've just had! I thank God for the brand new day he has given me because this is all that I need to get back on track :). As most of you know, I've been complaining almost everyday when heading for work because I felt terrible due to my preggy hormones attack. Fatigue ruins my motivation to wake up every morning for work. When at work I get easily stressed regardless of how loaded I am for the whole day. What my husband does not know is that, every night I would silently talk to God about my shortcomings, how hard my situation is that it makes me cry almost every time I would talk it out to God, and how badly I want to change my mental and emotional stand in certain part of my life. And God is so so great he answered me by giving me a peaceful yet joyful weekend. Saturday and sunday really freshened up my dull mood and now I am ready to grind for the whole week! yay!

And before I end this post, let me give you my personal note:
Mental note
"Productivity is the key to prosperity."

Spiritual note
(grabbed by:peterwade)

Attitude -- Your Key to Prosperity

by Peter Wade

God's prosperity plan for you, His child, is in the form of principles or laws. To prosper is "to go forward hopefully, to flourish, succeed, thrive". In the Old Testament the word means "to push forward", hence to attain one's goals, and in the New Testament it means "to be helped along your way".
    There are mental laws of prosperity -- and it is in this field that most writers occupy themselves. "Change your thinking and you can change your world" is an oft-quoted basic law. But you need to go beyond that. There are also spiritual laws of prosperity that God has given in His Word. These principles have been acted upon through the centuries and their application produces a better, firmer prosperity than one approached solely from the mental angle.
    All prosperity is first spiritual then material. Two verses come immediately to mind: "Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful" (Joshua 1:8 NIV), and also the words of Jesus, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things [see verse 31] will be given to you as well" (Matthew 6:33).
    Prosperity solely from a mental angle is a "sand-based" philosophy, for the moment a person slips mentally he or she fails materially as well. Also, a mental-based prosperity is competitive by nature. It can be illustrated by a sales person competing in the marketplace, where only a certain quantity of people can buy a particular product.
    God has for you a secure, spiritual-based prosperity plan which is creative and non-competitive, for God supplies your every need and that of all His children. Philippians 4:19 says, "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus" (NIV). It says nothing about your share of the market. It says nothing about the inflation rate, bank interest, or levels of taxation. It says, simply and plainly, "My God will meet [supply]..." -- how much? "... all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
    The first key to God's prosperity plan is that you must change your attitude. This is part of the mental laws of prosperity, yet with plenty of scriptural backing, and in succeeding chapters I will add to this the spiritual laws of prosperity. You must change your attitude in four areas if you are to become prosperous, if you are to follow the example of the millionaires of the Bible and of the prosperous Jesus.

Poverty -- a Christian virtue?

First, you must change your attitude towards poverty. Is poverty a Christian virtue or is it a common vice? Many of us have been brought up in the strong tradition that poverty is a Christian virtue, and you must deal with this matter. It will be difficult for you to demonstrate prosperity if you leave in your consciousness the thought, "I will not be a good Christian if I'm rich". With this attitude, if you want to be a good Christian and make it to heaven, you'd better hold back and at least stay middle-class -- you don't want to be at the bottom!
    There is a psychology of poverty, and it's interesting when you start reading what some researchers are discovering. I have read that poverty is basically the root of the majority of the world's problems in one way or another. Poverty is the root of starvation. Poverty is the root cause of many wars. If poverty is named as the cause of these problems, I simply ask, How can it be a Christian virtue? Is the Bible so confused that it teaches it is a virtue to be poor, while being poor is the root cause of most problems? It doesn't make sense, does it?
    You must change your attitude to this deep-seated feeling you have that it is right and Christian to be poor. The first part of the commission of Jesus was this: "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor..." (Luke 4:18). Later Jesus said, "The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want..." (Mark 14:7). He did not commend people for being poor, but He helped them and encouraged them. A good example of a Bible person who was not poor is Abraham in the Old Testament. He was called "God's friend" (James 2:23), and was "very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold" (Genesis 13:2).
    How can poor people break out of the cycle of poverty? The Bible gives a number of examples. In I Kings 17:7-16 is the record of the widow of Zarephath, who during a famine gave all the food and water she had to Elijah, the man of God, and received a year's supply of flour and oil. In Mark 12:41-44 is the record of the giving of a widow, who placed all she had in the temple treasury. The result of her giving is not recorded, but I'm convinced she received a harvest of the things she needed.
    In II Corinthians 8:1-7 is the record of the giving of the churches of Macedonia, who in a time of trial and extreme poverty gave to help believers in other places. They first gave themselves to the Lord and then pleaded to be allowed to take part "in this grace of giving" (verses 4,7).
    A Christian magazine some while ago made prosperity the theme for one issue. There was first an article on prosperity in which the author came out strongly for the Biblical principles that I stand for. However, in order to give a balanced view on this subject, the editor then printed an article promoting the opposing view. In fairness to the author of the second article (I no longer have his name), he said that there is an extreme, and I recognise this.
    He quoted one American evangelist who said that "God doesn't want you in that itty-bitty Toyota, he wants you in a great big Cadillac". The author said that the problem with this particular theory is that it doesn't work everywhere, and that "you tend to forget that you are blessed with a land where the cattle are fair, fat and easy to catch, while the cattle in less fortunate countries are lean, mean and seldom seen!"
    Further in the article he states that the whole approach smacks of "formula Christianity", popularised in recent years by an avalanche of "how-to" books. He writes, "It seems that whenever someone discovers a principle that works in a particular way for him, he deduces that that principle will work in an identical way for everyone and he writes a book about it. These books are generally helpful to some people but a source of spiritual frustration to others who just can't understand why their lives are not happy and perfect and prosperous the way author so-and-so says his life is."
    Well, I believe in formula Christianity, for I became a Christian by following a formula (Romans 10:9) and I do not hide my belief. Part of the problem with the unhappy people he mentioned is simply that they have been taught to beg to a capricious God.
    Those who believe in a capricious God say that you must pray and seek God's will and guidance on every matter, and if you have obeyed God, and if He wills, then He will help you out. But if He doesn't, then make the best of it because when you get to heaven it's going to be glorious up there. It's pie-in-the-sky Christianity, and as far as the present is concerned, very much a hit-and-miss affair. I can well understand how people under that kind of teaching are frustrated, because they never know when they're going to find God in the right mood; they never know whether the "sin" of kicking the cat is going to affect their prosperity.
    God is a God of principles. A principle in the natural world works every time it is applied. Take two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen and you will get water every time. Whenever you apply the principle you get the results. Whenever you apply the principle of gravity to an object -- when you let it go -- it will fall. It's a principle, and it doesn't matter whether that morning I kicked the cat or patted the dog, the principle always works.
    If your problem is frustration because you are not seeing results, remember that God's principles are not subject to change. The Bible says very clearly, "I the Lord do not change..." (Malachi 3:6). The book of James says He "does not change like shifting shadows" (James 1:17). You can rely on God. He does not change His mind every other minute about you. He wants the best for you and He laid down the principles for you to have the best. Check out your application of the principle, but don't blame God! God is a God of principle, and His principles are recorded in the Bible.
    You must change your attitude to poverty. Look up every reference to the poor and to poverty in the Bible, and you will conclude it is a common vice not a Christian virtue. "I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread" (Psalm 37:25).

Prosperity -- is it God-given?

You must also change your attitude towards prosperity. While you recognise that God wants good things for you, the question is, When? I believe He wants them for you right now. This is not pie-in-the-sky religion or steak-on-your-plate-while-you-wait religion, but a relationship that works on Monday morning in the business world as well as on Sunday morning in church.
    God specifically mentions attitudes in II Corinthians 9:7-8, and it is one of the most important passages regarding His prosperity plan that I could quote. "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work." God has prosperity in abundance for you, and the way you enjoy it is to change your attitude.
    The word "heart" in verse 7 is used to indicate the seat and centre of the personal life, the mind. When you apply the principle of giving and receiving, you can miss the result if you apply it with a wrong attitude. This verse clearly says that when you give you should not do it reluctantly, or as other translations have it, not sorrowfully; that is, not as if you feel you are losing something.
    God said it, so it's important for us to sit up and take notice. It is not just the fact that an opportunity came last Sunday morning to put something in the offering plate, or during the week to give to someone in need, or to give your time to some cause. It's not just that, it is your attitude that motivated the act that counts. You could give $10,000 and miss out on the result if your attitude was one of reluctance or sorrow. Your attitude is important.
    Then verse 7 says not to give under compulsion, that is, of necessity. You must watch this also. It is giving of necessity when on Friday you walk through my hometown of Adelaide, on what is called Badge Day, and someone puts a badge under your nose to encourage you to give to some charity. Many people place a dollar in the tin and stick the badge on their clothes -- why? Because they want to support that charity? Not always, but often because they do not want anyone else to hassle them when they are walking down the street. That is giving of necessity, under compulsion.
    You face the same danger when you go to church, and the usher passes an offering plate or bag. I read of one church in Scotland where they placed the offering container right in front of the pulpit. The people would come out row by row, while the preacher stood there, and put their offering in the bowl. Would you stay seated? Would you put in only a small coin? That is giving under compulsion, of necessity. It is the wrong attitude to giving. In fact, they called it a "heave" offering, based on an Old Testament passage (Exodus 29:27). The attitude was, "Lord, I can't get out of this, so here it is."
    Never give because you have to give. A church should never take an offering because they need money. It could exist without your money. A church should make a time for the sacrament of giving because its task is to train people to operate God's principles. Your attitude when you give and your attitude between the point of giving and when you receive (see Chapter 4) is very important to your prosperity.
    So what attitude should you have? II Corinthians 9:7 says to not give reluctantly or under compulsion. On the positive side, it states that "God loves a cheerful giver" -- one who can smile as he gives, one who feels happy about what he is doing when he gives.
    One writer has well said that you should be just as happy at the moment of giving as you are when you receive something. And we all are happy when we receive something -- especially if it's something nice, or something we have always wanted. That is the same attitude you should have the moment that you give. The Greek word translated "cheerful" is a word the English language has borrowed -- hilaros -- "God loves a hilarious giver." Now perhaps you did not hear anybody breaking up with laughter when the offering was taken last Sunday, so maybe that's why I have to share this truth. It did happen to me once. One morning in a church I pastored in Taperoo, South Australia, a man saw the impact of this verse and he laughed out loud as he gave. I've also been in churches where the congregation have clapped profusely at the announcement that an offering was going to be received.
    "God loves a hilarious giver." So your attitude when you give is important. If you go around saying, "Okay, I'm going to give because Peter Wade says it's a principle, and I need the result, so..." What are you going to get? Nothing.
    I have met many Christians who tithed, that is, they gave a straight 10% of all their income, to a local church all their lives, and were still poor by most standards. In spite of having given large amounts, there were few results. Why? The scripture is true. "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." So there must be something wrong with their attitude. If you want to enjoy God's prosperity plan, you must work on your attitude to prosperity, and especially to giving, the way you get into God's flow of affluence. I'll share more about this in the next chapter.

Money -- the root of all evil?

There's another attitude that you must change. Some people quote I Timothy 6:10 in the same way as the popular song, "Money is the root of all evil..." But is that what the verse really says? In my Bible, I Timothy 6:10 reads, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil..."
    Your attitude to money must change. Many Christians are scared of money. They seem scared to have money or to talk about it. The verse says the love of money is a root of all evil. It has been well suggested that the lack of money is a root of all evil too. Mike Todd, the Hollywood actor and director, is reported to have said, "It's not a sin to be poor, it's just mighty inconvenient at times."
    "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs" (I Timothy 6:10). Money is neither moral nor immoral. To use the correct term, money is amoral. To be moral is to be good and pure and right and to take notice of the self-respect of all people. Immoral is the opposite of the normally accepted moral standards. But to be amoral is to be neither on one side nor the other. The computer on which I am writing this book is amoral -- it's neither good nor bad, it's just a computer. It has no emotions, it cannot sin or do good, it just sits there and accepts the words I type. Likewise, money is amoral.
    Money has been defined as a symbol of the stored wealth of a nation. I believe money is more than that: it is a symbol of God's great abundance that is available to you. It is a symbol of the truth that you live in an opulent universe. It does not matter if in my pocket I have Australian dollars, American dollars, or Monopoly money -- they are still just symbols. And yet most people have taken those symbols and made a god of them, and judge their lives by the total value of their net assets, as if the one with the most toys wins!
    The scripture says "the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil". It does not say that money is evil. Money is a necessary item in civilised nations and you must change your attitude to it. You must see that it is something that is "made round to go round", as I was told when I was a child. Nowadays they say it's "made flat to stack" -- I don't believe that. Stack it up and you are not operating God's principle. "In circulation there is life; in hoarding there is only stagnation and loss", says author Mary MacDougall.
    I worked once with a Christian friend who had been a missionary, and he asked me one time what I was going to be teaching about at a camp. I told him the theme for the camp was "The Prosperous Jesus". He looked at me, and said, "But He didn't have any possessions." Well, he had read his Bible constantly but had missed the fact that Jesus had the best clothes of that time. However, I told him that having possessions is not necessarily a sign of prosperity. You cannot judge prosperity by the possessions you have. If you do, you are in trouble! "... A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions" (Luke 12:15).
    Prosperity is not based on how much you have. Prosperity is greater and deeper than that. Prosperity is better described as a state of mind, an attitude based on God's promises. It is faith in God's unfailing supply regardless of any evidence to the contrary.
    Change your attitude about money. Money is not evil, and money is not good. Money is amoral, a symbol of God's abundance that you use to obtain items that you need.

Giving -- a productive experience?

There is one further change of attitude necessary for God's prosperity plan, and this is made clear in the statement of Jesus quoted in Acts 20:35. Paul is recorded as saying, "In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work you must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: `It is more blessed to give than to receive'." You must change your attitude and take on board the truth that Jesus stated: "It is more blessed to give than to receive."
    Why is it more blessed to give? Because it is more productive. If you receive ten dollars as a gift from some person, what you have is the ten dollars. But to the person who gave it to you as they applied God's principle, it could be worth a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.
    It is more blessed to give because it is more productive; as you give you are putting into operation a principle. Luke 6:38 says, "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." But nothing happens until you give. So it is more blessed, more productive, to give than to receive.
    As a child I was not taught this. Everything that my parents did for me, and they were good parents, impressed upon me that receiving was a good experience. At Christmas, our family had big believing. Instead of putting a stocking out for Father Christmas, we always had a pillow case near the chimney. We put the pillow case out and expected it to be loaded with exciting things. And yes, we were excited when we received our presents. Now we are adults and must change our thinking.
    "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35). Who said it? Jesus. Did He know what He was talking about? To be sure! The statement is not recorded in the Gospels, yet it's a powerful statement. "It is more blessed to give than to receive", because it is more productive.

Change your attitude

Your attitude in four areas must change if you are to enjoy God's prosperity plan. You must change your attitude aboutpoverty . Do not follow the tradition of it being a Christian virtue, but rather see it as it is, a common vice. You must change your attitude to prosperity, and recognise that it is not measured by your possessions. Your attitude when you apply God's principles makes the difference. You must change your attitude to money, and see it as amoral, a symbol of God's opulent universe. And finally you must change your attitude to giving, for it is more productive to give than to receive.
    Charles Swindoll wrote: "How and why you give is of far greater significance to God than what you give. Attitude and motive are always more important than amount" (The Grace Awakening).
    Start the process of changing your attitude in these four areas, and get ready to see prosperity flowing in your life. 



Today was a surprising day because I have thought of writing again on my blog. It had been so long since the last time I have posted something and I really didn't know how to start again hehe. Or maybe it's only because I am very overwhelmed of this morning sickness thing that does not only happens every morning but stays 24/7 in my system. To be all honest, I am waking each day miserable. I didn't expect that I would become a mess physically and emotionally caused of my pregnancy. I don't want to blame my pregnancy of course, but I can't help but to feel so down because I feel so heavy everyday, I feel bloated all the time, I feel too much acids forming in my stomach and its causing me to puke, and now that I turned 8 weeks (2 months) I'm suffering from headache for almost 2 days now. I'm having a hard time coping up with this rambling symptoms and it really affects my disposition in daily living :(. I know it is because of my crazy hormones that changed drastically because there is a little bean like baby growing so fast inside my belly. I am very looking forward to this motherhood thing that I have turned up to since I have learned about my pregnancy. But I have to admit how hard it is to me. I have to share my negative feelings towards this because I know it will help release all my predicaments and worries in pregnancy. Even at work, everyday is a torture waking up having that bitter taste and feeling in my throat and growling stomach that makes me vomit. And sometimes, I cant get enough comfort from my support system because i terribly feel so helpless for myself. I wish it will go away after my first trimester, or better yet, it will go away earlier than expected. They say first trimester is the most sensitive stage of pregnancy because it compensates for the growth and development the embryo (my future baby) needs. I hope its true for the most, because I might decide to do something related work just to ease this temporary symptoms I am experiencing now. As much as possible, i dont want to leave my work, because i want it here, and the convenience of distance from our house to office is just so hard to give up especially when you are already a mommy. And especially if you're getting enough salary and benefits from the company you're already working for. Maybe a little sacrifice seems too hard to grasp these days, but my only motivation is this love for my child to give him/her the best of everything in this world and that includes giving her proper foods that is good for his/her health, comfortable stuff for sleeping, bathing, clothes and most importantly, to have proper savings for my child. My husband has work and is currently waiting for his new contract in a renowned hospital with promise of nice compensation in salary and benefits that will ease lots of financial burden to our growing family and will give room for saving up. And knowing my being a working wife and a mommy to be is a big help too because it will surely ease all the expenses we have for 1 month and his salary (that's more better than mine hehe) will be saved for our baby's future and other extra expenses we might have a long the way.

Now that I am pregnant. I have come to realized how a love of a mother to her child can move mountains. They make the most sacrifices from the very beginning to keep their baby live healthy from womb to their first glimpse of the outside world. Since the day I have learned that I am pregnant, I keep thinking and missing my mother so much. I also wonder what she's thinking when she realized she's pregnant with her four children.

Despite my hang overs in pregnancy, I am still so amazed of how my baby develops in my womb. I am a nurse yes, but I still perceive my pregnancy a magic, a miracle that no scientific knowings can express how stunned I am to know I am now bearing a child. I really can't believe I am capable to conceive a baby! hihi!

There's so much to share about being pregnant. If my time and energy permits, I will continue to be more active in my blog site. I know it's been quite a while now. Well I could share some that I have written on my diary but I think I have jotted too personal and too private stories for any one to read hehe. Oh well let's see! I don't want to promise to keep up my posts just like the old times, I think it's a bit hard already for a married, working, and a mother to be woman. But I will try :) after all, it eases away a lot of negativity in me whenever I write something.

And of course TGIF and God Bless!!

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