hulalalala! it's hot in the Philippine island! and yet im loving it :) i could eventually make my summer a fashion..in a single way i could..why? you maybe thinking to impress people..but a BIG NO! but of course compliments makes me feel great and prettier and sexier and everything!but mostly because dressing up filled my day, my sad times and maybe my insecurities in some ways, but the latter is the least reason of all. i just love seeing myself pretty =) but i aint that happy since i can not make it to go to a summer vacation..busy work is killing me ive been marked as "glow in the dark" lady. maybe because ive been at house and then office everyday..sun hasn't have its opportunity to make me tan this summer. and i would not like that anyway hehe.

i look like on drugs here...
ive been so much inlove with prints and florals..but more of prints.. i wish im a chitah! and sorry for too much pouting..i just heard i look good when i pout..yep! i heard it from myself haha
messin around with my camera..with my sister as my extra!

with little bro..but he's not little anymore :( how i wish he remains a kid but life changes constantly..even growth physically and mentally. 

i cant even kiss him anymore..he'd be mad lol

i hate her cuz she uses my newly bought wedges from centropele!

But cuz she's my sister. i let her wink*

i feel being a lady when i wear dresses..people tend to look at at me from head to foot. but its up to them if they'd see something to compliment or something to criticize.

 and yeah i dont care..really because i am happy for being what i am. the way i dress, the way i walk, its not my fault so don't hate me if i'm beautiful hahahahhhhhhh! pretty girls rock..i love that song! it must be a song anthem of insecure girls. pity them ;) ive been hearing too much against me maybe they're jealous? of what?
I've got nothing but my own happiness and uniqueness. maybe they don't understand that.. or maybe they just really hate me i dont know! 

i actually dont want to leave now guys i have lots of stories to say but im running out of time tonight..our net is slow to upload pictures and it alway hang up and i need to rest..ill be early tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!ughh work!



hello!!!!!!!!from the fragile to metallic. and thats me:) because i believe that in some place or another, i have changed. and i have changed for good. and i will remain with this forever. of course theres still a flaws but, i don't care i can never make myself perfect. i am being what i am, and as long as God is accepting me with all of me, i know i'm at the right path for this changes. and hopefully i could remain like this.. I am full of positivity mentally and spiritually, and i'm happy :) and also feels great that i find peacefulness in life! i hope it will remain forever like this, but i know that's the very least possible wishes that could be granted, since life would ever be temporary... you're happy today , tomorrow may not be..but thats life you still have to move on and accept those temporary upsetting distractions.

..and HOLLA greetings everyone :) holla black saturday to all! i got an opportunity to made this new road of mine since I've got 4 days of vacation. but i hope i enjoyed it more by going out and have sun and white sand touching my skin. and also wishing my boyfie is here to touch me deep within..haha!no i'm kidding but well, if God's permit then so be it haha! my life right now is composed of office, home, sleep and sleep. i am too deprived of it! life isn't really fair at times. but imma getting my revenge i am gonna kick my ass when i got a chance to do so :p
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