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I was asked by my mother to pay for our bills. Surprisingly she didn't forget me saying i would be getting a bit big amount of money to my current work now lol. Thats a lesson learned here dude, you shouldn't be saying how much money you make to your mother or you want to be broke every paycheck you get haha. But i dont feel any regrets giving it away, i dont know. It feels different now compared on my last job that i would selfishly spend all the cents that i've got only for myself. But really now, all that i did to my money, even i know that it might be the last paycheck i will get from my job since im going to resign already, i  still gave it to them, bought them something that would make them happy. A smile on their faces were nothing to compare off as a reward. I now realized how such small things and acts of others towards you could bring joy to your life and that you wouldn't be asking for more. I am glad to say that i am purely happy now with my life. With the simple things that i discover everyday, to the biggest things. And so today was something different we went on paying for electric and internet bills, we also had a bunch of groceries. Even this very simple deeds that i make for the day was very fulfilling, very satisfying and it gives me peace of mind. I could easily take away my stresses in my system. And i never get upset nor disappointed, neither get sad/depressed easily. I also now realized this very thing.  That 'there is no amount of money can buy you happiness in life'. Nothing. Even material things, it can just satisfy you temporarily but not for a long period of time. As with someone like me bragging words like this were very not me, since i really enjoyed hopping for new dresses, accessories and etc. but now. Just a book and i'm all good. Maybe it has to do with me growing up. Me being in a circumstances where all that i was asking is to take all the pain away in my heart. And God is so at work of my life that he keeps on guarding my baby steps into recovery. I'm glad that i could use this pain to be a better person rather than the other way around. Life is being so good to me :) and i love it. I'm inlove with it. And i am married with my life! I hope you are too my friend. Be grateful we are still living and can do so much more!



The bookmarks bow. Hello bookmarks. how i wish i could buy everything that i saw at national book store yesterday and the other day. i also wish i could have buy the book of nicholas spark's perfect haven (if i'm even right with the title) and how i wish i can buy one from lauren something, book entitled before i fall. if i didn't risk my job, then i would have been confident buying all the stuff at bookstore!!!! But i need to budget my money now since i will be on a job hunting mode for the rest of the week. yeah AGAIN
Finds @ nat'l bookstore

Design and a mini space for notes inside.


Hi guys, happy late blogging haha! this post would only consist of....nothing but me and my random shots
anywhere. as long as i feel like clicking one :) the story behind these shots were really nothing, most of the time though, a girl like me would eventually take a picture without a valid reason other than 'we feel pretty today so i must take advantage' lol! anyways..i have a thing to confess. i've been absent for almost a week now heh! I know its not funny, but i find it so mean and funky haha. But seriously, i dont see myself getting productive on that job, especially if you have a manager who behave like a squeaky dragon. Like we we're asked for 1 sale (regardless of the price) for the month since we are all a newbies in the group, and she wants it different! She wants us to generate one everyday, and it should be from the bank leads, self generated ones are not included as per this dragon like attitude, monster face like area manager of mine. urgh i really hate her for bringing me down one day, by saying demoralizing words. It's not the treatment i expected to get from the company i am in right now,since i find it internationally classy. Our manger is a newly employed though. It shows actually, no wonder her breeding isn't typical for AXA born employees. Hmp! i hate badmouthing people, but she started it! i just want a sweet revenge lol. But nonetheless, i know im a quitter, always have.I'm having predicaments about what i really want though. I think i need to explore more. so anyway! heres what keeps me going. Myself :D

i was supposed to be writing something, after i read the chapter. but i was that lazy!
pretty sunny look. how i love the summer. too ecstatic for the upcoming outings yay!  
some says pretty much, i look like angel locsin. and some disagree. oh welps! no wonder why. 
at robinsons galleria buying stuff for baking. how i badly wish arianne could find our made recipe so i can upload the photos and the instructions we put on. 
i tend to read news magazines nowadays. its quite fulfilling and i feel more knowledgeable of the current events the country and the world has. 
Me using: leopard top in yellow. dark blue shorts by forever21.
lol i know i need some diet kiddos. tummy getting bigger! i might wear swim suit when we my family and friends will make in to batangas and zamboanga. and i hope in olongapo! 



What would you feel if you were asked to chaperoned a date huh?? Of course very insulting haha! Well as long as my girl friend and her date would treat me right, as in treat me with good food and stuff, we will have no problem. I will be there for both of you no matter what. Chos!! To be honest, it wasn't a planned date, its just that some of their friends who promised to tagged a long to play badminton with us didn't show up. So i didn't have a chance to back out since i was already with the two soon to be lovers, and they also doesn't want (i guess) me to leave them alone. But at the end of the day, i still had fun a long with the two birds and we kept on laughing!! and hey good news! I'm improving with my playing skills, even my serving of shuttle is quite different yesterday, so please cheers with that! i feel so fulfilled haha! and also, good thing this guy which is my friend's suitor has a car. so there was no hassle even though we were too demanding to find a salon since we wanted to treat ourselves a footspa. if my boy is that patient, omg! that's a 100 plus points!
While on the road driving to Badminton Court. I was reading this magazine about Adventist religion. i'm still more proud of being a catholic. (oooopsss no offense to other religion guys)
sorry guys, this is the only food last night from isaw haus that i remembered taking a photo. i was exceedingly hungry that i didn't mind what's happening when our dinner were served. but this halo halo was so good!i love the dulce toppings that i asked for my friends share hehe. btw, our food for dinner were all seafoods and veggies. we ate voraciously after playing badminton. my sister's boyfriend told me it's a bad move because it will stress more my tummy. oh god!i'm a registered nurse, shouldn't i know a lot about it among others??
the who!??sorry i cant say a word. arianne will get mad at me haha!she wants it private,let's all respect that okay.
Blouse: RustyLopez Shorts:Jag. Flats:Marikina Shoe Bag:Kimbels HaitDress: F21

Me outfit for the night after badminton. So fresh and young than you lol!


 BoyMeetsGirl Book. Leopard BookMark. Find @ Nat'l Bookstore.
My Book and Bookmark to be precise hehe! My newly bought book after receiving my first paycheck for 2 months. Yeah! you read it right, i got the salary for two months which is really to be honest, a bit big amount. Unfortunately, i needed to lend money from my mom and friends since i didn't have enough when i started working again. Really i didn't save any cent from my previous job and it is something i ain't proud of. So anyways! This Boy Meets Girls book was something i have been craving for during the past two months. As in for real, i was surprised that i ain't craving now for new trendy dresses and bags, shoes etc. I only wanted to collect books and....Bookmark. so if you would see, i bought a new one :D It's a leopard print small bookmark that you just have to insert at the upper corner of the page you want to look back after reading. So cute isn't?? I am planning to buy more actually, there's a floral printed bookmark same design, and its so femmie! i love it so i must have it!!!!
    see my hairclip. same leopard.

Me now while taking those photos (:

and oh yeah,my new cover up stick by elf. i tend to have pimple marks and i found it very disturbing. Since i tend to have this and its very unavoidable, i can't leave the house without wearing cover up and a good foundation to conceal the imperfections. its a good try for those who has same dilemma as mine. I usually use cover up stick in beige and foundation in ivory or beige. Make sure you will try it on before purchasing since it should blend in well with your skin color or you want to look like a cake with bunch of thick icing!!!so not sexy!
AllCoverUpStick by Elf. Find @ Watsons.



For two consecutive weeks, i got a chance to play badminton with my circle of friends. and mostly, i'm with arianne's company. we both are exhausted at our job and we are trying to de-stress if given a chance :) so we decided that every saturday, we have to filled in our day of things we wanted to do. such that, we can have fun and at the same time have our social lives still up and moving!! for the week i was so pressured and i almost make a choice to quit my job which i just started two months ago. honestly, it was really the toughest i had experience so far. but at the end of the day, i realized that..quitting is like escaping the fight. its like,i proved how coward i am of things i find stressing and hard.
so!!back with the badminton,it was a lot of fun! i had a chance to make up with college friend (wendel, ibs, tutus and arianne) we had tons of stories about our lives after school, how we were at our current career. of course the teasing and laughter would always be present, and also looking back on memories of fun when we were still a nursing student. it was so nice hearing how we treasure each and everyday we'd been there for each other! i love reminiscing..i could imagined how will it be when we get older and older until our hair becomes gray..and of course the food would never be forgotten. thats the most important part of our bonding!
the team c1and c2!!!!haha

go go go queen!!!


chickboy foodies! expect the typical inasal resto when you head there

me outfit :D

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