CONGRATULATIONS to my ultimate better half, my bestfriend , my loves, my everything! Akalain mo yun? joke time pa tayo nun time na yon pero 22o na palang proposal.. I’m so glad that you finally got what you've been dreaming of. Time flies so fast and I can’t believe you’re now getting close to deal with a brand new life with him. It seems like yesterday I saw how terrible you are from heartbreak and I also bear in mind that before we have just been planning about our dreams in the near future which was to travel anywhere around and now you’re getting married na! hayyy I’m seriously having mixed emotions right now wooooh *Tears* but I want you to know that I am extremely happy for you you deserve everything you have right now and i will always be here for you through thick and thin i love you!!!

My best of friends is the sweetest. I got so moved by this sentiments she posted on facebook. She's my one and only love and acting boyfriend those times I was so lost and was single and not ready to mingle. And since I opened my heart again with a man and welcomed him so deeply we are now close to getting married, she's very supportive and giving full board help from all the preparations I am making. She's more useful when it comes to canvassing than my fiance! I'm getting more ecstatic now. And I'm sure even if I get married, my one and only "myloves" will forever be part of my life. My fiance knows that :) he's even calling Lauren myloves like really???!! honey she's only mine haha!!ok ok I'm gushing now lol.

And of course my original date on valentines day and the very first witness of Jp's proposal! Like what I said , how can't she be a big part of my life, if even my biggest revolving world she could witness!

And me the vanity!! That is all for today. Atleast my day didn't completely unfold wryly :) Lawdy is really good!


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! my memorable day! My man's so funny and unexpected gift perfect for valentines day! Thank you for doing all the things you'd promised me. And for making the feb ibig even more romantic and special, although my best friend and I were mocking you at the time since we didn't know you were serious. I just wish you had made the proposal the way you planned it. Since i was kilig when you told me your original plan for this simple yet beautiful ring! So beautiful like me! Ayiieeee my cheeks are getting crimson as I typed  this and how I remembered this very day. ;) You're such a sugar I LOVE YOU!



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Hi fellas! It's been long since the last blog I made. I am home now in Binangonan, and here is the only place I can really put my thoughts in order. Just 2 weeks ago, valentines date. Jp announced his proposal of a lifetime commitment to me. Although I am full aware of our plans to get married in no time, it still surprised me when he get the small box from his bag and offered me with a tensed hands and body the engagement ring, that I thought was just a gift and nothing else that I joked him about it. But as he clarified himself and his intentions, it all became crystal clear on me. He wants to get married for real, and I feel the same. And everything, abruptly falls into places. Majority of our friends and family we're surprised, and most of them were supportive and happy for me. My parents of course was at first in disbelief, but that was only for a shortlived. They asked us if we're sure about it, and just waiting for the right moment to meet and talk in person our parents on both sides. Everything were exciting and I'm starting to enlist all what I need for the planning and computing the budget. I also started day dreaming what would be my wedding like. I'm so looking forward to it. But of course, there are people that seemed not happy or not yet ready to grasp my made decision. Some were saying its too early to decide, in which I and Jp done talking it out. Of course this obvious kind of concerns, we tried to address it in best way we can. Yes,I get that I am young, but not too young that it would ruin my better future, I graduated college, I can live independently, can make a living, and trying to help in my own little way my family. I am young, but old enough to make mature decisions, and I think I deserve some benefit of the doubt from being misunderstood. Some were saying, I will bloom more if I would decide to stay single a little longer. I don't think Jp is in plan of making me "losyang". I can become blooming even in married life and I am confident with that. I can make plans for myself as an individual, still, maybe not the same as when someone is single but I think having someone to support you all the way to your plans and dreams and passions for the future will just make you even more blooming and glowing. My life in future won't stop unjustly. Not here, not in marriage. As long as we have God as a center of our relationship. As long as we respect and communicate our feelings and our shortcoming as husband and wife, I know we can make it through. Some were saying, its best to put career first and have my good earnings all only for myself before marrying my fiance. Don't that sound a tad-bit selfish?? Yes I get their point, that it will be necessary for me to share my saving with my partner since we vowed to be united as one. But it don't mean that Jp is in any intentions of casting out my family when they need support from us,or from me for that matter. He has too much respect for my family, and he loves them as much as he love his family. Some were saying my decision would be strictly dependent on my husband to be. I know, I know, his voice on my plans would be vital unlike others but I don't think it's fair to judge ahead whatever it is we are about to impart as do's and don'ts on our soon to be married life. I believe and trust Jp. My family trust him well. He is a one in a million boyfriend who showed and express big respect towards me and it makes me sad that some were misjudging us on every angle now of our lives just because of our decision in which, our family approved and blessed without contorting negatives.

Sometimes, because we see our own life in a very different way from others, we tend to become self righteous. We began seeing others decisions an ultimate mistake because we're trying to picture out our life on that person's decision. Like we can't imagine ourselves falling into a trap of marriage since we don't want it for ourselves. Maybe these people don't need to say a thing if its just something that discourages someones decisions made by prayers. Maybe these people could have just prayed for us and for the betterment of the path we chose to take. It really makes me sad just this morning, to found out this opinions of others. But that's life, I cant control other people's reaction but I can control my own action ;) I just need to voice out how bad I felt. I will  put it aside and suppress this negating words I heard so as not to corrupt my excitement for planning. I am happy and ready. My loved ones are happy and supportive of me. And that's what I all need. I always pray and uplift it all to God and I know he's in me with this one! I know I will cross bumpy roads through out planning but I promised to God that I would be strong and put a lot of faith that everything will happen perfectly smooth in his name Amen! :) God Bless us all fellas! Always see the silver lining in the midst of your darkness. Ciao
A glimpse of my ring :)



The Infamous name!!                       

Finished reading all these 6 book. and repeatedly reading them
once I feel like it!

My super booky best friend EMILY!!!
Whenever I feel off about myself, I tend to read books of Emily Giffin. It kind of uplifting my mood and the mostly women characters in it makes me feel one of them. I've been having a hard time thinking if I would continue working at my current job right now, because to be honest there's so much reasons for me to get out. Here I am, tip toe-ing of my impending decision to make, and what would be the result. Of course I know what will be the outcome, but I can't keep my foot any longer to stay working for the company and to think it over for the next long month. I think I am such an explorer and a witty traveler for having all the bravery and guts to just get out of something whenever I want to! When I sensed going out. I knew I need to be out in no time or else, it will affect my perception in life. LOL that's an exaggerated wording I'm sorry. Even my mind were too blank now I can't use more appropriate word to express what I feel. I think I lack carbs and sugars on my system. I went straight on bed after attending a morning church service with my one and only love boyfran in the world along with his lovely family that is much closer to me now :) Actually things are getting better and better as we go along good decisions and plans for our relationship. I'm just praying hard that God will help us through all rough times awaiting for us. Please lawdy! Please please help us two!!! I know that you know what I am talking about po me lawdy! wihihi!

Anyways drawing back to my concerns, Yeah I think I am too adventurous I can't contain myself enough long to make a good credentials on my C.V. I worried it might affect my future career, but then, I've always and still followed my guts whenever I want out. And it excites me to know there's a lot of opportunity coming my way again, and I can't help picturing myself out working for a new company. Let alone, new employer. That is sooooo me! Even my 'year of the horsey" in my blood tells the same thing!! I know I can't be like this forever. One night, I broke down and divulge all my uncertainties with my Jp. I opened up because it (my work) was already eating me whole! I cried so much in front of him, trying to convince him of the stress it brought me. I asked for an advise but he just told me one thing. I knew you would know my words for you. But if you really want a way out, then just do it. Whatever makes you happy and will make you feel better... "he sermon-ed". As if that really make any difference of what I feel. haha!

So there..have nothing much to say. I guess I'm not inspired to right full board kwento for now. So bear with me guys. And just wait for upcoming blogs. And yeah! I feel my face getting awfully fat! Why is that??hmmm. Oh welps! Time to go and eat tupig and suman and so much more!!!! My so helpful advise?? When a portion of your body is getting fat, make sure to equally fatten all the other parts okay??!!!! Buh-bye ;)

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