Since I cannot commit myself to blog on a daily basis, I basically jot down my random thoughts in my journal and notepad on smartphone. I missed blogging so much but there seem to be a thing that I want to do. I want to change the course of my blog and what I post on it. Basically, I am fond of Christian blog posts now and wanting to re-create a blog that also consist of God’s wisdom, teachings, and promises. I hope I can find time and effort to start doing this this year. I will be a stay home mother starting on September 26 since it would be the start of my 2 months maternity leave. I think there will be a time in between that I can use to freely devote myself into reading my bible, reflect on it, do my devotion and share it on my blog and other social network sites. I am excited, yet nervous and scared since, I am not a well versed kind of person particularly on connecting verses from old and New Testament. I don’t know if I will inspire people, or it will cause discrimination and criticism. Maybe I will need to read and study a lot first in this regard so that I will be able to explain God’s wisdom perfectly without being biased by my own opinions and belief. I want it to be purely about how he proves to change someone’s life in humanity chooses to follow him and submit their lives in him.
I have a major problem though, it always gets the best of me and that’s the reason I could not commit in writing a post regularly. I have this very random mind, that I basically just want to write it out and then go to another topic and then leave, and make another one. I have inconsistencies and it usually hinders me to finish a thing or two in terms of blogging. Not a good habit if I want to excel on this area right? I need more inspiration, and motivation. I need guidelines on how to construct a good and inspiring blog post so that readers will have a fun time reading them. I want a writing that will give reader a constant reminder of my blog to inspire them on their daily living.
I am merely an imperfect human being. I am still finding my way to get closer to God. I am still searching for that inner encouragement of my spiritual being to submit wholly to our almighty. I am not the best worshipper, nor am I the best Christian to disciple and evangelize other people who need it. But I just want to be that kind of person, and I know God wants me to be that kind of person too, I know that having to think this way is his way of pushing me closer in his world of divinity and I know he will be by my side all the way to reach the best of my maturity in Christian life.

So to give you an exact view of people and things that got me pursuing writing inspirational and spiritual post for this blog, please see links below:

RICA PERALEJO BLOG ms. rica peralejo bonifacio. Her life is very inspiring, and at some point, I could relate on how she made her way into knowing Christ, although mine was not as tragic as anyone would have think it is haha

JOSEPH BONIFACIO BLOG joseph bonifacio. ms rica’s husband and a pastor at victory ministry. I’ve been reading his blog recently and amazed on how well educated he is and how he integrates God’s wisdom in everyday hustles and bustles of life!

THE DAILY INSPIRATION-status update on facebook that I am currently following. It’s very motivational especially when you are too exhausted to start a day.

HILLSONG ALBUM- Jp’s parents play it on in full blast every morning! And Jp and I got all the songs downloaded on our personal smartphones J

DAILY DEVOTIONALS APP- an application which have updated stories and lessons with its corresponding bible verses you can ponder up on. Jp and I use it every night before we sleep. We make bed time our schedule for couple’s daily devotions and prayers, and we also have our individual devotions, which is something we don’t really talk about with other people unless necessary hehe.

SUNDAY SERVICE- Jp and I vowed to always attend Sunday service because it’s the only perfect time we can give thanks to God completely along with his whole family, and we also have time to catch up with our young couple’s cell group.

YOUNG COUPLE CELL GROUP- Although we don’t have regular time to meet up outside the church to do more activities and bible studies with the group, I still appreciate how this group have helped me and jp see how normal our encounter of trials and challenges in marriage, and how the same those encounter were to most of them. I’ve also witnessed here how prayers of other people made more powerful to help someone struggling cope up and heal fast spiritually and emotionally. I hope we can find perfect schedules so we can bring back the once in a week catching up with the young couple clan! I will pray for this!

YOUNG ADULT STAFF- I was asked to join a young adult staff along with my husband. I don’t know if I am capable of handling and sharing my ideas to help better the community of young professionals, which was the first cell group I’ve first had. This self-doubt that I experience comes from lack of knowledge with the bible verses, lack of integration in the Christian ministry, lack of necessary courses in which someone must accomplish before they could handle such group, and my personal lack of God’s wisdom and maybe even lack of application of those wisdom in my personal life. But I am praying that God will change my heart and my mind so that I can fill it up with confidence and conviction to make it!



hey yeah guys..it's been how long from the last time i had updated this blog? Well actually, there was a lot to share in my matters of life, but I just couldn't bring myself into it! I am very lazy to blog since I am addicted in manually writing on my personal diary and journal because there, I can freely doodle down everything, even the most private part of my beings that I find it more comforting and relaxing than blogging up! I am sorry for this selfishness though, I know I still have my part of making my readers happy with my updates. Maybe I am starting to experience that so called "taking in" phase of pregnancy, though as of my nurse's knowledge could happen right post delivery hehe! Taking in is when you think more about yourself. I've been in this phase for quite sometime now, and I am happy I am able to reflect on how my life is evolving from youngsters, to becoming a career woman, to becoming a wife, and know becoming a mother. There's so much to consider now. I have to think of three persons now, and that is composed of my husband, my baby, and myself. I need to know each individuals need, but foremost, I have to achieve everything that I need in order to give my 100% care and love that my husband and baby would need from me.

I am on my 6 and a half months  now, which means, I am 2 and half months away from my delivery! I am quite ambivalent! I'm feeling giddy, excited, happy, nervous, scared all at the same time hehe. Scared only because, its my first time to give birth on a baby and I can't imagine how my baby would make her way down in my very narrow womanhood (really, you know what i meant right?haha). I've been reading, and listing down every information I could get and thought useful when the moment of truth comes, so I will be ready with everything. I want to make sure that I would be dashing in the hospital just right when my baby is fully ready to come out, so that my O.B won't have reasons or excuses of long time laboring that will lead to a decision of C-section. And I think since everything on me is physically normal, and I am not a high risk pregnant, I still have my privilege to choose how I want my baby to be delivered right? So I'm choosing the natural way :). I really want to experience this phenomenon of pregnancy, and I know that having my baby delivered through normal spontaneous delivery will complete that magical experience especially of first time moms like me. I don't want to corrupt the most exciting experience a woman could have, just because we are scared or wants the convenience of getting through it easily. That is so not me. I guess we have our personal view on this one, but I found myself braving this once in a lifetime moment (or maybe twice or more for some :) ) in a woman's life :). I need to start it with great perseverance, big faith, bravery and right perspective to cultivate strong personality that I will need in raising my child :)
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