My Facebook Cover btw :) Will be my wedding caption someday.... .
lol! Sorry for using your whole name, it just feel like, it would fit my made letter for you. hehe! And the sound of your name really makes me quiver y'know! It's as if, the sound of it was very you. And it makes me feel you're mine. And calling you John Paul is very romantic, or I don't know! Maybe it's just me, because I am in love with you :D

Well anyways here it goes. My dedication of love on our seven (7) month anniversary!

 Let me just start off by saying I love you and I'm happy that I found you in this world. Out of every billion of guys out here you are truly the only one that's half of me, I won't stop till I have all of you and you have all me. I love when you kiss my nose and when you hold me so tight, when we lay next each other like we won't ever lay together again. I promise to cherish every second with you never lie or keep anything from you, the good nor the bad because you deserve to know everything. I will never cheat on you I will keep it faithful and have faith in us. As long as you stay here by my side I'll show you how it feels to have a real woman by your side, cause real ladies can never be stolen by any other guy if she's already cuffed by a guy she loves. you're my best friend, honey, mahal, boyfriend, fiancé, and heart. As long as we have trust and love it will always be us, if you feel like we've changed I'll just bring our first conversation up our first picture our first date and kiss then remind you of how we were. I love you honey and I will never leave your side I accept every bit of you, your perfection and imperfection. Not every one is perfect but you're a 'p e r f e c t' fit for me.

Loves you warmly,
Queenie ;)



Before we head home at Green Ridge Village (where I originally live), I along with my sweet heart (lol cheesy ng tawag eh!) dine out first at Sega Cofi. Would you believe it?? We walked from shopwise to sega that was near the ynares gym already haha! It was dark already so we didn't get sweat and we enjoyed walking while holding each others hand and giving our share of stories within the day :). Simple. Sweet. Romantic. That I can describe the feeling!

We ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu, because I liked the sound of it, and because I don't eat steaks or any red meats that they are mostly available. Jp ordered mixed Sea Food Pasta, that was also my choice haha! (parang wala ka namang choice honey eh :p) And as for my desert was my super favorite Blueberry Cheese Cake! Wow superb! I just found it too sweet compared to Jp's good ol' pasalubongs for me from his work. After we ate, we headed straight at my place and get his borrowed suit from my super handsome brother! We bought some foodies of course for my family. And had a few minutes of conversation before we left and him dropping me at apartment. My life was just like that, you might have thought it's boring. But as for me, I called it peaceful living. And I just loved how it so easy to wake up every morning and lay on bed asleep every night without stress brought by my partner and other outside stuffs. I've been having some mood swings especially this past week, and I had some period of cries and blabbing sad words to Jp. I was just so thankful that Jp is very easy to talk with, and he has been a good listener to me. He manages to find the right words to give to me, and understand whenever I didn't want his opinion sometimes, especially those period that I become so rude on him just because I was so stressed and worried of others things in which, he was not involved naman. He was just so kind to me and I sometimes felt, I don't deserve this guy. But oh well. He loves me and he didn't care whatever maltreatment will I do to him (as per him folks huh!) lol.

Okay! okay! I'll stop, I'm blabbing so much. So there it was a dinner date last December 10, because it was his pay day nyahahaha!

This verse, always reminds me of Jp :) :
'But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.'Psalm 86:15 



I couldn't thank God enough for giving me an ideal love. I never thought I would have this kind of love that was a God's promise written on this verse. I am happy with the man of my dreams. Despite all the criticism we get from the past. Especially those people who judged us first before even hearing our side. Guys here we are! Look how far we've come! Love keeps us together. God knows our intentions were good and clear. If in any cases someone got hurt. I or we should not be blamed on these. As for me 'All is Fair in Love'. Its the way we accept our destiny that we individuals make for ourselves. We all are human. We all make decisions. And Jp and I decided to keep this love bonded. We made decisions for ourselves. We forced no one to pick and choose who is who, which is which. We just knew that God led us to this relationship because He has good plans for both of us. And I wish that the important people in our lives will support us as we move on to a more serious, deep commitment we might and we will have in the coming days, months, years and so on.

Yes it is hard to follow this simple verse in our certain period of life. But its a big fulfillment when you find out how this simple rule of God about love can change you and your love life. I do believe in heavenly dreams. I do believe in an ideal relationship. As long as we keep our love and kindness alive, relationship will last until the end of time.



Good day! It is so monday and I want to start in with a positive attitude and a positive sharing of story about my precious moments. On November 30, 2012, I was assigned by my boss Ms. Sharon Guanzon (Senior Spa Consultant) to be the receiver of our Company's Award, chosen by the Consumers League, Dangal Ng Pilipinas Award- The only foundation that DSWD and CHED had chosen :). We pride to give the best of our service to desiring individual who envisioned themselves of having a New. Unique. And understated Spa Business. We offer only the best that lead us to be the best Spa Center. It's not just a company's fulfillment alone. Its also a dream come true for us employees who gave our best on our designation work and serving our client/partners beyond our job description. We pride to say that, we only not treat our client as a regular consumer. But also, we treat them as our friends and family, whom they can trust fully and whom they can always count with through out their Spa Business life :)

I was so delighted when Madam Sharon told me, she wanted me to be her Company's representatives on the very important event. So I said yes right away! It was really amazing if your Big Boss trusted you so much even if she have known you for only a short span of time. I am working for her for three (3) months long and it really flatters me to know that she trusted so much. I was so thankful that God have given me a boss who are very supportive, very understanding, very patient, and very democratic. She always goes to decision where everyone would benefit. More often than not, she would think of how she would make up with her employees in  times we don't reach our quota. No wonder her hard work for the Company was witnessed by the Consumer's League Group of Members.

So anyway, as for me. I was ecstatic to come on the said event that I mistaken the date a week earlier haha! I was asking my boss permission to let me out at 3 pm because I still need to prepare for the evening. And she was confused and asked "why? what's up with tonight" and I answered "Ma'am for the Consumers Choice Award remember?" and she was like laughing at me so hard while saying "hello??! the awards night would take place on November 30 not November 23!" lol. So I was a bit embarrassed.

On the day of event, I still had to go to work since we were so busy with our clients. I couldn't just leave the work demand right away. But I was allowed to go home earlier so I can prepare for the Awards night that was held at Ateneo De Manila University. I went with Jp since Ms. Alice (Admin/Purchasing Manager) who supposedly should have come with me on the night couldn't make it. I was a bit nervous because we left home an hour late! Thanks to Jp who did not prepare his suit right before its time for us to go. Thankfully, he saw on the invitation that it was a government owned foundation that he assured me it will not start right away. He was just so confident because he is an event coordinator himself lol. And of course he was right because it started 8 o'clock pm contrary on the said time in the invitation. So Filipino haha! It was a great program with lots of intermission number from the different universities and places. It was such an amazing night to date :) And of course I was the one who received the award on the stage. I only wore a plain black dress and made my makeup simple and nude. My hair up to pony tailed. And Jp was a freaking stubborn he wore a very casual white polo, a jeans and a sneakers. But at least he could pulled it off very well. And I am just so inlove! :)

All in all. It was a fun filled night for us, who received the award to recognized our service that we offer to our beloved clients/consumers/and partners. This will surely motivate us to do our best in the coming years. And will never get tired of making our country a better place, by giving so much opportunity to citizens who needs job from every Spa Business we get to open. Thank you so much to all who support us. And on behalf of Ms. Sharon Guanzon and of the Spa Depot staff who are behind this success. Congratulations to us and thank you so much!!!

Me after I received the award and certification :) thanks
personal alalay!



Courtesy by me and my sister. We've made some appetizer last night and I called it 'Nacho El Piato' myself :D I was brimming of excitement whenever I had a new idea for food! But most of the time, its something that's not common for Filipino taste. Often, I would come up with Italian style, Mexican style and/or American style. We just added some Pinoy touch hehe! This only because I was bored waiting for my friends confirmation of our supposedly hang out at starbucks sm taytay last night. Turned out that they just cancelled it for I don't know reason. But it was fine since I had a chance to make it up with my siblings and JP decided to pay us a visit as well. He brought us Bibingka and Putobungbong that I personally requested ;D He really never fails to make effort to give me what I want. That so sweet of him right?? And my brother, also asked me to buy him tuna since he also made his own dish last night. It's a mix of scrambled egg and tuna and it tasted good somehow. Fair enough. lol. And his girlfriend Jeanel (with a very pores-less pearly white skin that i adore) were also with us last night. All of these dishes were paired only with an Iced Tea juice and voila were bloated all over!
On the right corner was our pride 'Nachos El Piato' chef by me and my sister,  below was the iced tea juice.
On the left corner was the scrambled egg and tuna made by my super handsomey brother king :)
Below was Jp's pasalubong bibingka and putobungbong with lots of niyog (coconut) and washed sugar.



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What about a vintage?? Can someone of you pull off an old fashioned clothes that had once used of your super lola and of your super mama when she's still a virgin? Heck I can! If I may share, most of my clothes were a heirloom vintage from my mother and grand mother. If not from them, from my aunties. I really am fond of vintage clothes, as its sophistication and uniqueness never fades. Moreover, they stand out whenever you were surrounded by people who are so into new fashion trends, that you might think they could have a school for uniformity lol! I was never a fashion guru, nor I would be delighted whenever people calls me fashionista, because seriously?? I am not. And I dont do fashion. I wear what I think looks good on me. I am very tamed when it comes to clothes I wore and staples I want to keep forever. And vintage clothes gives me the power to have my wardrobe full of useful until and even now and then staples. It's so easy for me to incorporate vintage/classic and just accessorize it with minimal yet fashionable accessories.

So anyways, where am I going with this? haha! It's all because of tita tessie. My boyfriend's mom, who just gave me a classic clothes and dress yesterday :D I was really pms-ing yesterday and was on full blast depression and boredom. Until I paid Jp a visist and voila! My pms-ing deflated and I was beaming of her mom's lovin' generosity! She gave me a seven not used vintage blouses and a black with bronze vintage dress that she thought would look great on me! And two flannel red pajamas because she knows I preferred using them at night ;) And I think she'll give me more as long as she sees me nice, kind, sweet and loving ahieeeee! That is not even hard to comply!

And that is all for today. I'm still brimming with gratefulness, although I was feel sorry for my sister who were diagnosed of Asthmatic condition just yesterday. Was really stressed and worried but as what I heard from my mother, she's all well now with her medicine on the side. I just prayed she'll get well and that it won't get worse anymore. I will pay them a visit now actually. Was just waiting for my penny so I can help in any ways. And oh yeah about the vintage again, I am deeply sorry but I didn't take a shot of those anymore since I was really in a bad shape yesterday. So i just paid google a visit and borrowed one of their many vintage photos hihi! Ciao!

'But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.' -

Matthew 6:33

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