My Facebook Cover btw :) Will be my wedding caption someday.... .
lol! Sorry for using your whole name, it just feel like, it would fit my made letter for you. hehe! And the sound of your name really makes me quiver y'know! It's as if, the sound of it was very you. And it makes me feel you're mine. And calling you John Paul is very romantic, or I don't know! Maybe it's just me, because I am in love with you :D

Well anyways here it goes. My dedication of love on our seven (7) month anniversary!

 Let me just start off by saying I love you and I'm happy that I found you in this world. Out of every billion of guys out here you are truly the only one that's half of me, I won't stop till I have all of you and you have all me. I love when you kiss my nose and when you hold me so tight, when we lay next each other like we won't ever lay together again. I promise to cherish every second with you never lie or keep anything from you, the good nor the bad because you deserve to know everything. I will never cheat on you I will keep it faithful and have faith in us. As long as you stay here by my side I'll show you how it feels to have a real woman by your side, cause real ladies can never be stolen by any other guy if she's already cuffed by a guy she loves. you're my best friend, honey, mahal, boyfriend, fiancé, and heart. As long as we have trust and love it will always be us, if you feel like we've changed I'll just bring our first conversation up our first picture our first date and kiss then remind you of how we were. I love you honey and I will never leave your side I accept every bit of you, your perfection and imperfection. Not every one is perfect but you're a 'p e r f e c t' fit for me.

Loves you warmly,
Queenie ;)



Before we head home at Green Ridge Village (where I originally live), I along with my sweet heart (lol cheesy ng tawag eh!) dine out first at Sega Cofi. Would you believe it?? We walked from shopwise to sega that was near the ynares gym already haha! It was dark already so we didn't get sweat and we enjoyed walking while holding each others hand and giving our share of stories within the day :). Simple. Sweet. Romantic. That I can describe the feeling!

We ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu, because I liked the sound of it, and because I don't eat steaks or any red meats that they are mostly available. Jp ordered mixed Sea Food Pasta, that was also my choice haha! (parang wala ka namang choice honey eh :p) And as for my desert was my super favorite Blueberry Cheese Cake! Wow superb! I just found it too sweet compared to Jp's good ol' pasalubongs for me from his work. After we ate, we headed straight at my place and get his borrowed suit from my super handsome brother! We bought some foodies of course for my family. And had a few minutes of conversation before we left and him dropping me at apartment. My life was just like that, you might have thought it's boring. But as for me, I called it peaceful living. And I just loved how it so easy to wake up every morning and lay on bed asleep every night without stress brought by my partner and other outside stuffs. I've been having some mood swings especially this past week, and I had some period of cries and blabbing sad words to Jp. I was just so thankful that Jp is very easy to talk with, and he has been a good listener to me. He manages to find the right words to give to me, and understand whenever I didn't want his opinion sometimes, especially those period that I become so rude on him just because I was so stressed and worried of others things in which, he was not involved naman. He was just so kind to me and I sometimes felt, I don't deserve this guy. But oh well. He loves me and he didn't care whatever maltreatment will I do to him (as per him folks huh!) lol.

Okay! okay! I'll stop, I'm blabbing so much. So there it was a dinner date last December 10, because it was his pay day nyahahaha!

This verse, always reminds me of Jp :) :
'But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.'Psalm 86:15 



I couldn't thank God enough for giving me an ideal love. I never thought I would have this kind of love that was a God's promise written on this verse. I am happy with the man of my dreams. Despite all the criticism we get from the past. Especially those people who judged us first before even hearing our side. Guys here we are! Look how far we've come! Love keeps us together. God knows our intentions were good and clear. If in any cases someone got hurt. I or we should not be blamed on these. As for me 'All is Fair in Love'. Its the way we accept our destiny that we individuals make for ourselves. We all are human. We all make decisions. And Jp and I decided to keep this love bonded. We made decisions for ourselves. We forced no one to pick and choose who is who, which is which. We just knew that God led us to this relationship because He has good plans for both of us. And I wish that the important people in our lives will support us as we move on to a more serious, deep commitment we might and we will have in the coming days, months, years and so on.

Yes it is hard to follow this simple verse in our certain period of life. But its a big fulfillment when you find out how this simple rule of God about love can change you and your love life. I do believe in heavenly dreams. I do believe in an ideal relationship. As long as we keep our love and kindness alive, relationship will last until the end of time.



Good day! It is so monday and I want to start in with a positive attitude and a positive sharing of story about my precious moments. On November 30, 2012, I was assigned by my boss Ms. Sharon Guanzon (Senior Spa Consultant) to be the receiver of our Company's Award, chosen by the Consumers League, Dangal Ng Pilipinas Award- The only foundation that DSWD and CHED had chosen :). We pride to give the best of our service to desiring individual who envisioned themselves of having a New. Unique. And understated Spa Business. We offer only the best that lead us to be the best Spa Center. It's not just a company's fulfillment alone. Its also a dream come true for us employees who gave our best on our designation work and serving our client/partners beyond our job description. We pride to say that, we only not treat our client as a regular consumer. But also, we treat them as our friends and family, whom they can trust fully and whom they can always count with through out their Spa Business life :)

I was so delighted when Madam Sharon told me, she wanted me to be her Company's representatives on the very important event. So I said yes right away! It was really amazing if your Big Boss trusted you so much even if she have known you for only a short span of time. I am working for her for three (3) months long and it really flatters me to know that she trusted so much. I was so thankful that God have given me a boss who are very supportive, very understanding, very patient, and very democratic. She always goes to decision where everyone would benefit. More often than not, she would think of how she would make up with her employees in  times we don't reach our quota. No wonder her hard work for the Company was witnessed by the Consumer's League Group of Members.

So anyway, as for me. I was ecstatic to come on the said event that I mistaken the date a week earlier haha! I was asking my boss permission to let me out at 3 pm because I still need to prepare for the evening. And she was confused and asked "why? what's up with tonight" and I answered "Ma'am for the Consumers Choice Award remember?" and she was like laughing at me so hard while saying "hello??! the awards night would take place on November 30 not November 23!" lol. So I was a bit embarrassed.

On the day of event, I still had to go to work since we were so busy with our clients. I couldn't just leave the work demand right away. But I was allowed to go home earlier so I can prepare for the Awards night that was held at Ateneo De Manila University. I went with Jp since Ms. Alice (Admin/Purchasing Manager) who supposedly should have come with me on the night couldn't make it. I was a bit nervous because we left home an hour late! Thanks to Jp who did not prepare his suit right before its time for us to go. Thankfully, he saw on the invitation that it was a government owned foundation that he assured me it will not start right away. He was just so confident because he is an event coordinator himself lol. And of course he was right because it started 8 o'clock pm contrary on the said time in the invitation. So Filipino haha! It was a great program with lots of intermission number from the different universities and places. It was such an amazing night to date :) And of course I was the one who received the award on the stage. I only wore a plain black dress and made my makeup simple and nude. My hair up to pony tailed. And Jp was a freaking stubborn he wore a very casual white polo, a jeans and a sneakers. But at least he could pulled it off very well. And I am just so inlove! :)

All in all. It was a fun filled night for us, who received the award to recognized our service that we offer to our beloved clients/consumers/and partners. This will surely motivate us to do our best in the coming years. And will never get tired of making our country a better place, by giving so much opportunity to citizens who needs job from every Spa Business we get to open. Thank you so much to all who support us. And on behalf of Ms. Sharon Guanzon and of the Spa Depot staff who are behind this success. Congratulations to us and thank you so much!!!

Me after I received the award and certification :) thanks
personal alalay!



Courtesy by me and my sister. We've made some appetizer last night and I called it 'Nacho El Piato' myself :D I was brimming of excitement whenever I had a new idea for food! But most of the time, its something that's not common for Filipino taste. Often, I would come up with Italian style, Mexican style and/or American style. We just added some Pinoy touch hehe! This only because I was bored waiting for my friends confirmation of our supposedly hang out at starbucks sm taytay last night. Turned out that they just cancelled it for I don't know reason. But it was fine since I had a chance to make it up with my siblings and JP decided to pay us a visit as well. He brought us Bibingka and Putobungbong that I personally requested ;D He really never fails to make effort to give me what I want. That so sweet of him right?? And my brother, also asked me to buy him tuna since he also made his own dish last night. It's a mix of scrambled egg and tuna and it tasted good somehow. Fair enough. lol. And his girlfriend Jeanel (with a very pores-less pearly white skin that i adore) were also with us last night. All of these dishes were paired only with an Iced Tea juice and voila were bloated all over!
On the right corner was our pride 'Nachos El Piato' chef by me and my sister,  below was the iced tea juice.
On the left corner was the scrambled egg and tuna made by my super handsomey brother king :)
Below was Jp's pasalubong bibingka and putobungbong with lots of niyog (coconut) and washed sugar.



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What about a vintage?? Can someone of you pull off an old fashioned clothes that had once used of your super lola and of your super mama when she's still a virgin? Heck I can! If I may share, most of my clothes were a heirloom vintage from my mother and grand mother. If not from them, from my aunties. I really am fond of vintage clothes, as its sophistication and uniqueness never fades. Moreover, they stand out whenever you were surrounded by people who are so into new fashion trends, that you might think they could have a school for uniformity lol! I was never a fashion guru, nor I would be delighted whenever people calls me fashionista, because seriously?? I am not. And I dont do fashion. I wear what I think looks good on me. I am very tamed when it comes to clothes I wore and staples I want to keep forever. And vintage clothes gives me the power to have my wardrobe full of useful until and even now and then staples. It's so easy for me to incorporate vintage/classic and just accessorize it with minimal yet fashionable accessories.

So anyways, where am I going with this? haha! It's all because of tita tessie. My boyfriend's mom, who just gave me a classic clothes and dress yesterday :D I was really pms-ing yesterday and was on full blast depression and boredom. Until I paid Jp a visist and voila! My pms-ing deflated and I was beaming of her mom's lovin' generosity! She gave me a seven not used vintage blouses and a black with bronze vintage dress that she thought would look great on me! And two flannel red pajamas because she knows I preferred using them at night ;) And I think she'll give me more as long as she sees me nice, kind, sweet and loving ahieeeee! That is not even hard to comply!

And that is all for today. I'm still brimming with gratefulness, although I was feel sorry for my sister who were diagnosed of Asthmatic condition just yesterday. Was really stressed and worried but as what I heard from my mother, she's all well now with her medicine on the side. I just prayed she'll get well and that it won't get worse anymore. I will pay them a visit now actually. Was just waiting for my penny so I can help in any ways. And oh yeah about the vintage again, I am deeply sorry but I didn't take a shot of those anymore since I was really in a bad shape yesterday. So i just paid google a visit and borrowed one of their many vintage photos hihi! Ciao!

'But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.' -

Matthew 6:33



Last night, I was lurking to watch movies at the apartment. I can't feel anything but overwhelming contentment at that night. I think I am so much inlove of my life now that I really do not feel anything negative around me. I decided to re watch the love movies that has a different stories. First was the 'Unofficially yours' followed by 'No Other Woman'. It both, were quite a movie. Both about love. Both at the wrong time. Both wanted nothing but complete and absolute happiness to find someone they truly love and to have feelings be mutual. And yet both had  flaws, two different stories that signifies the same reasons. The same meanings. The same situations. We all both want to be loved solely. But in certain part of our lives, we somewhat screw up and find love the wrong ways, at the wrong time. Worst part is, when we knew how wrong it was and yet, we want it so bad. So bad that we would give all only for the sake of love. So bad that even risking our own happiness and other peoples happiness don't count anymore the strong feelings we have for a person. Sometimes, when love is too strong and empowering us so much, it only feels like everything seems so right. That every thing we are dying to do for the love our lives just seems to be the only, magically right. Sometimes we even think that, we are the victims of too much love. Giving all that we've had. Sacrificing our life from friends, work, career, and our dreams for the person we thought worth the fight.

But when that someone so dearly in our lives is gone. And we are all alone negating all about we've done and sacrificed for the one we love so truly. That's time we realized that the love we thought was unselfish and full of humility, were all gone wrong. That too much love for someone is a sinful selfishness. That sacrificing our own priorities in life is somewhat the mere proof that we are only loving nobody but ourselves. We blame people that they made our life miserable. We blame outside influence why we get hurt. We think that life is just not fair. That God did take side of others lives than of us.

As I watched the movie...there was only thing that seemed to be so bright. That we loved, because we decided to love. That we were in this certain level of our lives because we chose to step up. Strong emotions got us weary, curiosity boosted, and so our desire to why not give it a try. We wouldn't be loving someone if we did not command our heart and mind to set up the way it does. We can never blame somebody of our misery. We love because we want it. We delivered ourselves through it. It's not the gushing water from ocean that pushes as close to the people we dear and hurt us on the verge of our love for them. Nor the wind that forced us to fly and falls down to someone that would just caused us pain. It's only us. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to play life safe and never step up for something new. We can choose not to love. We can choose whom we will love. We can choose anything we want. And a lesson that I now keeping in mind is this; all our chosen path has its own carrying consequences. It has all the pros and cons in it. We can choose to love and with that, we also are choosing to get hurt. We can choose to keep still and never allow someone to get in us, and yet we are like, accepting that we will forever be alone, having what if's hanging in our minds.

As I typed this, I am thinking of what my life would have been if not about my chosen decisions way back? If  I chose not to risk. How will I define love now? If not about my mistakes on choosing whom to love and risking the border of my being. How would I know how it feels to be devastated? It's as if, I am very grateful that love once..had been my disease. Because it encompasses now what I am. I am molded not of what I've learned from books I read, neither from what love movies have taught me nor the stories of other people that surrounds me. I learned all my lessons about life, particularly in love, perhaps because I was too brave to risk everything. That I had my now and never set of mind. I tell myself now 'if everything on my past had gone smoothly and right, will I be having a chance to meet my guy now?' :) And as time goes by, I  pride myself saying.. am living my life peacefully and lovingly. Just the mere presence of his life on mine fills so much of what I had been missing since my life before him.  I have never been this peaceful. And overwhelming satisfaction almost suffocates me.

My heart is at its happy place (as what I have said thousand of times). It so easy, uncomplicated and yet, its filled of excitement and enthusiasm for the relationship. We never or we seldom talk about our past. Though we have passed that times on our early stages of relationship. We often look forward to new, fresh starts. And we always love to plan and look for things we dreamed to have. And by looking means, we canvass, we sort out plans, we set aside savings and we drop unimportant things that we think will hinder everything we had in mind ahead of us :) I know I sound so good to be true, but thats the way it is! That's how my relationship goes with JP and I am so happy being with him.We have our flaws together. We argue, we do fight, we have small petty tampuhan. And we get jealous sometimes. But I know that is only a part of us being together. Being real and true. And most especially. Joyful :)



my ultimate dream :)

I can't wait to make my dream come true <3 p="p">
Soon... ... .


My Skin Care Haul for the week!

Hi guys! Good afternoon :) Again, I'm doing this little sneaking here at my office area hehe. Really don't have a time at night since all I want to do at that moment was to read, rest then sleep. I feel like a crap today, and I presumed it has something to do with my period. My face and eyes seemed so heavy like I have a baggage carrying on it. It's so puffy and my stomach felt so full with air. My body really is on its poorest state now. So I think, I have to make it up with a healthy life style. Mostly, when I have my period, I would eat more of fruits and veggies (Watery foods) so to make sure my skin would still look supple and my body wold feel so light. But now that I suddenly had a changed of life style, even my food habit (since I started working) and that I am staying in an apartment, My food choices became less and less healthy. This is because, I preferred buying instant and ready to eat food instead of buying groceries and do some cooking that I find so tiring and time consuming. So here, I'm suffering the consequences of my chosen path lol. I always feel drained, and I get tired easily. I'm becoming moody every single day. My skin seems to lost its natural glow. And it made me feel ugly inside and out. And it kind of reflecting on my attitude towards JP, who most of time, the one encountering my shortcomings. I'm just so glad that he is so patient and understanding of my moody condition hehe!

And so after analyzing deeply the reason behind this physical and psychological ugliness that I'm suffering (lol). I decided to make a little step by step restoration of what I think I had lost for a months of irresponsible   laziness to becoming healthy.

Just this week, I decided to meet up with Jp at SM mall since I needed to buy him a shaving blade for his face. And I also wanted to make a short time window shopping, so I can start making a list of my god sons/daughters gift. Then, I stumbled across watsons store since it was the first that you would see right after you enter SM taytay coming from tikling. If you may ask, watsons is one of my most favorite spot to come in every time I am at the mall area. Second to the book store. Maybe some of you would be surprised to realized that clothes and dresses really comes on my last list of girly staples. I only have 3 spots I always wanted to stand by: Book Store. Watsons. Cosmetics Store. Clothes is on the least of my list to be precised :) So anyway, going back to my real agenda here... I decided to look around watsons, and my feet brought me to the skin care area. I looked for my usual soap Dove White Bar instead of getting again one of whitening bar that only made my skin rough and dry. I did not even get any whiter! Next, I looked for good and deep hydrating lotion, and I stumbled across buying the Nivea Intensive Moisture Milk Lotion. And for the first time, I bought a Face and Body waxing from Epilin, for my armpit. Since its less hassle to use, and it  whitens the underarm area from continuous usage because it has the capacity to remove the dead skin cells on it. I am still thinking if I should try this on my legs, it will be very time consuming for me, especially that I only have 1 day off. I also bought a new pressed powder from Shawill (i got the darkest shade since they're only available with light ones) and I chose shawill brand first because, it is affordable, I also tried it on my arm's skin and it feels so smooth and light compared to my usual maybelline clear smooth pressed powder.

So that's it! I only purchased a little for my skin care because of budget constraint. I still have lots to buy next time and I dont want to spend all my money for my non- sense beauty dilemmas haha! Moreover, it is better to start beautifying oneself from deep within, by eating healthier and freshly cooked foods and ones attitude towards life. Keeping your self happy is the best key to young, youthful glow. But sometimes cosmetology can make it faster right?? AMININ!!! God Bless us all!



the cutest, smart. bubbly Ziva!
Sooooooooooooo this is it yakisobang pansit! haha! As a promised, I would start bragging my happening irregardless of when and where it happened. My boss just got out of the office and this is my only chance to type my personal blog here at my little spacious area :D I have to make it quick and short since I need to go home early for my mom's request that we (along with jp)  accompany her at bus terminal in cubao. she needs somebody to bring her heavy baggage and she thought no one else but me!!! #AMAGAWD what a beautiful P.A mother!lol So that. That's my quick story for today, there was no extraordinary about my so predictable day at work. Keeping our cool while we're waiting for the training schedules to come in.

the most adorable family of sir owen :)
So today, I drop by to share this momentous day that happens to my man's closest of friends, Sir Owen. He, along with their co-dept. invited us to witnessed their daughter's first birthday and christening. Congratulations Ziva! I know the blessings for these family will over flow because they offered their child to our almighty. And I was pleased that they invited me, and for the warmth welcome they have showed me. They were so easy and so fun to be with. I kept on laughing whenever they would cracked up a joke. Well, they always come up with a joke in spite of what the mood was. That may be a reason that  keeps them all look younger. I wish I have more moments together with jp's officemates. They're really that fun :)

and of course the love birds hihi!
the FPLA family of JP :)

That is all for today! See you on my next blog post :D I need to pack up now and head home right quick! Then will be heading to cubao then next to megamall. I also need to bring back my bought tomato shoes for size replacement. Ciao madla!

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."


Hi fellow readers! It's been quite a while since I blog something about my life's event. I terrible felt guilty for not having ample of time to all the things  I usually does. Reason behind it?? too demanding work! I enjoyed to bits what I am doing now at my current job but it eats out all my time that i can not say yes to anything outside it. That made (i guess) some of friends to turned their back and get a little mad at me. Well in this case i absolutely feel sorry but what can I do?? I can't least prioritize whats making me a living now. Especially that i'm getting my fix into a lot of things that I find more important. Such things are, my family, my independence, my career, my future stand financially speaking, and my growing desire to settle for good with you know ahiiiie(kinikilig!) with my super supportive man :D And sorting all these matured plans for the future, I came setting my mind to least prioritize others that would just spend out non sense expenses from my hard earned penny. I promised that I will keep up with my friends and other stuff if time permits me.

Okay enough with my babbling of priorities and maturing lol! You might think I have become too meticulous now haha, but I'm not ;). I blog again since I want to inform you that from this day forward... . I will be posting a lot of my back logs (crossed fingers to that though hihi) so to make up with one of my most favorite hobby and that is THIS!!Blogging! As I said, its been quite a while now since the the last, but I am certain that I will try my best to some how keep up with my usual hobbies, especially those that are useful and healthy for me.

'Hows my life now??' If you may ask. I'm in total contentment of my life. I have spend my time apart from work mostly with family and myself alone. And if time permits with my super loving man :) He makes my life uncomplicated. He completely secured me emotionally speaking. He never ceases to make me feel kilig, guarded, protected, and he always find time to talk and have a heart to heart conversation with me everyday and every night. We've been together for almost 6 months now and we still do the daily devotion together. I have lots of good words with my relationship now but would take us days if I will brag it here all haha! So let me cut our story off here. One thing that I managed to also keep up was, to continue my love for reading :) I always read. I love to read especially if its about love, friendship, relationship, family and anything that goes about love. That's me :) If you would ask me whats new about me now.. I have a few words to that, because honestly.. I can't even pinpoint the changes myself lol. But maybe, just maybe, I am much happier now. My heart is in its happy place. Sometimes I get sad but not anymore afraid nor too depressed that causes me to lose my appetite . I earned a few of fats on my cheeks and belly as well yay for that! JP never fails to full me with yummy foodies! My skin became a bit tanned since I've been doing an outdoor activities related to my work. In this case I don't know if I should be happy or feel achy since I'd been having a faired skin for the longest time. But I think I look healthier and glowing with my current skin color now so yeah why not right?? And that's it. I just made a little kwento (story) about myself before starting to drown you with my latest blogs and photos hehe. I'm still at work and my boss is here so maybe I will need you guys to bear with my quick and cut offs blog hihi!

the present me :)
have a great day everyone!

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose - (Romans 8:28).



Hi fellow readers! Please do support me by promoting my Imperative Nail Lacquers :). Goddess Athena Spa Depot (where I currently work) is the Sole Distributor for this!! So please spread the imperatives news to our fellow beauties, darlings, bff's, gff's!!!!! even your boyfriend if he feels of having so!!haha more love and grace ahead  everyone :D

We are also the Franchiser of ThenailXperts Spa :)



hi everyone! i know i know..i've been a sleeping oil for a weeks now! I've been so busy since the moment i got hired from my new work. i got to be so excited that my desire to blog every single detail of my life lessened up. Shame to admit but yeah, it's not that i dont like blogging anymore, its just that I've been so deprived of sleep and I've been working for 6 heavenly working days! And like our almighty, my only rest day was sunday! hooray! I am not complaining about my busy schedules and stressful work load these past weeks, its more of, I got a lot of things that I want to do but my time seems so little it can't fit all the stuffs that i opted to do. But i am trying! just like now, since i am done already with all my assignments and works here at the office, i even helped my co worker to prepare her lectures for the trainees today. I am stuck here now on my desk staring and waiting for time out! Sitting pretty while sipping my coffee and reading blogs and other articles that has to do with Spa Business and Feasibility etc. Then... I got bored and i need to do something or else my mood will affect the way i perceived my work that was so much better now compared to my previous job hehe. and so i get my phone, open my to do list, started doodling down what i planned to do next. So one of those was this. HEAVEN IM AGAIN BLOGGING YAY! :D I absolutely missed doing this, and i think it's unfair that in times i've got a lot of things in my life to share, that's the time i stopped blogging. so here, i will make it up with you guys :) but please bear with me since it will be a random posting. maybe even the events and happenings won't be date to date, but whats important now is that, i find time to share it with you guys..

so here it goes. let's start when i get this job, at first i was not really mesmerized by the thought of getting hired in sales field again. I had been here a lot of times, and I seemed not doing great at it. And to be honest, I really hate the responsibilities and job description a sales representative has. it's like you're dying to please people to convince them to get what you offer, so that you would meet your quota. my work now still goes like that, but i am more satisfied and its more better since my career now is something i am naturally good at. something i am passionate about. but of course i still have to learn a lot about it. i am not just an ordinary sale/product consultant, i am also a spa consultant, where in i assist people who has inquiries and wants to put up a spa business. here i set appointment with them, that depends if they want to meet up somewhere outside that is more convenient with their schedule or they can just come visit me here in our office (of course this one is what i most preferred hihi).I do study marketing, business planning and conceptualizing, spa location study, I mostly read about beautifying wherein i don't  even think its an overload work for me, although if i will try to enumerate everything that i do. you might think its really too much of responsibilities put on my shoulder haha! Yes I get tired but enjoy it to bits. Yes i sometimes feel hopeless especially those times i can't close a deal. And yes, i am terrified that i might not be  enough for my boss for this job she might think of replacing me. But no matter what happens, i will walk by faith. i wont step back just because i fear what's there to expect. As long as i have this job, i will do my best to make the best of it. I miss being a busy woman. I miss having a career. i miss earning my own penny! i miss the freedom your career could give to you and i wont let it be away from be by just giving up! aja Queen aja! haha..so yeah i am now a cray cray girl!haha

my company id picture :)

this picture was not taken in our office haha! i just got home from work so there, that was my whole outfit for that day. i think it was taken only last friday.

next was my date with my forever love and best friend myloves! along with my daddy long legs honey :D and for the first time, they've met haha! it was an amazing moment for me, they got to meet and be friends as well, and now..the three of us were planning to eat out frequently at different kinds of resto, we also opted to watch vice ganda movie this coming october, and the divisoria get way on december! see? all these were set up for the first time they encountered each other. should i ask for more?? ;)

next was jessica's birthday! I was really touched whenever she would invite me on here cocktail party.we dont talk a lot, we seldom see each other. But when we do, its like 'the good ol days' :) even her cousins were close to me, that they always look for me whenever they throw  a party. I dont know why God blesses me so much of random people who loves me and loves my company! nobody or maybe there's only a few who despised or hate me. I am too sweet, too affectionate to be hated by anyone. although you can not please everybody, and no matter what goodness you show them they would still mock you down. so just smiled them off! anyways..i love you jessiber!

and lastly, about my JP :) we always head to work together in the morning and goes home together too. we both work at antipolo and we find the short time to make it up with each other since we are both busy with our work. he has sat and sundays to rest but i only have sundays off, so i tend to share that time with him, with friends and of course with my family, its too exhausting yeah. but atleast we're trying to manage our time spend with important people in our lives :)

well these are all for now. it's time to pack up my things and go meet jp so we can have some dinner out before heading home! i miss the quality of time we spend together. so we will try to make up tonight. just a simple dinner with someone you love suffice ayiiie! have a blessed and productive day everyone!



Good morning everyone!!! I am up so early yeah?haha I promised I will be blogging about my new work right after I broadcast that I was being aired on tv from the 2nd of my work! would you so kind to imagine it? only my second day and I was haluvah being carried by my boss to be a part of that tv guesting! well i should drop off this topic since i will be blogging about it in a separate day. for now i just want to focus on personal to professional story of how I got this job. But bear with me that i need to fast track it since i will prepare for work later ;). So first off, it was my boyfriend JP who really made it all possible by sending my CV to Athena Goddess Spa Depot since he saw that i t would suit my employment backround. they were needing a product consultant wherein we cater recommendation of the best, newest and cost friendly (i might say) products that could help maximize the company's (specifically the Salon and Spa) profitability. So yeah there i said what i've been expecting to do. I wont be in details for now about all the loaded stuff i will be doing, its really exhausting because i am still trying to pin down all my tasks, and its quite disorganized. maybe because it was really overwhelming, exciting and at the same time pressured, since we will be launching a product that was very first to come out here in the Philippines and we are the very first and SOLE DISTRIBUTOR of it. I am talking about the Nail Lacquers i had been divulging on fb and twitter haha.

I can't seriously blog a long post so that i can give you a definite information about it, but i will be leaving you with some pictures and be curiously mesmerized by it, while waiting for my next blog. I am about to make my separate blogsite for this, but in the mean time, i will spoil you here on my personal blog :) since it's still under construction. we do have a website already for our newest nail brand but, it's not segmented with only one product. and my job is to focus more on this newest nail lacquers in the house! see who wouldn't be pressured if you need to market something so stranger and new for filipina beauties right? but i do believe i can do this, it's one of my passion and i am fond of doing it since before. the best will naturally come out of me because i know this is something i am good at. and I am so grateful to our Lord God that he answered my prayer. before, its only my wishful thinking to be part of an industry wherein i can flaunt my talent on styling women to be timelessly beautiful and worthy :)

So for now heres the sneak peek of the newest style you will be expecting to see on the salons sooner yay:

The IMPERATIVE luxury nail fashion. the newest stylish brand you will all embrace. fierce and stunning at its finest. be the first to be in nail fashion trends.



when a father, loved his son so much. i couldn't help but cry while watching this.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:16). 

this video was sent by my cousin on my website and advised me to watch it.

"Don't Worry":

25 `So, I tell you this. Do not be troubled about what you will eat or drink to keep alive. Do not be troubled about what you will wear on your body. Life itself is worth more than food, and the body is worth more than clothes. 
26 `Look at the birds that fly in the air. They do not plant or cut or keep any food. Yet your Father in heaven feeds them. Are yo
u not worth more than birds?
27 Can any one of you live any longer by troubling yourself about these things?
28 And why are you troubled about clothes? See how the flowers grow in the fields. They do not work or make cloth.
29 I tell you, King Solomon was a great man. But he was not dressed as fine as one of these flowers.
30 God dresses the grass in the fields so it looks nice. It is in the field one day and the next day it is put on the fire. If God dresses the grass like that, he cares much more that you have clothes to wear. You do not believe in God very much!
31 `So then, do not keep asking, 'What shall we eat?' 'What shall we drink?' and 'What shall we wear?'
32 It is the people who do not believe in God who work for all these things. Your Father in heaven knows that you need them all.
33 `Work first for God's kingdom and what he calls good. Then you will have all these things also (Matthew 6 : 25-33 - WE)

and this one was posted by my uncle.

 i love how my bloodlines devote themselves into God's word of wisdom daily. and how it affects their view in life and in people they encounter everyday. i always pray the i would also find my Lord in my daily life. i know i believe in him. but i only know a few of what he can do in my life completely. so i ask you guys to help me and witness as i make my journey into finding God's love in my life :)

have a beautiful day ahead everyone! May God bless us all!



'WOW'... thats the only word i could say. its been three months that i wasn't single anymore. how ironic life could be right? last year i was just barging up of too much heart ache i had experience and vowed never to fall inlove again haha! there i said it..i ate what i said a year ago :) i think it's normal to feel too much disdain into love after a handful of heart breaks in your past..but slowly, as time passes by, the pain and bitterness would subside. i remember myself saying "once this guy i loved now failed me in our relationship??..i will never love again, but then i will find a rich man whom i will marry and i would live my life just like my name" ROYALTY. but again, it was all just my mind being defensive and trying to covered up that something on my relationship that time was wrong. i couldn't pinpoint what was it. i kept on denying that there was a problem. pretending to be okay with everything. but there came a point that fate intervene. or let's say that God by used of fate intervene. he knew it was not for me. he knew all along that it would come to an end. not to hurt me but rather, to gave me a lesson. to tell me that i still had a long road of journey. that he saved something better for me, something i most deserve..and of course someone who would love me as me. accept me as me. and wouldn't ask to change any in return for his love. at first, of course everything were so hard to accept. i was asking God that maybe he was wrong about removing what and whom i had at the moment. that i had a strong feeling i already had what i needed in my life. that he shouldn't have taken away what's making me happy, and the reason why i am living. but of course i have to admit now...God knew all along that i had a wrong emotions and feelings towards my life at the time and that i need to dramatically changed that or it would have made my life miserable.

You all know now, that i am in love again, and this one is for him. John Paul Paragile. the man i never thought of loving. a man i never knew, though we went on the same college school, when i was currently in a relationship with somebody else. i never saw him, neither recognized him although he once played basketball with my past man. he told me he was seeing me at the time. but never even in his wildest dreams did he imagine having a relationship with me. And then we met. i wouldn't be in details how, since i blogged about that already, if you want to review that part come to this link BoyMeetsGirl. we have been together for three months now, well perhaps it's almost haha, tomorrow will be our third month anniversary lol! Of course those cliche stuff of having a boyfriend and girlfriend is still a must. we're still young at heart and i enjoyed cheesy-ness of a relationship, thats what makes one always fresh and new right? when you never stop courting your loved one, especially the GIRLS (lets assume jp won't read it and assume he won't get carried away ;) )  like doing what you used to do when you were still on the getting to know stage. such as making harana for her (singing a romantic song) giving him or her thoughtful gifts (with this part it doesnt have to be materialistic or expensive.anything that comes from the heart and that reminds you of your loveone will do) giving hugs and kisses all the time. saying 'i love you' tirelessly. sending each other cheeseballs messages or even posting and tweeting each other how much affection you feel for them. im telling you..this would make the relationship feeling all brand new and strong as time goes by :) These qualities is not perfected by Jp but i could see how hard he is giving an effort to make me feel the best among the rest!! he prioritize me and my feelings before his.

Last week, we revealed to everyone our relationship. on my part, nobody disagreed. almost all of my friends and relatives were happy for me. on his part, i am happy to see i am welcomed but then again.. i know some were disappointed. of course it makes me feel a bit sad but nonetheless, its fine with me, i understand where they're coming. i know some of his friends were also good friend with his past girlfriend and it would take time before they absorb that certain things, events and people changed. and i just wish they will see the goodness of Jp's change of heart. and i wish they will later realize that he shouldn't be blame of loving a new. and if in any case he hurt someone's heart. in this world, more often than not, we would be judged, despite their lack of knowledge about what really happened. and i am proud that jp didnt' badge and remained silent to show respect for those who (im sorry for the term) accused him of being the one who have made mistakes. stories reversed and edited. two parties will always have two different version of stories, its up to individual's perspective now who would they believe.

But of course it was not bad at all. WE were definitely accepted by our families. I had my first formal encounter with his family and they gave me a warmth welcome, they even prepared some of my favorite dishes! one was ginataang bilobilo which i told jp how bad i was craving for it, and adobong chicken, they also considered my not eating of red meat for preparing!!wow right? how sweet and thoughtful that was!!it was very heartmelting. though i was a little embarrassed since i am wearing shorts that time, jp didn't inform me that his father was a very conservative man. ayy dyahe! and that they were expecting us to be there at home by 2 pm and we arrived past 6 pm.huh! can you just imagine how embarrassed i was? i was just glad they're really kind and patient parents. im still bringing that one up whenever i saw jp and would blame him for the embarrassment that i get lol! i would always say "naka shorts na nga, late pa!" great! i'd be getting a good feedback from your parents right?" hahaha! But nonetheless I had fun tagging along with his parents and also with his cutie nephews, seeing them makes me ecstatic of having my own hihi!! And of course, jp had to meet my parents as well..so he did visit the day after my visit at his place to meet mine for the first time, but before that, we went on their church first to attend a mass (or for born again christians 'a service'). they were all kind to me! after the mass i was surprised when they all approached me and hand shake and greeted me welcome. even the pastor from that ministry. i felt a bit shy for being the center of attention. jp told me it was normal, since obviously i was the new face there. they were all friendly and enthusiastic and i love it to pieces! and with my parents i am glad they'd been so kind and respectful to jp..i was nervous for him since i didn't know what to expect from them as much as jp's own nervousness! especially my father whose on his best behavior. maybe i was too anxious that i was expecting the worst. so i gave him precautionary measures haha! but it all ended up great! he got along with my mother and siblings right away, even though my father and him didn't quite talk aside from simple handshake and reciprocating of smile the whole day. at least they all managed to be in a good manner :) my weekend unfolded great and i am happy that it did.

Tomorrow will be our third months together and i just want to give him a simple thing to smile about. I wish he would read this by 12 am before he go to sleep. i wish i could make him feel special. i want to make him happy as much as he wants me to be. i want to take this chance to thank him for entering my life. and i believe he was  a gift from God. up until now we are doing the bible reading and pick out one experience from our past or current situation and reflect and relate on it. he's a good adviser. we always pray at night and vowed we will make God as the center of our relationship and everything that we do. he also registered me to a two days retreat on their ministry next week. he's really keeping me closer to God and he was the first man i loved who do that for me. i wont' say it will last forever because i don't want to be ahead of God's beautiful plan for both of us. as long as we wake up having each other in our lives. it is enough for me. but of course if you would ask me if i want it to lasts and if i want him to be the last and stay for the rest of my life..i will be the happiest created woman alive :) But i will let God be at work in my relationship, i don't want to plug all the responsibilities in me again. we'll take it slow.

As for my last word for JP this day. I love you honey, you dont know how much joy you bring into my life. i know our relationship had been and will be experiencing a lot of struggles and trials along the road. but i will believe in us. and i will trust. will be loyal and honest all the time. we won't give up and we will keep on fighting to make this love forever alive :) Happy three months of being inlove. And if this love is right in God's eyes, then we will never lose it. I love you and I will take care of you. This is my 'simple gift' to you for our monthsarry! i am sorry i cant buy you any for now. you know naman hehe!

Good night people. i wish all of us were inlove hahaha! ciao

they say we look alike??should i be happy or should i get worried??hahahaha!!!!



google image

I've been a rainy season lover since heaven knows when. I would admit that I always pray to God he would make the day mostly gloomy with a little pouring rain. I dont know the implication, but psychologically it makes me feel at ease, relax and happier than seeing the sun rising. Mostly, I would just stay home curling on bed, reading, navigating stuff on my laptop, eating, napping..and despite the bad weather, I could still go out and enjoy myself. But today was different, today was the day I realized how bad the incessant rainy days have become. I watched the news on tv, listened to radio, and I felt guilty for not knowing early on how far this they so called 'ordinary rainy day' damaged the lives of people whose affected by the flood that is incessantly rising as i blog about this now. I felt helpless since I want to do something to help those people who are in need. But what can i do if i am here stuck at home..and just feeling sorry for the people who suffered so much now to this calamities our country is in. I remembered my experience way back to Ondoy... It was again, devastating for some, but not for me. I was stranded at my friends home where in flood was just the last thing we could worry about since it was a high placed village. I remember how at first we enjoyed hanging out together,laughing eating non stop..until we realized how bad it was outside..we were too sheltered, too safe, too self absorbed that we have forgotten to check on news to know how bad the situation was already. we felt bad, guilty and we almost cried. we couldn't do anything to help. And i dont want that to happen again, i dont want to just sitback and relax while everybody is wading just to survive..maybe now i can't do something like volunteering, pack goods and be a rescuer to those in need..but i can do a little part to help..and that is to disseminate information about this calamities in our country to the world. to let people know we are in big need of support, guidance and most of all prayers that we could over come this another tragic in our (filipinos) lives. Since i am one of those people active on fb-ing, tweeting and this blogging...i could use it as a tool, to be an instrument and influence others to also make even the smallest of deeds we can contribute for our fellow citizens. After this heavy rainfall, when its safe for everyone to go out, lets take the chances to help in any way we can. This would be my first step of helping, i know i can do a lot more. but for now..i will use the only resources i have to help out.

Let's pray for the good tomorrow may bring. remember mass hysteria would just make the situation  worst so..please as much as possible let's avoid posting negativity, it would cause panic to those affected of flood. Be positive..we can do this if we are all united! Please you..a little deed can make a very big difference..so start doing you part in our country.

Pleass do read this blog from Ms. PattyLaurel for more inspiring and encouraging word to help and http://divinemlee.com/ for a more detailed way on how to reach out to those affected. if you want to be a member of a red cross volunteer, or if you want to give relief goods, clothes and other kinds of help..just please go to this page. you can also watch news on tv since they're also spreading information regarding this.



It's my very great and one of the best of friend that i have rainy birthday!! well we celebrated later than her original day, but better late than never right?? And we also had to bear with the schedules of our sophomore college friends who were all busy now with their own chosen career and work...it was not a planned celebration, arriane only tried to post and invite on our page group on fb, and there was no group message on phone, except of course with me since I was the one who helped her plan on the last minute..and I guess the lesser you plan the greater the memories would be :) and thats just what happened!!

First of course the celebrant arriane asked me if i am available for that day to accompany her to buy already cooked food,and some food that could be easily served...I was just regretting that i forgot to had some snap shots of everything we bought before we unwrapped, sliced and prepare all the foodies we decided to serve! We decided to made an italian theme hihi..although you wouldn't notice it was italian since we couldn't avoid incorporating asian bites..such as the rice and caldereta haha! So here since i dont have some sneak peek of what we've had that day..i would just enumerate it and i will let you picture it out on your own beautiful mind :)

So heres the list of Italian (only our version huh) foodies:
Panini Bread that Consist of- Authentic Ciabata bread and Baguette Bread both from well known French Baker (ooopsie it was a french bread so adds up with our italian theme...so that could be called 'french ala italia i asya') cool!
Panini Toppings- fresh tomatoes, letus, cucumber, melted cheese, tuna (this is for those who dont eat red meat just like me, but there was a ghost story happened that night because of my horrible hunger :( eeehhhh erase erase!) and ham (obviously for those who loves red meat,and since we wanted to cut cost, we chose ham than spam or bacon)
Pesto Pasta- hehe this one is really an Italian style, we managed to conceal the truth that we just bought  it and readily served. Since Arriane and i wanted our classmates to be impressed by us..we made a white lies haha (if that was even one) that we were the ones who cooked it..but really we only bought it from Pizza Hut hihi!
Fried Fish and Ginataang Fish- these two were the very pinoy style..asian food we also had that time. But it was already cook when we got home at arriane's place so really..what we prepared mostly..was our very own Panini Style :D
Grilled or Boiled?  Eggplant- haha this was the hilarious story why our college friends found out we were making up story about cooking all the food!!! Someone from them asked how did we cook the eggplant and arriane and i answered in unison..but with different answer haha..she said grilled and i said boiled haha. how crazy! and we spread on some pepper in it to become tasty.
Crabs- that they enjoyed except me and the celebrant, we couldn't just agree why it was so mabenta (trending) to most of the people specially here in philippines, i find it not really yummy, and need to struggle before you can it a few of its flesh..like really it was too expensive to get tired and get only a few bite of it hmmm! haha bitterness on the crabs?? I'm sorry for the crab lovers..nothing against you guys..just love them..i dont mind! really :D
Caldereta and Chicken wings- but we did not eat all of these only at that night,we also eat those the day after the celebration..yeah we stayed over night!
Champorado- obviously its more likely an asian theme than italian..i think we thought it was italian since our highlights focused only on Panini Bread...im telling you it's so yummy! up until now i'm drooling for more! and champorado is our choice of breakfast...partnered with...you bet.. PANINI!!!!!
Antonov and Wines - we had various flavors for antonov and they all tasted great! Especially the Blue and Yellow one..well personally it was my choice, but they found it weird that i love the taste of yellow antonov (which was a ginger one) it really was delightful for my tongue!

what put us into the brim of happiness wohoooo!

the only snapshots for the foodies..told you guys

the sophomore college friends above and Arianne (the celebrant) and I below :) with the PANINI MADNESS OF COURSE

So high and wasted!!!
and that's all with this rainy day for my friend arianne. Happy Birthday, you know you are one of the most especial friend i have. through thick and thin. thank you for always encouraging me and helping me every time i am in need! i wont name all that you have done for me..but i will always treasure it in my heart :) i wish you many more birthdays to come!!! Because admit in or not..you are one among all of us who always have a blast celebration!!! I just hope your parents wouldn't get fed up of us...but i know they already are haha! Have a wonderful night people..another day unfolded... Thank you God for another life. another hope. tomorrow it's all up again to you :)



haha the name speaks itself!! -'Queenierich Rehman' the rhyme caught my eyes and ears when a friend giddily told me about how she reminded it of me and my, you know ex love hihi! you ask me who??? YOU BET! i wonder why it so easy for me to talk it out  now..maybe being completely happy makes everything looks like rainbow to me :) BTW she's our reigning MS. World Philippines 2012. Actually she's on her way to states to win the crown for our country. But as of I heard on news just today, she was over baggage and it caused her trip to get delayed. Dont worry pretty queenierich rehman..you'll make it to pageant AJA! Gunna be praying for you..adds up to my 'prayer partner' as what JP taught me hehe :D



It's weird that the whole day, all I did was (aside from the chores and works) to read and browse an article about wedding plans. It's not that I am desperate now to get married or something. It's just that a lot of my reading list on my blogs right now, were talking about wedding. Added that I am also having a conversation with someone about it. Mind you-just a conversation..we're not planning here...we're just sharing our own beliefs and wants whenever we are on that same position already (do i sound so defensive now??hihi). I'm still young and i know i have lots of things that i need to do first..and want to do first as well. and i am in discovering and exploring the world (not that i can't do that if i got married) but doing it while you're not tying the knot yet??..it's just going to be different. But it doesn't mean that because I don't have any plans for the immediate future about marriage, I cant talk my thoughts out already..it's harmless right?

So anyway.. I had read this article from yahoo page in which you could fully read and browse more if you would visit the original site it was posted (getwed.com) and I asked myself...Is it enough to just plan and day dream with your boyfriend or girlfriend about wedding and then forget about it the day after..or should we consider minding the weddings and marriages seriously..especially if you and your partner is on the right point in time to do such?? So heres a quick peek for that...stop the wishy washy love teen talks about weddings..be more serious hahahaahah! I am not excited to plan my own..no i'm not, promise..I won't do it so soon or sooner or in the immediate future...but who knows....maybe soon hahaha wink!

Your first 10 steps on deciding to get wed


A major factor when considering marriage is cost. It’s no surprise that weddings aren’t cheap; even if you have a simple wedding you still need to pay basic wedding fees. But more often than not weddings incur costs for clothing, food, entertainment, rings, photographers… the list goes on! So it’s important to ensure you are both in the financial position to commit to such a huge outgoing which you may be paying back for years to come. Perhaps at this stage in your relationship your savings would be better spent on a home or a holiday to solidify your trust and commitment.


You need to take this into consideration if you and your partner are different religions and planning to get married in a sacred building connected to either of your religions. Certain religions require both bride and groom to be a practicing follower in order to be married. Or if you plan to marry in a Christian or Catholic Church then baptism is often required first. Religious weddings are sacred and should be respected and handled sensitively, so consider this element to avoid insult or disappointment.

Commitment & trust

This works both ways and is something you cannot avoid. You need to ask yourself if you trust your partner 100% and know they will support and care for you. But you also need to rest assured that you are wholly committed to them too. If there is any doubt in your mind that your partner does not trust you or is committed to you (or vice versa) then you need to reassess the wedding plans. This builds the foundations of any relationship so they must be squeaky clean before you commit for the long term.


Loving someone means accepting them for their flaws and adoring them warts and all. Without this you will always resent them for their annoyances which could create cracks in your relationships. If you truly love someone you will see past their imperfections (hopefully!) and love them for who they are. Either raise your opinions on their bad time keeping/inappropriate jokes/laziness or learn to live with them. You must also comprehend that you too will have annoying habits that drive your partner up the wall – nail polish in the fridge, underwear hanging on the shower rail, not to mention hormonal tantrums. You’re not perfect yourself lady! (But hopefully he loves you anyway).


Sadly, no one is perfect and everybody has regrets. If either you or your partner has done something to hurt the other in the past then you must learn to forgive one another before marriage. If this just isn’t possible then you need to consider what effects this may have down the line. Will you always hold it against one another? Will it be a constant niggle in your marriage? Clean the slate now before you commit.

True love?

What are your true motives for wanting to marry your partner? If it’s wealth then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Marriage should be solely based on true love and adoration between two people. Anything else will not a happy marriage make. You also need to ask yourself if you are getting married because you want to or because you feel you should. Feeling pressure to tie the knot can stem from society, families or friends but you need to do what’s right for you and no one else. Or, your motives may lie in making your partner happy, when in reality you do not feel ready to say ‘I do’. The only reason you should marry someone is because you love them and want to spend your lives together.

Your future

Being open about your intentions for the future is vital if you are planning on committing yourself to someone for the rest of your life –after all, marriage doesn’t end after the first dance. Do you want kids? Do you want to travel? Emigrate? Change career? These are the sorts of things you need to discuss before your wedding as it would not be fair to surprise your partner with plans to leave the country for a gap year or to suddenly want to adopt orphaned children. You need to make sure that you both want the same things in life or it will be hard to act as a unit.

Pre-nuptial agreement

A prenuptial (aka ante-nuptial agreement or premarital agreement) aims to protect individual assets, so if you are entering a marriage with vastly different possessions it would make sense to at least take some legal advice. In a perfect world marriage would last forever, but of course that is not always the case and a large proportion of marriages do not stand the test of time. Decide if you want one before the wedding to clear up negotiation and potential conflict.

Mr & Mrs

Many couples are choosing to abandon tradition and either keep their original last names post-wedding or choose to have both! Technically you can choose whatever names you like, but just make sure you consider this prospect first. At the end of the day, some first and last names just aren’t the matches made in heaven that you and your partner are. William Williams, Robin Robinson, Danielle Daniels… you get the picture.

What’s mine is yours

Like a pre-nuptial agreement you need to discuss who owns what. Many couples choose to open a shared bank account but you need to discuss the rules and limitations of this before you start sharing your cash. Buying a pet, an antique or investing in shares needs to be done under agreement of who owns it or if you’ll split it 50/50.
But it’s not all about money and possessions –chores need dividing too! You both use the bathroom so you both should clean it (in an ideal world). So you need to consider what you are willing to share, which ideally should be everything (after all, you are sharing your lives and a home). Read more on getwed.com...
all information above about wedding grabbed from: Yahoo and Getwed page
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