Hi my fellas! Most of you know how I'm trying to be healthy even just on the beverages I am drinking hehe. I have tried this one from London since I fell in love with the packaging, also because it had a very attractive name which is "Jasmine Green Tea" it sounded beautiful, sweet, romantic, and windy all at once! It costs more than lipton tea in which I used to buy. Remember? I vowed trying another brand of teas and will make reviews of it so you will be able to find the perfect taste that you think will suits you.


Green tea lightly scented with jasmine flowers for a refreshing tea with an alluring aroma

How & when to serve

Use water just after it has boiled and steep the teabag for 1-2 minutes. If the teabag is left for too long it can detract from the smooth and refreshing flavour.

Info credit by: http://www.twinings.com/

"Benefits of drinking Green Tea - the British Journal of Nutrition has revealed that drinking more than three cups of green tea a day was found to protect against cell deterioration as we age. DNA tests showed the equivalent of five extra years on the tea drinkers' lives."

As for my personal view, same benefits that found on other green tea is what it provides. The downside is, its by far expensive, and the taste and smell makes me dizzy (like I was drinking a liquor). These are the facts about this tea, I hated that I failed choosing the good tea from twinings because it got my bad impression. There are various kinds of teas in this brand, maybe I could eventually try their "pure green tea" instead of this 'jasmine green tea" that really upsets me. I tried to drink two sachets and I just can't continue anymore! It tasted awful!!! And yeah I was about to read this book for five times but since I felt dizzy from the tea, I stopped for a while and slept.

I thought my book and this tea would blend well, sadly I think I wasted money for something I'm just going to throw in a trash bin. Might as well pour some milk on it next time!



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I'm computing and budgeting again! I usually do this every first week or last week of the month. It motivates me to make use of my time at work be productive. When idle-ness were there trying to steal the best of me, I just do  this planning to get me back on track. Just like now hehe, I am here in my little corner at the office and was really bored waiting for the report to be done that would be coming from our accounting department, and from marketing department (where I'm currently into). It will send after lunch so I really have this long idle time I need to fight back! On my paper I wrote down the title of my top list motivator, and on top of that says "of course it will all start from our almighty God"! And under it were the list of my "go-getter-attitude" for the rest of the month! I won't list it down here, because I feel embarrassed on some material things I put in there lol. I'm just trying to be real and honest to myself and my hubby, because he knows all my material desires and yet, he don't judge me, as long as I don't cross the line limit of which it will already affect our most important expenses. Even though I have this online blog as my diary, I still prefer buying a good journal so I can hand written some of my thoughts whether I am far from computer, phones, and if there is no net/wifi connection available. I most certainly need journal when given a chance to travel. Most of the time, I do make an outline for all that I want to write, and from there, I would start to make a good reflection of it, and make that journey a memorable one. That's my habit. It's a no secret how much I am looking forward to make my dream as a writer come true. And since I just got married and our means of living is enough only for our primary needs, the possibility of making it this year were very thin. But I'm not closing the door. I just need a reality check so as not to disappoint myself in the long run :)

If you are a reader of my blog since 2010, you would have noticed improvements from where I started. I was not a good writer, I didn't know how to express my emotions well. I was having a hard time narrating what had happened on my day. I was using the same expressions, the same words over and over again, that who ever were reading it, they just get bored! I was a non-pro and even now, I still am  but I can proudly say, I have improved a little and it helps me gain more people to like my share of writings that revolves more specifically on me. I am getting a lot of compliments that helps me keep writing. And of course there are bashers that'd put me down. I think this also helped me found my strength and bravery, because I didn't stop there. Although I am not paid like the Professional PR and blogger out there, I am happy sharing my little life stories :) They say that finding career is not seen by how much money you earn but on how much you make yourself happy doing it with no condition or whatsoever to do it. You just do it out of love. Out of passion. And there's where I get my inspiration to thrive continuously.

I attended a service in our church at taytay rizal. I was invited to join my new cell group which was named "for young couples". We discussed about the previous topic that involves searching for your biggest event in life to date from the three given God's word of wisdom. First: Courage to dream big dreams, Second: Courage to your commitments, Third: Courage to shell out from your comfort zone. These three were meaningful to all and shared each events they've had and I was really touched. One of the group cried while telling her big event in life and I was moved. It does not mirrored any of my adversary in my own life. I felt that I am one of those very blessed to have simple adversities and predicaments to managed. The shadows of my past that I kept on dwelling pales my christian groups share of dark past. And from there, I asked God for pure forgiveness because I was very weak to have seen my encounters in life the hardest! I strongly believe that there was a great purpose why I was directed on that group. They will be my God's given angels disguised by their human attributions and they will guide me on my long journey along with my husband to enlighten our marriage and family from temptations brought by this world full of sins.

So far, this is what keeps me going. But on top of all these, we must have GOD as our biggest motivator in life! Nothing beats the wisdom given by our Lord. Nothing beats the prayer (the only personal way we can communicate to God). Your humanly made motivators are acceptable, but you can never ever taste success into something (specially the success spiritually) if you do not put God as your foremost MOTIVATOR OF ALL.

photocredit: http://www.sacredinfusion.org


More Selfies here! I know a lot of people would say they are too fed up seeing my face almost everyday being updated hehe. I know a lot of pyscho-professionals who would interpret this self portrait as having self centered personality. And I think, as long as it only takes a captured photo to be defined as one being self centered, then by all means, here's my happy bubbles! I personally think that as long as it does not affect other people in anyway negative then you can not consider them being a selfish people. Say, since anne curtis always has this ootd-selfie taken almost every day doesn't make her too self absorbed as she is sharing her possessions to charity, to her family and to other unprivileged people she knows! Have you heard the "ME TIME", "ALONE TIME" that's being over used mostly of women who always encounter dramas, stress, and pressure from their own productive lives? I know a lot of names from my friends that's experiencing hectic schedules such as a friend who works in a graveyard shift as a nurse and as a call center agent and needs to be a wife and a mother in the morning to tend their husbands and children's need before heading to work and school. When they are all gone, that would be the only time this friends of mind could rest and sleep for a while until it comes 1 pm for the children expected to be home and the husband who's expected to be home at 5 pm! See how many times their sleep could be disrupted by this household chaos that need to address no matter what the situation is? Too hard. I have a friend who goes to school, she is a very dedicated student that gives all her time focusing to be the best! So of course it demands her too much time and energy and even have no time for her very kikay world and life! I know a friend who's pregnant but is very hard working that she doesn't want to stop at her job although she'll be having her baby out anytime soon! She worries too much of her son's future when he comes out (and yes it was a boy! haha). And it doesn't stop there, she also need to tend her husband who also work for their family. Imagine the total multitasking of this preggy friend of mine huh?? And there was women like me, who is married, is working 5 days a week 8 hours a day, is tending her brand new husband, and is learning how to cook good and healthy food (mind you healthy okay, not just the basic frying and baking lol). At first you would find my rants about my career and married life the usual and boring ones. But may I remind you that I am a newbie here being a wife, and how I need to change my perspective when it comes to my 15th and 30th happy day? You think it was not a big stress, pressure and scary for me? Maybe in the long run, I will get use to it, but please give me the benefit of the doubt as it gets a little tougher, a little rougher and a little mind boggling each day that passes by. I am not use to coming home and there is no one there to greet me because my husband were always having an over time at work, and I am dedicated to wait for 2-3 long hours and do the household chores, and prepare for dinner (if theres any lol) alone?? I would drink my cup of afternoon habit tea and read a good book, and if I get bored and Jp's still not around, would watch tv or listen to my play lists, or if all else fails to make my bubble bubbles, then hello CAMERA, in times I am in need of company you were always there, thank you! And I think, those people that I mentioned earlier also have their own coping mechanisms to curb their stress brought by our different stressors in life. Our definition of difficulties in life differ from each personality traits and behavior we have. So stop your non-sense snide comments about our selfies because it is the most convenient, and the cheapest way to pamper women. Because of monthly bills and expenses that we have, sometimes we tend to sacrifice our luxury desire so please, stop saying non-sense, rude and meany comments when we are feeding your fb of too much selfie pictures! And hello, it is named and called FACE-book for a reason :)

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