Morning everyone! Its too early to blog for me if you would ask my parents how they feel about it hehe. But i was just so excited to use this laptop that was a promised gift of my uncle for me :D of course i cant hide anymore my excitement so here..I will do this one already! Anyway, this would consist of my first and ever joined cos-playing accompanied by my sophomore college friends. We cosplayed the Sailormoon team and I was chosen to portray Sailor Venus hihi! But you would see here how messy my hair was! We were really rushing our time to got dressed since the costume provider came in late. You wouldn't believe how patient I was to wait for one and a half hours with my full on (as in thick foundation!) make up haha! I was Just glad to have had my two sophomore college friends as well (acknowledgement to: Arriane and Grace) who also supported us all through out the day! How sweet my friends are right?? I'm just a lucky bee!!!
me while waiting in vanity haha! I'm so white again! lightning effects of photoshop is needless! So happy!

Grace and Arriane. Thanks for the support, really!

The Sailormoon Team! Sorry for the poor resolution, all digicam was drain out of battery. It was taken late that evening after the event. It was the only shot I had my hair a little neat so I chose this one than the other more acceptable photos I have on FB lol!

Me and Markee. She's so pretty! I am surrounded by beautiful girl friends I'm telling you :D

I told you about my gross hairdress right :( how unbecoming. i know!haha

For complete Toycon Album please lets be buddies on my facebook .


Good evening madlang (mob) people ;) I just finished downloading the photos I asked  Juan Paulo (meultimokulitero) taken yesterday. It was a fun momento with the the three years and counting sweethearts Ailed and Wendell. We seemed to had an unplanned double date!!lol But the pictures I will share here is not from yesterdays bowling experience. It was a photo consisted only of my face since the one behind the camera had no choice but to take lots of my shots..Its not like he's so obsessed of my pretty face or whatsoever, I was just demanding he should do that hihi! So behind these collage pictures were our not so harmless date that almost consist of movie marathon at cinemas, food trip and kwentuhan (story sharing) and to be all honest? I enjoyed a simple kind of date with someone so bait...uhm not really sure about the last part....hmmmm...hahahaha!of course i kid kiddos :) he's really very kind and thoughtful and generous, you know..whenever I tell him I'm hungry he would always buy me food. But sometimes I was having this guilt feeling that he's getting broke since meeting me. Because I've been always gutom (hungry) as in every minute I would complain that I wanted to eat again! That I am craving this and these and that...blah blah blah! But he never seemed annoyed or complained that he was out of budget. Or maybe he is, but he's just so shy to admit it on me. So I vowed to myself not to feel hungry whenever we are together or better yet, I will eat a lot before heading out to meet him, or I will by my own food (which is far from happening cuz im so broke) just to help him save a few bucks. But I don't think its happening, last night is a solid proof hihi!



I meant, Meropolitan Manila visit haha! Metropolitan Manila or we all known as Metro Manila is definitely the biggest urban and busy city all over the Philippines. And shameful to admit, I have not yet visited its tourist spot that i was dying to do years back. But now, I am trying to list it on my planner and put a date where I can go visit the places, most specially those historical place just like Intramuros. I have never been there for the 22 years of my existence! I told myself that if I am dreaming to be somewhere else for a trip, why not start where I am nearer and is free to take a walk any time I want? So that, I used the power of google to bring me to the places I must see very soon. Maybe some of you want to come accompany me? I'm the type of girl who wants to have someone at my side whenever I go travel. because I love to have some talks, and conversations and giving comments about the things I see in my environment. And its good to appriciate the beauty of the historical places with someone close to your heart such as a friend, a partner, a family member, school and/or officemates. You can even bring a pet if thats going to be convenient for you hee hee!

So here goes the places that I (and even you) must visit:

photos from: wikipedia

This historic park has been the site of some very important moment’s in Manila’s past and is a great place to start if you really want to learn about the history of the area. Memorial plaques and monuments will give you this type of education throughout the park. There are also more leisurely things to enjoy here including the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion and a chess plaza. In fact, if there’s only one thing that you get to experience during your stay in Metro Manila, you’ll want it to be this park because there is simply so much to see and do in this one area.


For a more modern “park”, you may want to check out this theme park which draws tourists from around the world. Various historical points of interest and cultural celebrations can be experienced here at this all-ages adventure area.


Visitors who are truly interested in the history of the region will want to make sure to check out this district which is the oldest district of Manila. It’s a “walled city” which harkens back to the days when fortresses were required to keep the people of an area safe from outsiders. Just exploring the old architecture (particularly the churches) here can really help you to gain a great understanding of what this region was like years ago. Various forts, statutes and monuments can also be enjoyed here.


This is a section of a city in Metro Manila where you can learn more about the military history of the Philippines. Various landmarks are located throughout the district with the main place to visit being the Heritage Park memorial park. Memorial cemeteries can also be visited here.


Those people who are fans of Sea World in the United States may find that they also enjoy this oceanarium in Metro Manila. There is also a boutique mall here and some other things to do while you’re visiting.

 There are many places throughout Metro Manila where you can experience the bar and nightclub scene but this district within the city of Manila is the most well-known. If this type of thing is something that you like to take advantage of when traveling then that’s the district that you want to do it in.

So there you go, the sites in Metro Manila that I badly wanted to go see myself personally. But I had been in Rizal Park, Nayong Pilipino, Makati area once but didn't have a chance to explore and appreciate the beauty of it. Maybe because I was still very young at that time and I didn't give much attention on the important event in store with this places. But really, so soon I will be there. And oopps there was this guy who badly wanted to get mentioned his name on my blogpost today, I told him many times that it was not about my usual mushy stuff writings, so I couldn't put in anything about him. I was laughing on how he insisted to be a part of this haha! But maybe I can for the sake of him being papansin (attention seeker) that also made my day annoyingly enjoyable (smiling flirtatiously while typing lol). And because he was so pesky, I will give this oldie Juan Paulo me ultimo kulitero some credits to have a little space on my blog haha! But that doesn't stop there, and because I am on finding someone to accompany me on my travel plans, you have to clear your schedules and off day at my beck :D say no and I will never include you here on my writings haha! So that, these are only the few places i want to go visit. I will share a lot more in the coming posts. I am in no mood to blog to be honest. I am less motivated since I don't have foods espcecially sweets  by my side..feels like crying huhu!haha See you around darlings!

photos and some information from: Kathryn Vercillo and wikipedia



Hi everyone! My apology for my constant promise breaker. I was about to blog two nights ago, but there was this circumstances that stop me to write something at that moment. I was just shocked to know that fakers nowadays are in no fear to steal something from someone. I thought before, stealing means getting someone's owned stuff and brag it's yours. But now, even what people's way of thinking, their ideas, thoughts and interest are being stolen. Don't get me wrong guys, I too sometimes tried to portray ones persona. Not because I want to impress or be famous, but more of my insecurities made by someone. I just thought before, it might get me into this person more deeply if i would be like someone else. But then, my shallowness didn't lasts because I knew I was not that kind of girl. That I can do such things using my own ideas, that I should be proud of what I can share to people about my lifes experience and interests. But still sometimes, I still get this feeling that my passion for things were not enough. That I can honestly say, one of the reason why I can't simply post a lot. Because there are lots of days and times I feel not so smart, not so important and not so creative for this. Even i love blogging that much. I know I still have lots of hardship to make to achieve what Professional writers can do. I am not in a hurry to learn more. I want to savor every little piece of my new find lessons in life, and give credits from those people behind it. Whenever I feel I am not in my best state of confidence. I just lift it up to God and let him absorbed everything and take away that burden in my heart that causes me to sometimes take wrong actions only for the sake of being praised. I am also very thankful for having a very firm, uptight and super disciplinarian parents who never gave in despite our (me along with my siblings) shortcomings. They never tolerated our bad behavior.Although there are lots of time we get to fight on each other. I am still thankful for the way they up bring us their children. I am also thankful to have a very kind sister, that,s also not tolerant whenever I have those bad moods. I am just so happy to learn my lesson so fast, and I can proudly say, nobody but me, realized such things. But of course I'm giving credits to people who supports me ever since. But really I give myself chance to analyze things clearly, especially my own behavior and attitude towards others and be responsible for every outcome it may bring.

So maybe enough for this ramblings, you might be confuse by this time since my title talks about a party hehe! So to start off about my God Daughter's 4th birthday, I was so happy to witness her grow as a beautiful and smart little girl. Her mother was my childhood friend. We were classmates since Elementary to now. And I was just so fortunate to keep a kind of friend like her. We'd been there through ups and downs and I can tell from the look in her eyes, that she's so grateful and contented on life she has now. With beautiful Shen shen (my god daughters nickname) and with her husband to be Pboy (also my childhood friend that now working in states as one of our respected U.S Navy. And to spoil you more about their happy love story, their grand wedding is going to take place on October. Awesome Sauce! I along with my Highschool and treasured friends are all excited for the wedding day! I wonder when will I have that happy wedding day with someone I truly love. :) I'm ecstatic! But for now day dreaming is enough. I'm not rushing things because I'm still enjoying my individual life LOL! can't say completely single because someone was really making me kilig right now. But I am not ready to brag about it this early. I want it to be a bit private and mysterious haha! I kid, you'll get to know about it if everything is clearer, and if my loved ones are ready to
 it for me. But for now I\m having all the fun in life, especially with my friends, mostly girls :) So here goes some of the photos from shen's hawaiian party. Happy Independence Day and Wedding Month everyone. June is all about Love and Freedom. Wow, how ironic right??? ciao darlings!

My cutie little God daughter Chenoa <3

With her mom (and my kumare) Hannah. I called her Mare Nha fyi :) isn't she so beautiful and a hot mama?haha.

The venue and the foodies yum so!

My Forever BFF's Hannah, yours truly, Megs, Xebum (from L-R).



And yup!!! I'm going to post something about NAF NAF brand haha. I actually wore this swim suit that i bought at Iba Zambales last april (where my Romantic Saga got on fired as well lol). I was really amazed by tons of swim wear at Cinderella Store could offer. I wish I could buy everything that catches my eyes! Especially that i was a little bit in good shape last summer. I had my DIY work out at home and to be honest, I never have tried to go on a dreadful diet unlike other girls who would to get into their perfect shape. I eat whenever i'm hungry but mostly, on summer, I eat fresh and raw foodies like veggies and more fruits. I also eliminated Pork and Beef on my diet since a year ago, so i guess it also help me maintain my figure. Over all over, its the reason why I got addicted on finding a good swim wear I can wear! And this piece I bought was not a fail! It suits me perfectly and the prints and perfect color mix of it was undeniably eye catcher. ;) People keeps on looking at me while I was walking at the bay under the sun with my over used sun glasses I bought almost  two years ago. hehe. You forgot to ask..I am too uptight when its comes to spending money. I dont actually have lots with me. So I would have to admit that when I buy pieces to add in my closet, I make sure to buy those best staple, and I am always on cheap finds. I believe that it is not the Signature, nor the brand that would give the looks an ooompf, it's how you carry yourself and how confident and comfortable you are. And please, never be a copycat. You can idolize an icon or somebody else you find pretty or amazing when it comes to these kind of stuffs. But finding your own marks will make you more stunning and unique in style ;) so ciao darlings here are the few photos I've got. Sorry for too bright resolution. Really need an SLR in my life!!!

told you guys i was just in a bit good shape haha!

my super un poised sexy back haha!

wearing my own made highwaist denim shorts I lovey!

this sunny yellow and stripes swim wear is not from NAF NAF/CINDERELLA. It was bought at Greenhills Shopping Center. Told you, great finds not only stored in great and expensive stores..its more on your great and expensive eyes doll have a wonderful summer ends.



After sometime, my best friend and i hadn't meet quite a while since heaven knows when. I think we even had some kind of Tampuhan (misunderstanding) because of lack of communication for almost a week or so i guess? I think she even thought someone was replacing her throne as my best friend. But of course it wasn't. Or he was not actually hihi! But that only last for a few weeks and voila. They even got closer now they're having their own chat conversation. I hope we three can catch up one day! And yeah so this date was a sudden and unplanned event for us. I woke up and realized i was free to go somewhere in the morning until afternoon, so I contacted Lauren and asked if she's available by or after lunch. She was at school right then, so I suggested we make the meet up near her school which is in SM Masinag, I also added it would be my first time to go see that mall myself. We watched The Avengers movie that we didn't appreciated that much not because the movie wasn't great (because i knew it was) but more because, we didn't give much time understanding the flow of the story, since we were so busy catching up about our exciting moments, and also because she's excited to here something about my "DaddyLongLegs" romantic saga haha! And also we have tried to eat the special halo halo at Razon's (even it wasn't my first time) but i love to go get back there plenty of time because i super super like the taste of it. P100 isn't that bad right. If it was the best! So that.. here goes some clips of us enjoy the steamy night everyone! I guess summer hang over isn't over yet??

This would definitely be not the last...

And I wonder why people keeps on saying: 'You got me with your smile' :) wink! Keep on shining peeps!


Here I come making up with broken promises to blog all my happenings last month. Well not really last month that it happened but, I promised to post it up on May. So here goes the first thing. I was so happy to had my first date with my long time, real childhood friend here in our village Apple :) so yay for that! We watched the never dying 'Titanic in 3d' which really made us giddy and giggle since the start like, it was the first time we have watched it haha! We also ate somewhere cheap, and i couldn't even remember the name since the taste itself was as cheap as the price heeeehhh! But all in all it's a nice catching up. With bunch of stories, gossips and laugh we'd shared. Lovey Dovey <3

The prettyness both me and my friend Apple. Isn't she a goddess?? 

oh lalala love Titanic so more!!!

Have a great night everyone!



Hi guys. I know i had been quite a promise breaker last month. I was just so busy, thinking and thinking about the things that was happening to me. The sudden events that makes me think if i am taking the right track. Most of the time now, I've been a happy bee! And it wasn't i fib. But sometimes, out of the mid day, I would lost off track. Sometimes i would begin to feel sad, or upset, or disappointed at something. I don't know. That's just how my mind , feelings and emotions runs for the rest of the week. My parents we'rent here for the past whole week, and i must honestly say, I felt glad they had gone that long. I was given a chance to relax, and release all my tension in my system that somehow my parents brought to me. The pressure to get into my nursing career. The pressure to make it and work in Jed-ha. To help out with the expenses. To help put up a business. The pressure i might be emotionally, physically and psychologically wrecked by the time it all happened and i get too old and still have not yet find my own happiness, my own life, my own plans to settle for good for a man I will truly love. i am afraid that they might give me too much responsibilities and nothing from those will I ever make. I fear I will disappoint them. Until such time that all of us becomes emotionally damaged already. It's not that i am being selfish, not that I don't want to help my family. Of course I do! With all of my heart and soul I would love to be the one who could give them their dream life. But i'm just so scared their putting me too high expectations and it stops me from taking an action now for fear i will fail. And that rejection by them come after. Maybe I'm just over thinking things and it complicates everything. I know i only have to take one step at a time, which what i am trying to do now but, they some what being impatient about it. I promised that i need to fix myself before they get back. And make sure they'd see something positive on me and my effort to pursue what they'd been taunting me at for almost a year now. I thought their vacation would be a good way to somewhat replenish their minds of good things on our family, on our lives. But when they got back early this morning, I couldn't help myself but to feel unease knowing they are around me. Observing and noticing every small moves I make inside our home. Most of the time now, I don't feel like i am home. That were slowly drifting apart not physically but emotionally as a family. I very well know that i shouldn't brag too personal about my life but I just can't help it. This is what's been circling on my mind almost everyday and i know I need to drastically drain it off my system. This also stops me from blogging the exciting moments I have with special people in my life. Also the exciting plans I have in mind. It was being clouded by negativity now. Add up my friend (also my HS crush) that's now blocked me on Facebook site and dont talk to me any longer for the reason I turned down his plan to pursue me. I can't explain what I feel now. I know I need to go far away from here. I need to be somewhere else. Somewhere I can be my own. Somewhere I can think clearly. Somewhere i won't be hearing their complaints, their demands and feel the obligations they're putting me. I need to get out here. i need to move out. Please if you know a place I can be right now just private message me. I will appreciate a little help by giving me suggestions. And please something not too expensive. I  am quite broke since my last salary from my last job. Maybe that one also summed up my negativity these days.

P.s. My apology for making this blog my 'Buena Mano' for month of June. I will make it up on you next time. sigh. Life is a whole pack of game, and it was tricky you might hit the end part...and it's going to be all over. And you can never return back to play the game for the second time around.

This song 'Greatest love of all' by Whitney Houston really touches my heart now. Gloomy day. Perfect for my gloomy mood. I hope you a blessed day ahead everyone.
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