Good evening madlang (mob) people ;) I just finished downloading the photos I asked  Juan Paulo (meultimokulitero) taken yesterday. It was a fun momento with the the three years and counting sweethearts Ailed and Wendell. We seemed to had an unplanned double date!!lol But the pictures I will share here is not from yesterdays bowling experience. It was a photo consisted only of my face since the one behind the camera had no choice but to take lots of my shots..Its not like he's so obsessed of my pretty face or whatsoever, I was just demanding he should do that hihi! So behind these collage pictures were our not so harmless date that almost consist of movie marathon at cinemas, food trip and kwentuhan (story sharing) and to be all honest? I enjoyed a simple kind of date with someone so bait...uhm not really sure about the last part....hmmmm...hahahaha!of course i kid kiddos :) he's really very kind and thoughtful and generous, you know..whenever I tell him I'm hungry he would always buy me food. But sometimes I was having this guilt feeling that he's getting broke since meeting me. Because I've been always gutom (hungry) as in every minute I would complain that I wanted to eat again! That I am craving this and these and that...blah blah blah! But he never seemed annoyed or complained that he was out of budget. Or maybe he is, but he's just so shy to admit it on me. So I vowed to myself not to feel hungry whenever we are together or better yet, I will eat a lot before heading out to meet him, or I will by my own food (which is far from happening cuz im so broke) just to help him save a few bucks. But I don't think its happening, last night is a solid proof hihi!

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