Morning everyone! Its too early to blog for me if you would ask my parents how they feel about it hehe. But i was just so excited to use this laptop that was a promised gift of my uncle for me :D of course i cant hide anymore my excitement so here..I will do this one already! Anyway, this would consist of my first and ever joined cos-playing accompanied by my sophomore college friends. We cosplayed the Sailormoon team and I was chosen to portray Sailor Venus hihi! But you would see here how messy my hair was! We were really rushing our time to got dressed since the costume provider came in late. You wouldn't believe how patient I was to wait for one and a half hours with my full on (as in thick foundation!) make up haha! I was Just glad to have had my two sophomore college friends as well (acknowledgement to: Arriane and Grace) who also supported us all through out the day! How sweet my friends are right?? I'm just a lucky bee!!!
me while waiting in vanity haha! I'm so white again! lightning effects of photoshop is needless! So happy!

Grace and Arriane. Thanks for the support, really!

The Sailormoon Team! Sorry for the poor resolution, all digicam was drain out of battery. It was taken late that evening after the event. It was the only shot I had my hair a little neat so I chose this one than the other more acceptable photos I have on FB lol!

Me and Markee. She's so pretty! I am surrounded by beautiful girl friends I'm telling you :D

I told you about my gross hairdress right :( how unbecoming. i know!haha

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