Hi everyone! My apology for my constant promise breaker. I was about to blog two nights ago, but there was this circumstances that stop me to write something at that moment. I was just shocked to know that fakers nowadays are in no fear to steal something from someone. I thought before, stealing means getting someone's owned stuff and brag it's yours. But now, even what people's way of thinking, their ideas, thoughts and interest are being stolen. Don't get me wrong guys, I too sometimes tried to portray ones persona. Not because I want to impress or be famous, but more of my insecurities made by someone. I just thought before, it might get me into this person more deeply if i would be like someone else. But then, my shallowness didn't lasts because I knew I was not that kind of girl. That I can do such things using my own ideas, that I should be proud of what I can share to people about my lifes experience and interests. But still sometimes, I still get this feeling that my passion for things were not enough. That I can honestly say, one of the reason why I can't simply post a lot. Because there are lots of days and times I feel not so smart, not so important and not so creative for this. Even i love blogging that much. I know I still have lots of hardship to make to achieve what Professional writers can do. I am not in a hurry to learn more. I want to savor every little piece of my new find lessons in life, and give credits from those people behind it. Whenever I feel I am not in my best state of confidence. I just lift it up to God and let him absorbed everything and take away that burden in my heart that causes me to sometimes take wrong actions only for the sake of being praised. I am also very thankful for having a very firm, uptight and super disciplinarian parents who never gave in despite our (me along with my siblings) shortcomings. They never tolerated our bad behavior.Although there are lots of time we get to fight on each other. I am still thankful for the way they up bring us their children. I am also thankful to have a very kind sister, that,s also not tolerant whenever I have those bad moods. I am just so happy to learn my lesson so fast, and I can proudly say, nobody but me, realized such things. But of course I'm giving credits to people who supports me ever since. But really I give myself chance to analyze things clearly, especially my own behavior and attitude towards others and be responsible for every outcome it may bring.

So maybe enough for this ramblings, you might be confuse by this time since my title talks about a party hehe! So to start off about my God Daughter's 4th birthday, I was so happy to witness her grow as a beautiful and smart little girl. Her mother was my childhood friend. We were classmates since Elementary to now. And I was just so fortunate to keep a kind of friend like her. We'd been there through ups and downs and I can tell from the look in her eyes, that she's so grateful and contented on life she has now. With beautiful Shen shen (my god daughters nickname) and with her husband to be Pboy (also my childhood friend that now working in states as one of our respected U.S Navy. And to spoil you more about their happy love story, their grand wedding is going to take place on October. Awesome Sauce! I along with my Highschool and treasured friends are all excited for the wedding day! I wonder when will I have that happy wedding day with someone I truly love. :) I'm ecstatic! But for now day dreaming is enough. I'm not rushing things because I'm still enjoying my individual life LOL! can't say completely single because someone was really making me kilig right now. But I am not ready to brag about it this early. I want it to be a bit private and mysterious haha! I kid, you'll get to know about it if everything is clearer, and if my loved ones are ready to
 it for me. But for now I\m having all the fun in life, especially with my friends, mostly girls :) So here goes some of the photos from shen's hawaiian party. Happy Independence Day and Wedding Month everyone. June is all about Love and Freedom. Wow, how ironic right??? ciao darlings!

My cutie little God daughter Chenoa <3

With her mom (and my kumare) Hannah. I called her Mare Nha fyi :) isn't she so beautiful and a hot mama?haha.

The venue and the foodies yum so!

My Forever BFF's Hannah, yours truly, Megs, Xebum (from L-R).

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