the autumn leaves in japan

im beginning to appriciate this autumn leaves fall in japan, i recently read it on lifestyle magazine entitled hopes blossoms as the autumn leaves fall. this article says that it gives hope to Japanese victims from the aftermath of dreadful earthquake that they suffered last year. this is by angela ignasio (the person who wrote the article) who also witnessed the japan's wildest nightmare. she was there to actually visit and see the spring blossom, and dissapointed since she couldn't get enough of her vacation because of what happened, she felt guilty to have fun and continue to leisure while the citizens we're all devastated. but after all...a friend of her suggested her to come and see the autumn fall that would happen for a little more days. though hesitant, she came and say 'why not'. and voila!!!she was mesmerized by the autumn leaves fall. and as mesmerized as her. i cant help but to feel the same. its as if i could picture vividly on my head how was it seeing in person. so i decided, that whenever god permit's me. if i would have a chance....i will go and visit japan to witness this scenery. life is too short to waste. i wanna see the world. and i know God will let me appreciate it :)

i'll be happy to build a home like this.so forest lover :)

with every failure and suffering. there will come a season, that hopes will blossom <3

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