AXA Babies B'05

How i love my new found friends at my work right now. too sad that after our TRAD training we all had to separate ways to grow as an individual FSA in our designated area, wherein, we are going to be shadowed by the regular FE. Some of us we're from country side so obviously it's going to be a keep in touch  social network friendship. But it will only be for the rest of two weeks and then voila! im gunna see them again!!yay im excited :) especially that when they get back and we are a one team again, it will surely be a blast! for the two weeks that past, we never noticed how far our friendship have become. its totally a Godspeed and we definitely had fun sharing our moments together. Funny how they got me so well!! i love them for real..and oh yeah, actually, i have something to divulge (blushing while typing). I have a crush with one of our trainor, let's just called him "spiderman" lol OMG my axa babies would definitely get whom im talking about haha! but really I've got into him so deeply that i always imagined being in the room with him, and him tutoring me alone. he really is gwapo (handsome) but my best friend doesn't like him. she keeps on saying he looks too old already, though i'm aware that he is. but i keep on defending spiderman since he looks so young in person! i like every bits of his look. he makes me feel like a teenage girl having a crush for the first time! i was annoyed at myself at first since i wasn't used to it. but i guess that's how life is, you will never know when will you appreciate someone. to give you some information about this guy, he is: my trainor for god sake! so handsome and white. his scent makes me fall harder. his cheeks and hands so soft i could kiss it anytime. his voice so romantically cold i want to feel his breath (he's actually a newscaster before ;) ). his eyes so small but definitely one of my favorite. his nose pointed. his lips so thin and red and i love it when he tends to lick it when he was seriously working on his laptop. everything about him is beautiful, i just wish he feels the same lol! he kept on calling me on my nickname with soft and sweet sound.."nie" ayiiiie!!!! imagining that he's calling me honey! he also dressed good and professional. he's so kind and thoughtful. my cheeks turned red when he complimented me "you look beautiful today nie". i tend to stare at him everyday while he was speaking. and i get a rush of blood and skip of heartbeat when i already sense he was there already.omigod, is this love???haha
so please meet my new found friends at axa phil. sorry i dont have a picture of him :( so dont expect! but he promised us a group picture after our last week of shadowing yay! cant wait to see him! i promise, i will get a solo pic of him and of us lol!

there are more photos that i have to get from my colleagues. so just stay put for more.
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