Question: how would you describe a woman who "has it all"? how is the description different from your life right now?

hmm well to be honest..this question was unexpected at the end topic of 1st chapter of my new bought book, entitled "the 10 best decision a woman can make". its a pretty surprising book since i didn't expect the way they presented it..it really was an amazing tool book for me as of the moment...

so back with the question above. how would you describe a woman who Has It All..as in ALL!!??actually at first i was thinking then of the shallow thingy a woman has or possessed. for me a woman has it all if she's stunningly pretty, with perfect smooth and supple skin, fair color, straight and shiny long hair, a pointed nose, with good wealth, good career, could go travel and has a good night life and a sort of surface stuff a woman that, for me, must have. obviously those that i said were really things that i, mostly think when a woman has it all. as in of course! i wont say a fib! its the reality of every woman's life weren't it?? but as time goes by, as many roadblocks and people you encountered along the highway of life, you learn deeper. the realization would slowly...dawned at you. i would have to admit that as far as my life dramas are concerned, it was mainly about my insecurities that i wanted to beat out. that i wanted to overcome. but believe me,it was hard..though i tried a lot of times. and still trying while striving forward. but to point out the thing here, i realized that for you to be able to say that a woman has it all is, if by all means her life was about how she sees her life through god's eyes. she wont be ahead of what is God say she is and she will be. a woman who has it all, for me,is when she waited for God to tell her who she is, when she listen to him and obey him all the way. when you look at yourself in God's point of view, you will have all the desire, the ability and the motivation to nurture your life with significant things and obey as he say.
You know girl, i just have this realization that, sometimes, those we tend to see as insignificant things in life..were really the things that mattered later on. the thing that we needed all along in order for us to see our worth as a woman. sometimes we overlooked of all these things because we are so busy fretting to please other people, those people that we don't want to lose and disappoint. our friends, husband/partner, bosses, career and as such. sometimes we are also busy pleasing God by doing or proving too much of what he expect us to give. you know girl, you don't have to exceed your expectations within yourself. just listen to your heart, listen to his whispered words and do it as he says. don't go beyond what he told you. because with that, you would lose your connection with God, you would lose your guide and you would lose yourself. because simply??you have lost the obedience that should have been on utmost important among else.
some would say that losing yourself is a way to find yourself and worth again. to be more brave and discover the real you along the railroads of your life. but we can't always lose ourselves!once?twice?three times??are we going to always use this excuse (lose yourself to find who you really are) before we learned that, its time for us to be consistent on obeying his command? or are we really that crass to take God's patience in us for granted?? this for every woman..is my piece of advice. i know all of you had stumble and fall many of times. and it won't surely be the last. but we don't have to always sacrifice losing ourselves just to find another way getting up. we just have to always keep our chins up, heart and mind open, and ears listening to his command and you will see how different it can do. i know its too early for me to say as such, but with the first chapter of the book, i think i know already where it will lead me :). and i just want to share with you everything about the pages. these, i blog..we're all my thoughts while i was reading the book (title mentioned ahead if this paragraph) it really inspires me and i can't wait to turn it to the 2nd chapter. but before i go with that, there's still a pending question at the 1st chapter that i am about to share. but for tonight, i think this one will suffice to give you a good and silent night on bed.
i just wish i could help you in any way i can my friends. well actually this one is exclusively for women! so guys you can also ask for my advice but, i'm no expert of the boys haha! maybe that's the reason why i'm single up to now lol. i just don't entertain suitors yet. not yet!
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