And.. yup! you heard it right, I am still working, and I am so embracing becoming a working mom. I think there's nothing selfish in it if you still want to pursue a career at the same time,managing your relationship with your husband and specially with your child, as long as you give ample time for them. I don't think moms who choose to pursue a career deserve a misjudgment of the community.

We have our unique goal for the family. And mine, is to make sure we all have the freedom to do as we wish as long as its for the betterment of each of us as an individual. I also want to practice early on how to be proactive not only for my family, but also for the society. That way,  I can impart these traits to my child so that she will learn how to influence people in positive ways. I want to influence my child to become industrious, so that she can influence her future generation to become one. I want to surround my life today of meaningful deeds so that, it will be her trail of learning while growing up. I want her to see that there is so much in the world. I will open her to lots of opportunity so that she will have perception of what real life is even at her very young age. That said, I want her to grasp good manners, humility..and having us as parent to show that, needs to become the best role model for her.

I am a mom at work because I want to have deep understanding of hardships. Because I want to make my parents proud. I want to make my daughter proud. And I want my husband to see me as her greatest confidant through out our family's journey. Because I want to support my family and the family of my own. I once dreamed of becoming the breadwinner of our family..and every now and then, I'm still praying for that dream to come true.

Baby, in time you can already read this... I want you to know that I will do everything to take care of you. I will be a hands on mom in-spite me working. We will have our special, and unforgettable moments together with your daddy. But please understand that our pursuing a career is part of us desiring deep within our hearts, that we want to give only the best for you. I will be forever grateful to have you appreciate the decisions we've made from the moment we have learned about your life beginning in my womb. Mommy and daddy loves you so much, and we are not going to ask you to become like us..instead...we pray that you will become the better version of ourselves :)

Cheers to all working mommies!

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Last friday, I decided to spoil myself of a few stuff from Watson. Since I went out early from work, and since Jp would be late to come home, and since it was sweltering hot even at 5:30 in the afternoon, I thought of heading to mall first. Other reasons would be, because I wanted to waste some time away from home. And because I am in need of some pampering essentials for my skin and hair caused of too much humidity nowadays.

Photo grab from: ph.makeupandbeauty.com

First purchase was my favorite facial masks from Watson. Because of the summer heat, my skin becomes so flaky and oily. And my usual facial soap and cream routine simply couldn't help. You can have two pieces for only 79 pesos, so cheap you wouldn't second guess purchasing this essentials. And it's worth a buy because it instantly gives your skin a smooth, glow, lighter feeling. It takes only 20 minutes to reach the desired effect. Even Jp (my husband) enjoy using this because it also reduces oil in the skin as well as whitening it with continuous use. A good purchase for a very affordable price isn't it? ;)

Photo grab from: lifestrong.com.ph

Next, Hairfix treatment that costs only 50+ pesos than can be used 3-4 times per pack! not bad at all right? There are two available choices to choose from,one is to get hair smooth and shiny, and the other one is to boost the color treated hair. Since I have a hair dyed last december 2013, I chose the latter. Although it really boost again the color of my hair, it then dries a little bit which is for me, a disadvantage. But you can use hot oil as a remedy to this treatment. And that's why my next purchase is very valuable for me.

Photo grab from: google

I was looking for small sachet of hair treatment so I don't have to purchase a big set that I usually buy. And while my eyes were wandering about every hair treatment at the hair care department of watson, I suddenly saw the small pack of leave on treatment. Palty Tsubaki Camellia Oil hair treatment--that promises a strong, shiny and frizz free hair after every use. You just have to apply an ample amount from one sachet after you towel dry your hair and voila! It would bring shine into your dull hair :) it only costs me 50+ pesos and it has 3 sachets in every pack.

And for my body, I only purchased my all time favorite daily body soap which is the johnson's baby in white. I like it because it's just so mild-- and that's it! Nothing special hehe.


I also purchased the newly released Myra E bb cream in Ivory that costs me 99 pesos, cheap but too small compared to the first released one. As for my first application, it gives the desired effect which is to smooth-en and to moisturize your skin, but definitely not to help cover up blemishes. So you must still use your favorite spot corrector, concealer or foundation. But of course if you have a blemish free skin, then you can freely skip all these :).

So..that's all about my pampering mantra. My good and beneficial haul that only costs me an amount of 200+ pesos. Not bad right?? At least I've indulged myself of things that are useful to me and also to my husband. It's like saving one day of my daily allowance at work hehe!



Hi baby!

Though my O.B gave me a 90% assurance that you are a girl, I still can't get use to it because of fear we might have another misconception of your little patootie down there! But nonetheless, I will love you. I can't wait to feel your first real kick! I can't wait to touch your hands, knees, and feet on top of my belly. Mommy's so ecstatic at the thought of you making free styles inside her womb.

How many times did I whisper that, you are my greatest gift and my greatest miracle? Will you know and will you feel how much mommy loves to give everything for you?

Now I really know what unconditional love means. You made me realize it now. You made me a better person. You made me persevere for the best. You made me appreciate my parents more. You made me responsible, matured, and stable in settling down.

You made my life on earth feels like heaven!

You are my life. My flesh, my blood, and my heart is yours too. We are the mere sample of unity. Physically, emotionally and mentally we are one. And mommy only wants to be the best person she can be, because she believes you will be the kind of person that she is.

Do you know that daddy is also trying to be the best father that he could be for his first little baby? You wanna know why? Then wait for my next letter my little angel. This surely won't be the last.

Mommy Queenie
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