Last night, I was lurking to watch movies at the apartment. I can't feel anything but overwhelming contentment at that night. I think I am so much inlove of my life now that I really do not feel anything negative around me. I decided to re watch the love movies that has a different stories. First was the 'Unofficially yours' followed by 'No Other Woman'. It both, were quite a movie. Both about love. Both at the wrong time. Both wanted nothing but complete and absolute happiness to find someone they truly love and to have feelings be mutual. And yet both had  flaws, two different stories that signifies the same reasons. The same meanings. The same situations. We all both want to be loved solely. But in certain part of our lives, we somewhat screw up and find love the wrong ways, at the wrong time. Worst part is, when we knew how wrong it was and yet, we want it so bad. So bad that we would give all only for the sake of love. So bad that even risking our own happiness and other peoples happiness don't count anymore the strong feelings we have for a person. Sometimes, when love is too strong and empowering us so much, it only feels like everything seems so right. That every thing we are dying to do for the love our lives just seems to be the only, magically right. Sometimes we even think that, we are the victims of too much love. Giving all that we've had. Sacrificing our life from friends, work, career, and our dreams for the person we thought worth the fight.

But when that someone so dearly in our lives is gone. And we are all alone negating all about we've done and sacrificed for the one we love so truly. That's time we realized that the love we thought was unselfish and full of humility, were all gone wrong. That too much love for someone is a sinful selfishness. That sacrificing our own priorities in life is somewhat the mere proof that we are only loving nobody but ourselves. We blame people that they made our life miserable. We blame outside influence why we get hurt. We think that life is just not fair. That God did take side of others lives than of us.

As I watched the movie...there was only thing that seemed to be so bright. That we loved, because we decided to love. That we were in this certain level of our lives because we chose to step up. Strong emotions got us weary, curiosity boosted, and so our desire to why not give it a try. We wouldn't be loving someone if we did not command our heart and mind to set up the way it does. We can never blame somebody of our misery. We love because we want it. We delivered ourselves through it. It's not the gushing water from ocean that pushes as close to the people we dear and hurt us on the verge of our love for them. Nor the wind that forced us to fly and falls down to someone that would just caused us pain. It's only us. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to play life safe and never step up for something new. We can choose not to love. We can choose whom we will love. We can choose anything we want. And a lesson that I now keeping in mind is this; all our chosen path has its own carrying consequences. It has all the pros and cons in it. We can choose to love and with that, we also are choosing to get hurt. We can choose to keep still and never allow someone to get in us, and yet we are like, accepting that we will forever be alone, having what if's hanging in our minds.

As I typed this, I am thinking of what my life would have been if not about my chosen decisions way back? If  I chose not to risk. How will I define love now? If not about my mistakes on choosing whom to love and risking the border of my being. How would I know how it feels to be devastated? It's as if, I am very grateful that love once..had been my disease. Because it encompasses now what I am. I am molded not of what I've learned from books I read, neither from what love movies have taught me nor the stories of other people that surrounds me. I learned all my lessons about life, particularly in love, perhaps because I was too brave to risk everything. That I had my now and never set of mind. I tell myself now 'if everything on my past had gone smoothly and right, will I be having a chance to meet my guy now?' :) And as time goes by, I  pride myself saying.. am living my life peacefully and lovingly. Just the mere presence of his life on mine fills so much of what I had been missing since my life before him.  I have never been this peaceful. And overwhelming satisfaction almost suffocates me.

My heart is at its happy place (as what I have said thousand of times). It so easy, uncomplicated and yet, its filled of excitement and enthusiasm for the relationship. We never or we seldom talk about our past. Though we have passed that times on our early stages of relationship. We often look forward to new, fresh starts. And we always love to plan and look for things we dreamed to have. And by looking means, we canvass, we sort out plans, we set aside savings and we drop unimportant things that we think will hinder everything we had in mind ahead of us :) I know I sound so good to be true, but thats the way it is! That's how my relationship goes with JP and I am so happy being with him.We have our flaws together. We argue, we do fight, we have small petty tampuhan. And we get jealous sometimes. But I know that is only a part of us being together. Being real and true. And most especially. Joyful :)



my ultimate dream :)

I can't wait to make my dream come true <3 p="p">
Soon... ... .


My Skin Care Haul for the week!

Hi guys! Good afternoon :) Again, I'm doing this little sneaking here at my office area hehe. Really don't have a time at night since all I want to do at that moment was to read, rest then sleep. I feel like a crap today, and I presumed it has something to do with my period. My face and eyes seemed so heavy like I have a baggage carrying on it. It's so puffy and my stomach felt so full with air. My body really is on its poorest state now. So I think, I have to make it up with a healthy life style. Mostly, when I have my period, I would eat more of fruits and veggies (Watery foods) so to make sure my skin would still look supple and my body wold feel so light. But now that I suddenly had a changed of life style, even my food habit (since I started working) and that I am staying in an apartment, My food choices became less and less healthy. This is because, I preferred buying instant and ready to eat food instead of buying groceries and do some cooking that I find so tiring and time consuming. So here, I'm suffering the consequences of my chosen path lol. I always feel drained, and I get tired easily. I'm becoming moody every single day. My skin seems to lost its natural glow. And it made me feel ugly inside and out. And it kind of reflecting on my attitude towards JP, who most of time, the one encountering my shortcomings. I'm just so glad that he is so patient and understanding of my moody condition hehe!

And so after analyzing deeply the reason behind this physical and psychological ugliness that I'm suffering (lol). I decided to make a little step by step restoration of what I think I had lost for a months of irresponsible   laziness to becoming healthy.

Just this week, I decided to meet up with Jp at SM mall since I needed to buy him a shaving blade for his face. And I also wanted to make a short time window shopping, so I can start making a list of my god sons/daughters gift. Then, I stumbled across watsons store since it was the first that you would see right after you enter SM taytay coming from tikling. If you may ask, watsons is one of my most favorite spot to come in every time I am at the mall area. Second to the book store. Maybe some of you would be surprised to realized that clothes and dresses really comes on my last list of girly staples. I only have 3 spots I always wanted to stand by: Book Store. Watsons. Cosmetics Store. Clothes is on the least of my list to be precised :) So anyway, going back to my real agenda here... I decided to look around watsons, and my feet brought me to the skin care area. I looked for my usual soap Dove White Bar instead of getting again one of whitening bar that only made my skin rough and dry. I did not even get any whiter! Next, I looked for good and deep hydrating lotion, and I stumbled across buying the Nivea Intensive Moisture Milk Lotion. And for the first time, I bought a Face and Body waxing from Epilin, for my armpit. Since its less hassle to use, and it  whitens the underarm area from continuous usage because it has the capacity to remove the dead skin cells on it. I am still thinking if I should try this on my legs, it will be very time consuming for me, especially that I only have 1 day off. I also bought a new pressed powder from Shawill (i got the darkest shade since they're only available with light ones) and I chose shawill brand first because, it is affordable, I also tried it on my arm's skin and it feels so smooth and light compared to my usual maybelline clear smooth pressed powder.

So that's it! I only purchased a little for my skin care because of budget constraint. I still have lots to buy next time and I dont want to spend all my money for my non- sense beauty dilemmas haha! Moreover, it is better to start beautifying oneself from deep within, by eating healthier and freshly cooked foods and ones attitude towards life. Keeping your self happy is the best key to young, youthful glow. But sometimes cosmetology can make it faster right?? AMININ!!! God Bless us all!



the cutest, smart. bubbly Ziva!
Sooooooooooooo this is it yakisobang pansit! haha! As a promised, I would start bragging my happening irregardless of when and where it happened. My boss just got out of the office and this is my only chance to type my personal blog here at my little spacious area :D I have to make it quick and short since I need to go home early for my mom's request that we (along with jp)  accompany her at bus terminal in cubao. she needs somebody to bring her heavy baggage and she thought no one else but me!!! #AMAGAWD what a beautiful P.A mother!lol So that. That's my quick story for today, there was no extraordinary about my so predictable day at work. Keeping our cool while we're waiting for the training schedules to come in.

the most adorable family of sir owen :)
So today, I drop by to share this momentous day that happens to my man's closest of friends, Sir Owen. He, along with their co-dept. invited us to witnessed their daughter's first birthday and christening. Congratulations Ziva! I know the blessings for these family will over flow because they offered their child to our almighty. And I was pleased that they invited me, and for the warmth welcome they have showed me. They were so easy and so fun to be with. I kept on laughing whenever they would cracked up a joke. Well, they always come up with a joke in spite of what the mood was. That may be a reason that  keeps them all look younger. I wish I have more moments together with jp's officemates. They're really that fun :)

and of course the love birds hihi!
the FPLA family of JP :)

That is all for today! See you on my next blog post :D I need to pack up now and head home right quick! Then will be heading to cubao then next to megamall. I also need to bring back my bought tomato shoes for size replacement. Ciao madla!

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."


Hi fellow readers! It's been quite a while since I blog something about my life's event. I terrible felt guilty for not having ample of time to all the things  I usually does. Reason behind it?? too demanding work! I enjoyed to bits what I am doing now at my current job but it eats out all my time that i can not say yes to anything outside it. That made (i guess) some of friends to turned their back and get a little mad at me. Well in this case i absolutely feel sorry but what can I do?? I can't least prioritize whats making me a living now. Especially that i'm getting my fix into a lot of things that I find more important. Such things are, my family, my independence, my career, my future stand financially speaking, and my growing desire to settle for good with you know ahiiiie(kinikilig!) with my super supportive man :D And sorting all these matured plans for the future, I came setting my mind to least prioritize others that would just spend out non sense expenses from my hard earned penny. I promised that I will keep up with my friends and other stuff if time permits me.

Okay enough with my babbling of priorities and maturing lol! You might think I have become too meticulous now haha, but I'm not ;). I blog again since I want to inform you that from this day forward... . I will be posting a lot of my back logs (crossed fingers to that though hihi) so to make up with one of my most favorite hobby and that is THIS!!Blogging! As I said, its been quite a while now since the the last, but I am certain that I will try my best to some how keep up with my usual hobbies, especially those that are useful and healthy for me.

'Hows my life now??' If you may ask. I'm in total contentment of my life. I have spend my time apart from work mostly with family and myself alone. And if time permits with my super loving man :) He makes my life uncomplicated. He completely secured me emotionally speaking. He never ceases to make me feel kilig, guarded, protected, and he always find time to talk and have a heart to heart conversation with me everyday and every night. We've been together for almost 6 months now and we still do the daily devotion together. I have lots of good words with my relationship now but would take us days if I will brag it here all haha! So let me cut our story off here. One thing that I managed to also keep up was, to continue my love for reading :) I always read. I love to read especially if its about love, friendship, relationship, family and anything that goes about love. That's me :) If you would ask me whats new about me now.. I have a few words to that, because honestly.. I can't even pinpoint the changes myself lol. But maybe, just maybe, I am much happier now. My heart is in its happy place. Sometimes I get sad but not anymore afraid nor too depressed that causes me to lose my appetite . I earned a few of fats on my cheeks and belly as well yay for that! JP never fails to full me with yummy foodies! My skin became a bit tanned since I've been doing an outdoor activities related to my work. In this case I don't know if I should be happy or feel achy since I'd been having a faired skin for the longest time. But I think I look healthier and glowing with my current skin color now so yeah why not right?? And that's it. I just made a little kwento (story) about myself before starting to drown you with my latest blogs and photos hehe. I'm still at work and my boss is here so maybe I will need you guys to bear with my quick and cut offs blog hihi!

the present me :)
have a great day everyone!

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose - (Romans 8:28).
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