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hi everyone! i know i know..i've been a sleeping oil for a weeks now! I've been so busy since the moment i got hired from my new work. i got to be so excited that my desire to blog every single detail of my life lessened up. Shame to admit but yeah, it's not that i dont like blogging anymore, its just that I've been so deprived of sleep and I've been working for 6 heavenly working days! And like our almighty, my only rest day was sunday! hooray! I am not complaining about my busy schedules and stressful work load these past weeks, its more of, I got a lot of things that I want to do but my time seems so little it can't fit all the stuffs that i opted to do. But i am trying! just like now, since i am done already with all my assignments and works here at the office, i even helped my co worker to prepare her lectures for the trainees today. I am stuck here now on my desk staring and waiting for time out! Sitting pretty while sipping my coffee and reading blogs and other articles that has to do with Spa Business and Feasibility etc. Then... I got bored and i need to do something or else my mood will affect the way i perceived my work that was so much better now compared to my previous job hehe. and so i get my phone, open my to do list, started doodling down what i planned to do next. So one of those was this. HEAVEN IM AGAIN BLOGGING YAY! :D I absolutely missed doing this, and i think it's unfair that in times i've got a lot of things in my life to share, that's the time i stopped blogging. so here, i will make it up with you guys :) but please bear with me since it will be a random posting. maybe even the events and happenings won't be date to date, but whats important now is that, i find time to share it with you guys..

so here it goes. let's start when i get this job, at first i was not really mesmerized by the thought of getting hired in sales field again. I had been here a lot of times, and I seemed not doing great at it. And to be honest, I really hate the responsibilities and job description a sales representative has. it's like you're dying to please people to convince them to get what you offer, so that you would meet your quota. my work now still goes like that, but i am more satisfied and its more better since my career now is something i am naturally good at. something i am passionate about. but of course i still have to learn a lot about it. i am not just an ordinary sale/product consultant, i am also a spa consultant, where in i assist people who has inquiries and wants to put up a spa business. here i set appointment with them, that depends if they want to meet up somewhere outside that is more convenient with their schedule or they can just come visit me here in our office (of course this one is what i most preferred hihi).I do study marketing, business planning and conceptualizing, spa location study, I mostly read about beautifying wherein i don't  even think its an overload work for me, although if i will try to enumerate everything that i do. you might think its really too much of responsibilities put on my shoulder haha! Yes I get tired but enjoy it to bits. Yes i sometimes feel hopeless especially those times i can't close a deal. And yes, i am terrified that i might not be  enough for my boss for this job she might think of replacing me. But no matter what happens, i will walk by faith. i wont step back just because i fear what's there to expect. As long as i have this job, i will do my best to make the best of it. I miss being a busy woman. I miss having a career. i miss earning my own penny! i miss the freedom your career could give to you and i wont let it be away from be by just giving up! aja Queen aja! haha..so yeah i am now a cray cray girl!haha

my company id picture :)

this picture was not taken in our office haha! i just got home from work so there, that was my whole outfit for that day. i think it was taken only last friday.

next was my date with my forever love and best friend myloves! along with my daddy long legs honey :D and for the first time, they've met haha! it was an amazing moment for me, they got to meet and be friends as well, and now..the three of us were planning to eat out frequently at different kinds of resto, we also opted to watch vice ganda movie this coming october, and the divisoria get way on december! see? all these were set up for the first time they encountered each other. should i ask for more?? ;)

next was jessica's birthday! I was really touched whenever she would invite me on here cocktail party.we dont talk a lot, we seldom see each other. But when we do, its like 'the good ol days' :) even her cousins were close to me, that they always look for me whenever they throw  a party. I dont know why God blesses me so much of random people who loves me and loves my company! nobody or maybe there's only a few who despised or hate me. I am too sweet, too affectionate to be hated by anyone. although you can not please everybody, and no matter what goodness you show them they would still mock you down. so just smiled them off! anyways..i love you jessiber!

and lastly, about my JP :) we always head to work together in the morning and goes home together too. we both work at antipolo and we find the short time to make it up with each other since we are both busy with our work. he has sat and sundays to rest but i only have sundays off, so i tend to share that time with him, with friends and of course with my family, its too exhausting yeah. but atleast we're trying to manage our time spend with important people in our lives :)

well these are all for now. it's time to pack up my things and go meet jp so we can have some dinner out before heading home! i miss the quality of time we spend together. so we will try to make up tonight. just a simple dinner with someone you love suffice ayiiie! have a blessed and productive day everyone!



Good morning everyone!!! I am up so early yeah?haha I promised I will be blogging about my new work right after I broadcast that I was being aired on tv from the 2nd of my work! would you so kind to imagine it? only my second day and I was haluvah being carried by my boss to be a part of that tv guesting! well i should drop off this topic since i will be blogging about it in a separate day. for now i just want to focus on personal to professional story of how I got this job. But bear with me that i need to fast track it since i will prepare for work later ;). So first off, it was my boyfriend JP who really made it all possible by sending my CV to Athena Goddess Spa Depot since he saw that i t would suit my employment backround. they were needing a product consultant wherein we cater recommendation of the best, newest and cost friendly (i might say) products that could help maximize the company's (specifically the Salon and Spa) profitability. So yeah there i said what i've been expecting to do. I wont be in details for now about all the loaded stuff i will be doing, its really exhausting because i am still trying to pin down all my tasks, and its quite disorganized. maybe because it was really overwhelming, exciting and at the same time pressured, since we will be launching a product that was very first to come out here in the Philippines and we are the very first and SOLE DISTRIBUTOR of it. I am talking about the Nail Lacquers i had been divulging on fb and twitter haha.

I can't seriously blog a long post so that i can give you a definite information about it, but i will be leaving you with some pictures and be curiously mesmerized by it, while waiting for my next blog. I am about to make my separate blogsite for this, but in the mean time, i will spoil you here on my personal blog :) since it's still under construction. we do have a website already for our newest nail brand but, it's not segmented with only one product. and my job is to focus more on this newest nail lacquers in the house! see who wouldn't be pressured if you need to market something so stranger and new for filipina beauties right? but i do believe i can do this, it's one of my passion and i am fond of doing it since before. the best will naturally come out of me because i know this is something i am good at. and I am so grateful to our Lord God that he answered my prayer. before, its only my wishful thinking to be part of an industry wherein i can flaunt my talent on styling women to be timelessly beautiful and worthy :)

So for now heres the sneak peek of the newest style you will be expecting to see on the salons sooner yay:

The IMPERATIVE luxury nail fashion. the newest stylish brand you will all embrace. fierce and stunning at its finest. be the first to be in nail fashion trends.
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