when a father, loved his son so much. i couldn't help but cry while watching this.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:16). 

this video was sent by my cousin on my website and advised me to watch it.

"Don't Worry":

25 `So, I tell you this. Do not be troubled about what you will eat or drink to keep alive. Do not be troubled about what you will wear on your body. Life itself is worth more than food, and the body is worth more than clothes. 
26 `Look at the birds that fly in the air. They do not plant or cut or keep any food. Yet your Father in heaven feeds them. Are yo
u not worth more than birds?
27 Can any one of you live any longer by troubling yourself about these things?
28 And why are you troubled about clothes? See how the flowers grow in the fields. They do not work or make cloth.
29 I tell you, King Solomon was a great man. But he was not dressed as fine as one of these flowers.
30 God dresses the grass in the fields so it looks nice. It is in the field one day and the next day it is put on the fire. If God dresses the grass like that, he cares much more that you have clothes to wear. You do not believe in God very much!
31 `So then, do not keep asking, 'What shall we eat?' 'What shall we drink?' and 'What shall we wear?'
32 It is the people who do not believe in God who work for all these things. Your Father in heaven knows that you need them all.
33 `Work first for God's kingdom and what he calls good. Then you will have all these things also (Matthew 6 : 25-33 - WE)

and this one was posted by my uncle.

 i love how my bloodlines devote themselves into God's word of wisdom daily. and how it affects their view in life and in people they encounter everyday. i always pray the i would also find my Lord in my daily life. i know i believe in him. but i only know a few of what he can do in my life completely. so i ask you guys to help me and witness as i make my journey into finding God's love in my life :)

have a beautiful day ahead everyone! May God bless us all!



'WOW'... thats the only word i could say. its been three months that i wasn't single anymore. how ironic life could be right? last year i was just barging up of too much heart ache i had experience and vowed never to fall inlove again haha! there i said it..i ate what i said a year ago :) i think it's normal to feel too much disdain into love after a handful of heart breaks in your past..but slowly, as time passes by, the pain and bitterness would subside. i remember myself saying "once this guy i loved now failed me in our relationship??..i will never love again, but then i will find a rich man whom i will marry and i would live my life just like my name" ROYALTY. but again, it was all just my mind being defensive and trying to covered up that something on my relationship that time was wrong. i couldn't pinpoint what was it. i kept on denying that there was a problem. pretending to be okay with everything. but there came a point that fate intervene. or let's say that God by used of fate intervene. he knew it was not for me. he knew all along that it would come to an end. not to hurt me but rather, to gave me a lesson. to tell me that i still had a long road of journey. that he saved something better for me, something i most deserve..and of course someone who would love me as me. accept me as me. and wouldn't ask to change any in return for his love. at first, of course everything were so hard to accept. i was asking God that maybe he was wrong about removing what and whom i had at the moment. that i had a strong feeling i already had what i needed in my life. that he shouldn't have taken away what's making me happy, and the reason why i am living. but of course i have to admit now...God knew all along that i had a wrong emotions and feelings towards my life at the time and that i need to dramatically changed that or it would have made my life miserable.

You all know now, that i am in love again, and this one is for him. John Paul Paragile. the man i never thought of loving. a man i never knew, though we went on the same college school, when i was currently in a relationship with somebody else. i never saw him, neither recognized him although he once played basketball with my past man. he told me he was seeing me at the time. but never even in his wildest dreams did he imagine having a relationship with me. And then we met. i wouldn't be in details how, since i blogged about that already, if you want to review that part come to this link BoyMeetsGirl. we have been together for three months now, well perhaps it's almost haha, tomorrow will be our third month anniversary lol! Of course those cliche stuff of having a boyfriend and girlfriend is still a must. we're still young at heart and i enjoyed cheesy-ness of a relationship, thats what makes one always fresh and new right? when you never stop courting your loved one, especially the GIRLS (lets assume jp won't read it and assume he won't get carried away ;) )  like doing what you used to do when you were still on the getting to know stage. such as making harana for her (singing a romantic song) giving him or her thoughtful gifts (with this part it doesnt have to be materialistic or expensive.anything that comes from the heart and that reminds you of your loveone will do) giving hugs and kisses all the time. saying 'i love you' tirelessly. sending each other cheeseballs messages or even posting and tweeting each other how much affection you feel for them. im telling you..this would make the relationship feeling all brand new and strong as time goes by :) These qualities is not perfected by Jp but i could see how hard he is giving an effort to make me feel the best among the rest!! he prioritize me and my feelings before his.

Last week, we revealed to everyone our relationship. on my part, nobody disagreed. almost all of my friends and relatives were happy for me. on his part, i am happy to see i am welcomed but then again.. i know some were disappointed. of course it makes me feel a bit sad but nonetheless, its fine with me, i understand where they're coming. i know some of his friends were also good friend with his past girlfriend and it would take time before they absorb that certain things, events and people changed. and i just wish they will see the goodness of Jp's change of heart. and i wish they will later realize that he shouldn't be blame of loving a new. and if in any case he hurt someone's heart. in this world, more often than not, we would be judged, despite their lack of knowledge about what really happened. and i am proud that jp didnt' badge and remained silent to show respect for those who (im sorry for the term) accused him of being the one who have made mistakes. stories reversed and edited. two parties will always have two different version of stories, its up to individual's perspective now who would they believe.

But of course it was not bad at all. WE were definitely accepted by our families. I had my first formal encounter with his family and they gave me a warmth welcome, they even prepared some of my favorite dishes! one was ginataang bilobilo which i told jp how bad i was craving for it, and adobong chicken, they also considered my not eating of red meat for preparing!!wow right? how sweet and thoughtful that was!!it was very heartmelting. though i was a little embarrassed since i am wearing shorts that time, jp didn't inform me that his father was a very conservative man. ayy dyahe! and that they were expecting us to be there at home by 2 pm and we arrived past 6 pm.huh! can you just imagine how embarrassed i was? i was just glad they're really kind and patient parents. im still bringing that one up whenever i saw jp and would blame him for the embarrassment that i get lol! i would always say "naka shorts na nga, late pa!" great! i'd be getting a good feedback from your parents right?" hahaha! But nonetheless I had fun tagging along with his parents and also with his cutie nephews, seeing them makes me ecstatic of having my own hihi!! And of course, jp had to meet my parents as well..so he did visit the day after my visit at his place to meet mine for the first time, but before that, we went on their church first to attend a mass (or for born again christians 'a service'). they were all kind to me! after the mass i was surprised when they all approached me and hand shake and greeted me welcome. even the pastor from that ministry. i felt a bit shy for being the center of attention. jp told me it was normal, since obviously i was the new face there. they were all friendly and enthusiastic and i love it to pieces! and with my parents i am glad they'd been so kind and respectful to jp..i was nervous for him since i didn't know what to expect from them as much as jp's own nervousness! especially my father whose on his best behavior. maybe i was too anxious that i was expecting the worst. so i gave him precautionary measures haha! but it all ended up great! he got along with my mother and siblings right away, even though my father and him didn't quite talk aside from simple handshake and reciprocating of smile the whole day. at least they all managed to be in a good manner :) my weekend unfolded great and i am happy that it did.

Tomorrow will be our third months together and i just want to give him a simple thing to smile about. I wish he would read this by 12 am before he go to sleep. i wish i could make him feel special. i want to make him happy as much as he wants me to be. i want to take this chance to thank him for entering my life. and i believe he was  a gift from God. up until now we are doing the bible reading and pick out one experience from our past or current situation and reflect and relate on it. he's a good adviser. we always pray at night and vowed we will make God as the center of our relationship and everything that we do. he also registered me to a two days retreat on their ministry next week. he's really keeping me closer to God and he was the first man i loved who do that for me. i wont' say it will last forever because i don't want to be ahead of God's beautiful plan for both of us. as long as we wake up having each other in our lives. it is enough for me. but of course if you would ask me if i want it to lasts and if i want him to be the last and stay for the rest of my life..i will be the happiest created woman alive :) But i will let God be at work in my relationship, i don't want to plug all the responsibilities in me again. we'll take it slow.

As for my last word for JP this day. I love you honey, you dont know how much joy you bring into my life. i know our relationship had been and will be experiencing a lot of struggles and trials along the road. but i will believe in us. and i will trust. will be loyal and honest all the time. we won't give up and we will keep on fighting to make this love forever alive :) Happy three months of being inlove. And if this love is right in God's eyes, then we will never lose it. I love you and I will take care of you. This is my 'simple gift' to you for our monthsarry! i am sorry i cant buy you any for now. you know naman hehe!

Good night people. i wish all of us were inlove hahaha! ciao

they say we look alike??should i be happy or should i get worried??hahahaha!!!!



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I've been a rainy season lover since heaven knows when. I would admit that I always pray to God he would make the day mostly gloomy with a little pouring rain. I dont know the implication, but psychologically it makes me feel at ease, relax and happier than seeing the sun rising. Mostly, I would just stay home curling on bed, reading, navigating stuff on my laptop, eating, napping..and despite the bad weather, I could still go out and enjoy myself. But today was different, today was the day I realized how bad the incessant rainy days have become. I watched the news on tv, listened to radio, and I felt guilty for not knowing early on how far this they so called 'ordinary rainy day' damaged the lives of people whose affected by the flood that is incessantly rising as i blog about this now. I felt helpless since I want to do something to help those people who are in need. But what can i do if i am here stuck at home..and just feeling sorry for the people who suffered so much now to this calamities our country is in. I remembered my experience way back to Ondoy... It was again, devastating for some, but not for me. I was stranded at my friends home where in flood was just the last thing we could worry about since it was a high placed village. I remember how at first we enjoyed hanging out together,laughing eating non stop..until we realized how bad it was outside..we were too sheltered, too safe, too self absorbed that we have forgotten to check on news to know how bad the situation was already. we felt bad, guilty and we almost cried. we couldn't do anything to help. And i dont want that to happen again, i dont want to just sitback and relax while everybody is wading just to survive..maybe now i can't do something like volunteering, pack goods and be a rescuer to those in need..but i can do a little part to help..and that is to disseminate information about this calamities in our country to the world. to let people know we are in big need of support, guidance and most of all prayers that we could over come this another tragic in our (filipinos) lives. Since i am one of those people active on fb-ing, tweeting and this blogging...i could use it as a tool, to be an instrument and influence others to also make even the smallest of deeds we can contribute for our fellow citizens. After this heavy rainfall, when its safe for everyone to go out, lets take the chances to help in any way we can. This would be my first step of helping, i know i can do a lot more. but for now..i will use the only resources i have to help out.

Let's pray for the good tomorrow may bring. remember mass hysteria would just make the situation  worst so..please as much as possible let's avoid posting negativity, it would cause panic to those affected of flood. Be positive..we can do this if we are all united! Please you..a little deed can make a very big difference..so start doing you part in our country.

Pleass do read this blog from Ms. PattyLaurel for more inspiring and encouraging word to help and http://divinemlee.com/ for a more detailed way on how to reach out to those affected. if you want to be a member of a red cross volunteer, or if you want to give relief goods, clothes and other kinds of help..just please go to this page. you can also watch news on tv since they're also spreading information regarding this.
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