yes! its a good bye..a happy goodbye to my blog or you all known for sure as "my world" yeah i am saying goodbye because i think i needed to, i posted a lot about my personal stuffs in life especially those that are sad, and i don't think it has a good effect to those who read it . some got affected, some judged me, too many people asked me about it, some made a gossip. and ashamed of admitting it, i realized i was so wrong putting here my problem which i really really wanted to keep to myself and to the person involved at it, and by posting some kind of sh*t like that makes it more visible to people and make an assumption. i knew its too late for me to get back all what I'd already been said..i just can't help myself feeling more guilty because too many people who are close to my heart asked about it for they've been too worried about me and i just ended up saying .."thanks for concern but i can't sat it though" and blah blah blah! and  told my heart aches and doesn't accepted any of their kind heart to help..

but this would not be the end of me sharing my story, but i need to get a new place, a new world for me, i need to build a new me, a new Queenie so that i could move on, and all of us could move on..

i would still update those exciting and happy moments of my daily life, and i would still say what i really feel, but maybe i won't be so specific with it, especially when it is something like dramas.. but for now this is what i say i good farewell to my dearest dearest diary, but i have to leave you for good, visiting,seeing you brings back the old memories, often were those sad!

and ..don't worry something new is coming, something new about me! more fierce and jolly ..just wait =)

but for now thanks and i hope you enjoy your stay =)
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