Hi guys! Just woke up from my very dull nap. My body got to feel a drastic change since yesterday when i had my first day of period ;( I know its gross but i really don't feel well that i easily get pissed off people who tries to approach me. But other than that. My body also feels so weak, and my muscles were aching. Uhm, i think feeling of discomfort is an appropriate term. I actually planned to blog about a food my sister have tried. Getting the idea from Ms. Sharon Cuneta's Chronicles. But i feel like getting sick i could puke anywhere, anytime! But of course, as a promised to myself and to anybody who might be reading my blog (that i am not sure enough though lol) that i will blog and post things now on a regular basis. So here it is guys, i will let you hang on from my usual blog about life. Let's now proceed to FOODS yay! Are you also excited. So here it is:

My sister and I were really close since we were kids. But there was a point in time when i hated being with her! We used to be thought that we're twins especially when we were very young that i found very annoying when we were on our teen years. I tend to noticed when she's wearing same color or same clothes i was using for the day (which something we couldn't avoid because our parents we're fond of buying us same stuff) lol. We got to fight a lot way back because we, especially me wanted to be different from my sister. But now, to make the long story short, we are not like that anymore. we are now fond of each other. i dont get pissed if she's using same color or same clothes or bags or anything! I find it very flattering now when people think of us as twin sisters and that we are both pretty hihi!

And now, we have this new bonding. Which i just found out very relaxing and laid back when you give it a try. It's COOKING!!! I so love this new hobby that my sister princess have done so many times, as in everyday. She's the cook at our home actually. So give all the praise to my sister please! But then with this one? i tried to assist her since i was the one who suggested her to try on cooking something different. And Voila! I was surprised to know that the recipe she get from was in a magazine of Sharon Cuneta which i find very fulfilling on her part because my sister doesn't have any love for reading. But i guess people really do have change!

And so to proceed with the recipe that i am about to revealed. Which i guess you were waiting for since the very beginning of this post..Then i won't keep it long. I just want to share with you guys why our new found recipe was very successful and sweet. And its because of the bond and joyfulness we had when were doing this :)

The Recipe
First off, the main dish:
Seared Tenderloin
- here you can use beef, chicken or pork. or the mix of the three (3)

1/4 kilo beef tenderloin or sirloin, cubed salt,
pepper and liquid seasoning to taste
1 tablespoon garlic, minced

For Mango Sauce:
4 tablespoon olive oil
1 large or 2 medium-size ripe mangoes sliced,
Juice of one (1) lemon

- Season meat with salt, pepper and  liquid seasoning. Marinate for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
- Toast garlic in olive oil over low heat. When golden brown, strain garlic and set aside. Reserve tablespoon of oil. Return remaining oil to the pan, turn up the heat on high and sear meat a few pieces at a time. Do this quickly to keep the meat from becoming tough. Transfer to a serving plate.

- To make the mango sauce, puree mangoes with lemon juice in a blender. Heat reserved oil in a small saucepan.
- Pour in mango puree and let simmer for one (1) minute Season with just a hint of salt and pepper. Serve with seared tenderloin garnished with a sprinkling of toasted garlic.

And done! you have your Seared Tenderloin with Mango Sauce :D Make your dull and boring lunch meal with the family a colorful and exciting one by suggesting new recipes to taste! Lifes a gift darling. Just like food, savor every bits of it! Leaving you with filled of love.



In life, we must see how this world could offer us a lot of things we could enjoy and treasure so much.

I have the biggest home outside :)

Engrave your own place

People can choose to dance their lives. And some chose to only watch and never try

Nothings going to give you satisfactory but this one :)

When you are thirsty of love and life. Take a break. Drink who you are

When life is like turning you upside down, stop your own clock and savor the moment

Friendship will give you love and security. A relationship that will never last.. next to God and Family

The world we live. There are many distractions in the way. And will keep coming our way, to challenge us, to test us. And to out focus our mind and heart from the wonderful land that big guy up there had given us. And I tell you what.. Just stand firm and still. God have all the ducks in the row already.



hi guys! my apologies for a very late blogs and for keeping you hanging on my whereabouts. sure now is my time to shine! my laptop's now kicking alive again yey! you dont know how happy i am since i was terribly crying for not having it fix right away..i've been stoically using my phone and couldn't even make fun of my new shots and blog and blog anytime i want. of course. i would have to admit that i do edit the photos especially when i blog stuff and stories. it's because it makes the pictures more vivid, exciting, real and lovely. and also because i'm a frustrated photographer haha! im just so ecstatic to have my own SLR which i was totally singing on my dad since the day he arrived. i could sense my victory already heeeeh! so btw. is my title confusing?? i'm telling you, its not.. not at all. i just had my 22nd birthday last april 16! and voila i'm freaking old 22!!!!! and now to give you some glimpse of the things you mignt not know about me..the goodness and the darkest and yuckest maybe..will then be revealed today. oh my gas should i feel scared??haha. especially now that haters is on the game..sure you'll use it against me guys. welps enjoy!

confessions of facts:
- i do sleep with my headphones on my ears from night til  morning when i wake up (uhm not really interesting lol)
- i do love adding songs on my playlist but keep on skipping them to find my favorite ones lol
- i do love dogs but im so darn tired and hate to have them bath.(actually i never have done that)
- i do love doing comics when i was a child. like for real! (but in tagalog version haha.i was dumbed at english before)
- i do love to eat garlic and onion. even the whole of it like, it's an apple!
- i do have four notebooks. my daily journals, my future plans, for quotable quotes and for my stuff to buy.
- i do have gazillions of lipstick! my most favorite is red. just like my favorite beauty icon Anne Curtis :) oh how i love her to the bones!
- i do pray to God at the end of my prayer that he make me prettier everytime i wake up lol. (the funny truth)
- i do love taking a nap. and i tend to sleep longer on the afternoon than at night! (the weird fact)
- i do take some jokes seriously. some and most of the times. since i dont get it right away. im that slow darlings hehhe
- i dont diet! my body when i was in highschool was a bit lumba lumba (overwight) but hey age does wonders i guess??im so thin now and i dont really get fat anymore. no matter how much i eat a day
- i do day dream a lot! that sometimes im so lazy to face the reality, because my illusions are better than it
- i do love taking pictures...of myself lol (vanity side)
- do love hanging out with my friends and makin up with them <3
- i do clean our house everyday when i dont have a work.
- i do ironed all of our clothes. like for real all!
- i hate corny people. like people who tried to cracked a joke that isn't funny anymore. idk i find some people really ANNOYING. i have one actually and she blocked me.hehe i think i made i mean post and she kind of reacted with that. guilty bitter freak girl. bless your heart!!and i sneeze hachoooooooh!
- i do get mean and rude sometimes when you secretly did something mean to me. i can read between the lines so easy that you haters could never find an escape of your wrong acts against and about me. and i do rude posts for you heeeh. like im secretly having a war. my food for thought for this??'if the shoe fits. then you're free to wear it :D (my sarcasm)
- i do get snobbish at times. especially to boys.
- i hate our neighbor at the back of our yard. they're disgustingly lazy!
- i do get pissed of jologs people (no offense but really) have you been born no taste?
- i do love dramas and emo electric moments when i do get sad and i can't blame anyone but the one in the mirror!
- i do love badminton playing
- i do love writing things about me, about life, life of the others, inspirational ones, sad ones. funny ones. and more
- i do love eating sweet then salty. the never ending craveness!
- i do love mocha cakes than chocolate cakes.
- i do love ice cream than cakes!
- i do love adobo. caldereta and the original spag sauce!my very pinoy taste (;
- i do love biking. how i miss my childhood days ;[
- i do love perfume although my derma told me it's not advisable for my allergy! (somethings are hard to resist)
- i do love make up than clothes (although i love the two. its just that cosmetics the # 1
- i do love watching pretty girls.
- i do fight a lot of times with my mom. i think that's what you called love and hate relationship?
- i do want to go to paris. to singapore. to new york. to atlanta. to japan. to italy and to korea.
- i do love money lol..who dont let me please slap you on the face!!! get me a drink!

and i do love to know if i forget on something??i know theres a lot more to confess but i find my mind really drifting off now. maybe you can give me some little time to brag confessions of me next time :) tell me if you're having fun or annoyed. if you are the latter...well my apologies. i'll be gunning you of more!! haha!

hayy i'm 22 years of age now. sometimes i'm thinking back then. if i made a lot of things that i could be proud of, or if i really know myself..little did i know. I never have seen God's given gifts of me. Until now. now that i am reborn as a young 22 year old lady and single. i have a lot to thank for with you my Lord for keeping me alive. for always being there for me. and for not turning your back even though i have made that too many times on you. you are the best relationship i have right now! thank you also for giving me lovely family.. although we dont agree on each other most of times. you always makes a way for us to make everything up now. and i can confidently say that we are getting closer each and everyday. i'm loving more my life now and too ecstatic to find more about what this world has to offer. im now taking off the old queenie who used to depend her happiness on a guy. but now i'm just so proud of me that i can confidently say, that my last long year loved man is already....out of my system :) although of course sometimes i get curious about him...nonetheless, the best ever gift God has given me is when he awaken me from that dillusion my love had brought me. now i'm totally in the moves to find a new fresh one. uhm no. im going to wait for that one to come a long and find me haha! so now i might be blogging more in the coming days. actually i still have one pending blog tonight..i'l just eat and drink a milk to regain my mind's strenght okay??ciao my darlings :) smooches*


lol! im so sorry i'm kinda weird nowadays. i was just so sick of instragram madness that now invaded the facebook world! and i must say. it's really cracking up people. unfortunately, my phone is just for poor it cant make its own instragam like what most of you guys now can have and do. but nonetheless..im just doing my own! although not really a copy of it..atleast photoshop really can do magic right??hihi i am weirdo..but admit it...mine is a fact cute! yey!



The day that my only planned was to play badminton with my college friends. turned out that they pushed me to go with them. well since i had no plans yet that time a decided to go with them already. and really i had fun! we all had fun. playing badminton. swimming at club manila east  then over night at wendell's crib. we were together for 24 hours! imagined how we enjoyed each others company :) super love!


Here we go. my college friends and  i seriously wanted to be as athletic as we could be haha! well they are good enough to play the game and me??well never mind..as long as im enjoying it to bits i dont care if im good or bad lol!

with ibs, tus and jp!

i was wating for my challenger.

seriously. i hit that one haha!


yeah thats our peg! my loves and i unplanned wearing a  blue top when we dated last march. i've got lots of stories to share. events to brag about, unfortunately i cant for now :( im actually at computer shop now, uploading the photos on my facebook. i cant stay here for long because its so hot in here and i got too many mosquito bite! i might have dengue in the end urhg! so heres the glimpse of our summer date at eastwood, wherein we ate at TGI FRIDAYS and then we watched movie Mirror Mirror/ the movie was great enough for me! it was fun and very wholesome. we were also lucky to see kim and mark of PBB Unlimited!yay for that! This event was happy and a terrible one since my loves was a bit mad at me for being late on our date. my greatest apology my loves! hihih
im wearing blue tops from hip culture. blue shorts from f21

kim and mark of pbb :)

with myloves at eastwood.

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