The world is full of folks who would quickly give up. They sit back and folded their arms, deep frowns and skeptical stares.  Their determination is short lived. their favorite words are 'why?..give up..we can't do that..nobody does those things.' And they miss out on most of the action, to say nothing of all the fun!
But periodically we bump into  a few refreshing souls, who have decided that they arent going to live in the swamp of the status quo or run scared of being different. Those who aim high are strong willed eagle who refuse to be bothered by the negativism and skepticism of the majority. They never even say a words 'let's just quit'.

                                                                                                     ~ Living Above the Level of Mediocrity

As i typed these words from my inspirational book entitled Great Attitudes authored by Charles Swindoll, one thing came into my mind...that is why do i have to over think of my future?why don't i let God be in the move when to take me? why do i have to be scared of future if i ain't risk anything for it?why give up when i ain't yet taking any ways for it?

Now i am seeing the life as a great challenge of God for me, and i hear him whispering me.."you have no need to fear, take the challenge as something fun and adventurous so you are not only starting to step up for your dreams but also, enjoying life full of hopes and dreams and by faith"...i know and i believe..i will make it happen! we will make it happen! i am fulfilled of my college life, fulfilled of passing the Nursing Board Exam ( so now i am an RN :) ) and i am again stepping forward to the next level of achieving my dreams, my family's dreams and most of all achieve God main purpose in my life.

Last saturday, my RN colleagues hah! went to Gia's place to celebrate with her being a board passer. all of us who went there were already an RN..uhm well i guess the one in white shirt is not haha

but let me start it with me heeehh!
fuuuuu!i got a pimple!
myself portrait got yaw ass kickin!haha
my brick red nails, cheap bag and golden blue watch lol!
happy fiesta RN's =)

with arianne!

you would love to have college classmates that have been your friends, and now your colleagues 

what a great night we had! actually we went first at tricia's crib at noon time before we had gone to gia's party! they both had their thanks giving party at the same day, so imagine how tired we were, specially me, since I've been gone to mall in the morning before those happenings..thank God i am blessed! i love it to bits!

                              But when we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it
                                                                                             Roman 8:25



so lauren and i went to mall and window shopped, it was fun and cool! fitting lovely shoes and sandals, watched movie like 127 hours that i enjoyed so much unlike my girl who totally got bored through out the story haha, well.. she suggested it first haha!

after the very lovely day we spent..i got a message that really made me numb and shake to the bone!
if i could just stop my time that day and today...........................................................then i will =)

make it bigger so you could see the flaws :)

i like the cap i wear. feels so sporty, but lauren doesnt like it, she said it looks like a jejemon style. does it? cuz i dont think so!it really was cute and according to kuya thoc we looked like a tourist in vegas lol

centropele your mine =) soon haha
simple happiness is outside too cluttered to be missed..



find happiness outside...
There are things in life we should appreciate with. Life has so many things to offer , we just have to find those and look within its importance..


this made my day sucked up!!!!!



this filipino american baby is my niece =) isn't she so cute? i love her a well as her mom of course and her little baby sister, but ill post the photo of the other later..this is keira's time to shine! she so lovable! her natural brown hair, brown eyebrow and eyes and her very supple, white skin.. i wish i am my niece haha!
I just cant wait to see her again  i miss her much!

wow baby keira, very sweet smile! you're just 1 year old but look at you!you are so tall..you're gonna be a super model or beauty queen!
you're also a princess in a fairy tale! you are cinderella..my favorite fairy princess of all times =) I wish i would have a baby daughter like you if God permits to give me a baby girl..but maybe not this time, but in Gods time =)



hey guys good morning! i woke up and ate my breakfast and after that..wooooh here i am,blogging haha! the truth is i am totally bored, i was thinking if my pending interview if it is going to happen, they weren't contacting me again..maybe that means NO? oh my =( and thats sad, meaning that isn't really for me, and i just i have to wait for the board result and then decide if i would get back to school again and take up whether care giver or BS Pharmacy..so whatcha think guys?what's better, or what will suits me the best?need to get an idea here!

so whats next?haha i dont know, can you also give me an idea what to blog here, i want something new to happen, but i guess i ain't that creative today..this blog is still boring i cant even think of how and what to do to make it different from my old blogs..i hate the idea of too girly, because I've grown up!LOL but i want it to look fresh!also want the idea of metallic blog..but how is that?haha hmm maybe i need to unwind first, need to get out of this jail home ( funny) travel, explore.. ..but wait how can i do that, i dont even have a money =(
okay! enough of this! let me share some pics when i get to hang out with my family..

well this picture was taken when i got home from that not sure interview haha!
with my chestnut nails
i hate my eye brows here, sorry i didn't groom it yet
here it was, i went out to buy my aunt her requested stuff..and the payment?? here samsung digicam =)
on the way home, but i dont look tired haha!

and thats it! i told yah..it was entitled SELF PORTRAIT right?haha its all me, the other photos is still on my cam, no time to upload it all for now..i got i little problem on it and i am yet to diagnose! okay ciao!

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