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Things in my life are moving so fast! And there is no room for complaints and  no stepping back. All I can do is continue being giddy lest everything go in chaos!! Well as for this, you know very well we rented a flat right? Of course there's a lot we need to invest on and for now, we are letting the old heirloom to stuffed our little corner :)

But of course I still can't help myself brainstormed by the cute, shabby style I could eventually put into my house little by little. Let me give you an insight of what's on my mind :D

1. A built- in bookshelves! (You well know what a bookworm I am right?)
2. A built- in or an already made wooden dining table and chair, painted by dark brown or black.
3. A wooden or plastic??, movable wall separator for dining and living room, or to somewhat cover up and gives privacy when doing errands in the kitchen, and if there are visitors.
4. A good, cute and all brand new set of bathroom stuff!!!!
5. A set of curtains with the lace like style, more on dark and light colors will do,as long as its plain.
6. A brand new living room set! (Since I just "harbor" the old couch of my soon to be sister in law haha)
7. A set of wall frames for dining and living room's interior. My rationale for this is trying to save more room and space so we can move freely at home.
8. A set of household cleaning stuff!

I wasn't able to copy and paste the photos from houzz website that I was so stunned staring of. So maybe you want to see it yourself :) i'll just give you the link and happy browsing!

Link: Houzz.com

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