Do any one of you know how will this coming weekend eat out the best moment of my hibernation state from work?? Total ruined!!!!!! Huhu need to finish, send it through email and present in on tuesday (halaka naman diba?) oh Lord my fruits of productivity I need them this week!!!! Where are they??! Please "integrity" and "perseverance" come upon me ^*^
And ooops this is what I've been doing in between time hehe Goodreads and the book recommendations based on my books I have read already and books I marked as want to read. So yeah I'm just blabbing!

Sales and Marketing Assistant Tasks for the week:
A.      Tanilon Program
-          Proposed training for staff
-          Program preferred:
*      Product update
*      Sales and Marketing Strategies training
-          5 pax
-          Participants will be coming from Cebu
-          1-2 day stay
-          Call evelyn to coordinate
-          Clarify accommodation (canvass hotels to recommend)
B.      Total Quality Management in Education and 25th Anniversary Event
-          Management of school from choosing the right scope of effective teaching and learning materials etc.
-          Gather ideas/sample seminar program on internet
-          300-400 pax coming from central Luzon
-          1 speaker with proposed sub-topic
-          Cocktail event after the half an hour topic discussion
-          Run 2 video activities that will acknowledge 25th anniversary of Jemma Inc. from respective industry partners and suppliers
-          Canvass venue and catering preferably nearby central Luzon
-          Make budget proposal
-          Identify schools/universities with large population:
*      Key accounts: make 6 reservations
*      With large population (500 and up): prepare 4 reservations
*      Other schools invited: make 2 reservations
*      *guests would be minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 pax per school
-          Make budget proposal for raffle promo
C.      Email Blast
-          Universities from different regions with 4 staff assigned will make phone calls, save data information collected and email flyers/catalogue
-          Make follow up call to target accounts
D.      Weekly Reports

-          Update sales summary as of June 28, 2013
-          To be presented on July 2, 2013 Tuesday meeting with the MANCOM
-          Send minutes of the meeting for compilation and reference
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