When the right moment comes, nobody can stop it :) And so, when Jp and I decided that this is it!, we want to settle down and we want to make it right even before we live in one roof, we have made a major decision for us. We prayed everything to God and ask for his guidance and did not let anyone else's opinion affect our plans. Now we are ready to tie the knot in a very simple and solemn way we know :). It was not the one we planned at first and yet, we know that the formal grand celebration can be made when our means of living is enough so we don't have to depend on our family and relatives to make it happen. We will be doing a simple celebration with our closest family and a few of our dear spiritual sponsors.
So maybe you would ask, where am I going with this, simple! Jp's mother and sister went to our home and asked for my parents' approval to have their son take my hand. They supported us since the beginning and they were giving us helpful advises but never that they decide for us. I love how our parents' both sides respect our decision and let us choose the path we want to take. I could just feel how much they treasure us and how much they want to be a part of this love saga! 

And as most of you know, we already rented a flat! But we don't yet live in that house unless we make our vows this year. The only reason we got that already was because it's a beautiful, simple tiny corner in which we both love to become our shelter as we begin the committed life together. And of course, one more thing was the rental bill for a month is very salary friendly wahahahaha! The main reason to be precise :D I am really excited to decorate and be my own interior designer for my new and first home. Jp was very supportive and well trusted my taste when it comes to anything about life style courses, so he lets me decide of what to put in our house hehe. And I am so glad because my mother will give us stuffs we can use as a starters at having a home. like a rice cooker, a curtains, a wall frames, some of kitchen and dining stuff and a lot of things she sees and don't use anymore, yet looks pleasant and can be used for a few more years. Jp's parents were also giving a hand to help us have better, comfortable start, so we can focus our adjustment phase to each other emotionally and spiritually rather than focusing our mind to material things we still need to invest on.

I am really grateful that it went well for both our mothers! They talked about a lot of things. Of course the pleasantries for one another was there, the food discussions, of course the things that we (Jp and I) can do and can't do by ourselves, discussions about their health status, age status and many more! But of course the high light of the story was our tying the knot planning and what are the plans to make it. When would it be and how it would be celebrated. We have the date scheduled, but let me just keep it to myself hihi, and the venue in which we thought was very homey lol. Instead of holy!!!! That would have been too religious you wouldn't believe me at all! 

The paragile met my sister and brother as well. I am looking forward for a big extended family bonding of the venezuela and paragile in the coming weeks! My sister of course was the cook! We prepared Grilled Bangus and Tilapia, kare- kare, pancit, grilled liempo and vegetable salad with tuna cream dressing oh wooooow! Really all are amazingly delicious! It's a hit! For desserts werefruit salad and special biko :) oh sweets!
Over all, I love how my sunday unfolded. I am so blessed I can't thank God enough.

Our soon crib of togetherness. How lovely does it sound!

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.” -Phil 4:6

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