And yup!!! I'm going to post something about NAF NAF brand haha. I actually wore this swim suit that i bought at Iba Zambales last april (where my Romantic Saga got on fired as well lol). I was really amazed by tons of swim wear at Cinderella Store could offer. I wish I could buy everything that catches my eyes! Especially that i was a little bit in good shape last summer. I had my DIY work out at home and to be honest, I never have tried to go on a dreadful diet unlike other girls who would to get into their perfect shape. I eat whenever i'm hungry but mostly, on summer, I eat fresh and raw foodies like veggies and more fruits. I also eliminated Pork and Beef on my diet since a year ago, so i guess it also help me maintain my figure. Over all over, its the reason why I got addicted on finding a good swim wear I can wear! And this piece I bought was not a fail! It suits me perfectly and the prints and perfect color mix of it was undeniably eye catcher. ;) People keeps on looking at me while I was walking at the bay under the sun with my over used sun glasses I bought almost  two years ago. hehe. You forgot to ask..I am too uptight when its comes to spending money. I dont actually have lots with me. So I would have to admit that when I buy pieces to add in my closet, I make sure to buy those best staple, and I am always on cheap finds. I believe that it is not the Signature, nor the brand that would give the looks an ooompf, it's how you carry yourself and how confident and comfortable you are. And please, never be a copycat. You can idolize an icon or somebody else you find pretty or amazing when it comes to these kind of stuffs. But finding your own marks will make you more stunning and unique in style ;) so ciao darlings here are the few photos I've got. Sorry for too bright resolution. Really need an SLR in my life!!!

told you guys i was just in a bit good shape haha!

my super un poised sexy back haha!

wearing my own made highwaist denim shorts I lovey!

this sunny yellow and stripes swim wear is not from NAF NAF/CINDERELLA. It was bought at Greenhills Shopping Center. Told you, great finds not only stored in great and expensive stores..its more on your great and expensive eyes doll have a wonderful summer ends.

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