Here I come making up with broken promises to blog all my happenings last month. Well not really last month that it happened but, I promised to post it up on May. So here goes the first thing. I was so happy to had my first date with my long time, real childhood friend here in our village Apple :) so yay for that! We watched the never dying 'Titanic in 3d' which really made us giddy and giggle since the start like, it was the first time we have watched it haha! We also ate somewhere cheap, and i couldn't even remember the name since the taste itself was as cheap as the price heeeehhh! But all in all it's a nice catching up. With bunch of stories, gossips and laugh we'd shared. Lovey Dovey <3

The prettyness both me and my friend Apple. Isn't she a goddess?? 

oh lalala love Titanic so more!!!

Have a great night everyone!
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