The Infamous name!!                       

Finished reading all these 6 book. and repeatedly reading them
once I feel like it!

My super booky best friend EMILY!!!
Whenever I feel off about myself, I tend to read books of Emily Giffin. It kind of uplifting my mood and the mostly women characters in it makes me feel one of them. I've been having a hard time thinking if I would continue working at my current job right now, because to be honest there's so much reasons for me to get out. Here I am, tip toe-ing of my impending decision to make, and what would be the result. Of course I know what will be the outcome, but I can't keep my foot any longer to stay working for the company and to think it over for the next long month. I think I am such an explorer and a witty traveler for having all the bravery and guts to just get out of something whenever I want to! When I sensed going out. I knew I need to be out in no time or else, it will affect my perception in life. LOL that's an exaggerated wording I'm sorry. Even my mind were too blank now I can't use more appropriate word to express what I feel. I think I lack carbs and sugars on my system. I went straight on bed after attending a morning church service with my one and only love boyfran in the world along with his lovely family that is much closer to me now :) Actually things are getting better and better as we go along good decisions and plans for our relationship. I'm just praying hard that God will help us through all rough times awaiting for us. Please lawdy! Please please help us two!!! I know that you know what I am talking about po me lawdy! wihihi!

Anyways drawing back to my concerns, Yeah I think I am too adventurous I can't contain myself enough long to make a good credentials on my C.V. I worried it might affect my future career, but then, I've always and still followed my guts whenever I want out. And it excites me to know there's a lot of opportunity coming my way again, and I can't help picturing myself out working for a new company. Let alone, new employer. That is sooooo me! Even my 'year of the horsey" in my blood tells the same thing!! I know I can't be like this forever. One night, I broke down and divulge all my uncertainties with my Jp. I opened up because it (my work) was already eating me whole! I cried so much in front of him, trying to convince him of the stress it brought me. I asked for an advise but he just told me one thing. I knew you would know my words for you. But if you really want a way out, then just do it. Whatever makes you happy and will make you feel better... "he sermon-ed". As if that really make any difference of what I feel. haha!

So there..have nothing much to say. I guess I'm not inspired to right full board kwento for now. So bear with me guys. And just wait for upcoming blogs. And yeah! I feel my face getting awfully fat! Why is that??hmmm. Oh welps! Time to go and eat tupig and suman and so much more!!!! My so helpful advise?? When a portion of your body is getting fat, make sure to equally fatten all the other parts okay??!!!! Buh-bye ;)

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