Relive you my blog

So I've been thinking on bringing back to life this so called online write ups of mine. I know I've been promising myself  to blog again and to never put this in hibernation. But guess what?! I just broke a promise just like when I promised to keep a daily journal and devotional writing! I don't know when did I stop, but surely, when it stopped, my life started to have uncertainties again. I began waking up, going to work, doing errands on weekend, going to church with a blind heart. For first two months of 2017, I could feel how my life has changed by just writing my simple life's stories and by praying every morning to the Lord. Then when it all stopped.. darkness en-galloped me. I was attracted to negative vibes such as, discouragement, quitting, depression, and unsure of what my worth really was.

I was almost there, following the path to discover my purpose, and then I stopped just like that. Why did I stop? I guess the perfect term for what happened was, "complacency". And it hits me badly. I was all happy, and bubbly. I almost had a perfect life with my almost perfect, harmonious relationship with family. We almost had it all. And then I forgot to tell it to the most high. I forgot him in the midst of prosperity and blessedness in my career and family.

When I already had what is seemed to be what I wanted and needed, I stopped calling on him. I thanked him everyday, but that was all it. I don't talk to him anymore, I became lazy waking up in the morning to devote time to communicate with him. To ready myself with a prayer. I forgot him all the way while he was already giving me my dreams.

Aren't we all like these? We pray and pray and devote time to him because we have dreams and aspiration in life? And when we got what we've been wanting all our lives, we may not forget about him, but we forget devoting our precious time for him just because we are so busy enjoying the blessings he gives us. I am not in the position to lecture about blessings and devotions. But I am confidently testifying about how God moved my life when I started praising his name and glorifying him day by day. I found peace, love and certainty in his arms. I was confident, I was so vibrant. Brave. And when I became lazy, everything were suddenly gone. I lost confidence, I lost braveness, I lost love, I lost my faith, I lost all the positiveness that God blessed me with.

Thanks to blogs of Ms. Rica Peralejo, Patty Laurel, and other celebrities who speaks God's wisdom in their blog posts. 

I can also spread love by reliving this blog. A lot will relate, especially the moms with career, and  even the moms who stays home, and also for the single moms. I won't be biased in my sharing, I promise. It will be all about God and his love. Motherhood and its beauty. Life and its challenges. And maybe about my family's travel, simple whereabouts, and a bit of my kakikayan in make ups and clothes hehe!

I can't promise a everyday post. All I can offer is my weekend where I can allot 1 to 2 hours of my time :) I feel released from a prison of no writing! Had to suffer for years of the noise my mind was making everyday. I mean there's a lot to share. But I always stop myself from sharing it. I guess now I won't have excuses! It's a perfect gateway to freedom!

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